Copper Coil vs Aluminium Coil in AC – What Works Best?

The condenser coil in air conditioners is primarily made of either copper or aluminium. But people generally confused among them on point which works best?

Let me be clear; the generic best choice is a copper coil any day. There are many reasons behind it that one should know if they’re buying an air conditioner for their home.

Here we will explain all the differences between copper and aluminium ac.

The copper or aluminum is nothing but the material used to make the condenser coil. It is so important that people or even brands define their air conditioners as copper ac or aluminium ac.

Copper Coil vs Aluminium Coil

Copper Coil Aluminium Coil
It is a more durable option as compared to aluminium coil. It has less durability.
High heat transfer speed. Low heat transfer as compared to copper AC.
It can be repaired with ease if damage occurs in the future. Not possible to repair aluminium coil, only replacement is an option.
Copper is less flexible as compared to aluminium. Aluminium is more flexible.
The copper coil is expensive and results in a higher price of the AC. Aluminium coil is a cheap alternative to copper.

Why is Condenser Coil So Important?

The ac condenser coil is primarily responsible for AC performance, efficiency, and life span. You may have noticed various issues in air conditioners, i.e., gas leak, coil breaking, slow cooling, etc. They’re all connected with the ac coil material.

The condenser coil metal (copper or aluminium) determines the following properties of an AC. That makes it necessary to invest in a reliable material even if it’s slightly expensive initially.

Copper Coil vs Aluminium Coil in AC - What Works Best? 1

Heat Transfer Rate

A high rate of heat transfer simply means faster cooling and better efficiency. Copper has a high heat transfer coefficient as compared to aluminium.

Hence, It’s clearly a wiser choice to opt for copper ac as far as heat transfer rate is concerned.

Corrosion Resistance Capability

The metal should be capable of resisting corrosion up to a higher level as the outer unit of AC may subject to high moist conditions.

Both copper and aluminium have corrosion resistance properties, and many brands are shifting towards Blue Fin & Gold Fin Condensers, where an additional layer of corrosive resistance material is pasted to increase its durability.


The durability defines how tough a metal coil is to withstand wear & tear of atmosphere and other factors. Copper is more durable than aluminium which is more likely to get damaged quickly.

The copper coils have a better life than aluminium coils and can be reused in with small repairs in case of damage.

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It defines “how easy it is to get the coil repaired?” In case of minor leakage, which generally occurred, the metal should be capable of getting repaired with minimal cost. The fact is aluminium coil can’t be fixed and need to be replaced every time it gets damaged.

Considering the above points, It’s highly recommended to opt for copper coil AC as it has all these benefits over Aluminium coil.

One will get the aluminium coil AC cheaper, but it has high maintenance & running cost. Therefore it’s not recommended if you’re looking to get ac for your home.

All of the four are vital factors that can affect the performance or any split or window ac in a massive way. Therefore, we can conclude that the condenser coil is the most important while comparing various air conditioners.

Many brands have also derived a mediocre way where an alloy of these metals is used to decrease the cost and increase the durability. Still, it is not recommended as it may cause various issues later.

The Verdict

At last, we can only say that in 99% scenario, the copper coil ac is more suitable, and the addition of corrosion resistance layers of Blue/gold fin will enhance its durability and performance.