Split AC vs Window AC – A Complete Guide!

Whenever people thought of buying an air conditioner; the first thing comes in their mind whether they should go for split AC or window AC. There’s no generic answer for that perhaps It depends on individual conditions.

If you go through this guide, we will make sure you’ll get the choice as per your requirements. But first, you have to examine the location of the room where the AC needs to be installed.

An outdoor window is a must for a window AC as it throws the hot air from the opposite side. If there’s no such window, you can directly move to Split Air conditioners.

In case you have such a window, you should check the inner dimensions of it, whether it is enough for a window AC or not. These are some questions that you should ask yourself.

Split AC and Window AC – The Difference

There are many differences between split AC and window AC, but the core difference is in the design structure of them. Where the window AC has only one unit and split AC contains two units (indoor and outdoor).

Cause the design differs; each one has its own pros and cons over others, which we will consider later but first have a look at the difference between window and split air conditioners.

Split AC Window AC
It contains two units (indoor unit and outdoor unit). It has a single unit for the complete operation.
It can be installed in any room. A window opening outside is a must for installation.
Complicated installation as the indoor and outdoor units need to be connected via a copper pipe. Easy installation and can be shifted easily.
Split AC enhances the appearance of the room, considering the interior perspective. The window AC doesn’t look as nice as split ones.
Comparatively, they’re expensive for the same size option. They are cheaper and easily fit into a lower budget.
It has more number of 5-star models containing advanced technology. It has only limited models in India with a 5-star energy rating.

Split AC Pros

The split air conditioner has significant advantages over the window air conditioner as we’ve seen in the differences, the split AC is a versatile option that can be installed anywhere and had a better range of models available in the Indian market.

Not only that it also elevates the whole appearance of the house because of the beautiful designs available. Many brands are focussing on it and introduced features like hidden display, floral pattern, motion sensor, etc.

The split ACs produce less noise that increases the comfort of the user. Especially at nights, when you need peace of mind to get relaxed, the silent operations of split AC can be beneficial. Perhaps, almost all models nowadays have sleep/night mode, but the window AC still produces more noise because the compressor is closer to the room.

Apart from regular service, the cleaning of the filters are easy and don’t require special skill to do that. One can easily open the indoor unit cover and remove the pre-filters to clean.

Split AC Cons

The split AC prices are on the higher end as compared to the windows AC, but we believe the user only pays what they get in terms of comfort.

The installation is complicated and can only be done by the experts as the copper pipe is highly prone to damage if non-expert tries to change its location or direction.

Window AC Pros

Window air conditioners are a better portable option if someone lives in a remote location or rented house. They might prefer Window AC as it can be installed quite comfortably without the requirement of additional copper pipe/duct pipe.

It is a budget-friendly option as it doesn’t give an unbearable burden on your pockets. One can easily get the same capacity and brands window AC at a much lesser price.

Window AC Cons

The biggest discomfort that one can face with it is the noise levels; If you compare the average noise level of window AC and Split AC, you can clearly see the difference.

It can’t be installed in the rooms where a window opening towards the street or outer atmosphere is not present. It is a certain kind of limitation with this design that affects the production and sales of the product.

Effect on Electricity Consumption

Technically both Split and Window AC can be equally energy efficient because it depends on the type of compressor/condenser, fins material, refrigerant, and other technical parts that are used to increase efficiency.

To know the electrical efficiency of any model, just check its ISEER, EER, or BEE rating that was given by government officials after considering the electric consumption of a particular model running on maximum power.

The EER (Energy Efficiency Ration) value gives a brief idea of the electrical efficiency of the particular model. The higher value simply means better efficiency of the product; perhaps one can also check its total consumption in a year which was mentioned on the label. One can determine the power consumption difference of any two models by comparing these values.

Apart from all these facts, the noticeable thing is that the window air conditioner has fewer such models that can come into a 5-star rating air conditioner. On the other had the split AC market is filled with various options in the 5-star rating category.

What Works Best?

As we stated earlier, there is nothing generic choice of the best category; instead, it more depends on individual needs and preferences.

However, we have mentioned the key factors that play an important role while deciding which category one can choose.


Space availability is the prime factor that diverts the customers towards either side. There should be the right space for the window or split AC.

The split AC has a drainpipe to drain off the water collected from the atmosphere. Hence, it’s advised to place your split AC in such a way that the backside of the wall contains a drain hole or bathroom.

In the generation of flats or apartments, it’s hard to customize the whole interior to make a place for AC cause the copper pipe needs to be routed and it’s hard to hide it in many situations.

Pro Tip: If you’re doing a renovation or building a new house, then the AC pipe and drain pipe can be fitting at the time of construction to resolve these issues.


One should decide their budget first as it affects the selection a lot. Many affordable split AC also comes at the budget of window AC, but they are more likely to consume excess electricity and may have an aluminium coil in the condenser.

One has to be aware of these facts while considering various AC models within budget.

Split AC vs Cube AC

The cube ACs are nothing but a different version of split air conditioners. Where the indoor unit is more like a cube than a split model, these models were used in the past, but hardly you’ll see them in the near future.

The Conclusion

If we summarize all these points, we can say that the Split AC is more convenient for the users that provide better comfort and it is recommended for standard conditions. Whereas, if the budget is a limitation and the outer window is present that Window AC may be a better choice.