Blue Fin, Gold Fin & Micro Channel Condenser Coils in AC

The condenser coil is a vital part of air conditioners that affects the durability of the AC primarily. It is used to cool down the temperature of the refrigerant as quickly as possible.

Following that, the refrigerant gets converted into liquid and transferred to the evaporator coil to absorb heat. This cycle continues until the desired temperature of the room is achieved.

In this whole process, the conder coil has a significant role, and it’s primarily responsible for the performance or durability of the air conditioner. However, it’s become necessary to understand the various types of condenser coil in AC, including Blue Fin, Gold Fin, & MicroChannel.

But first, have a look into qualities that must be present into any condenser coil to increase the efficiency and durability of the AC.

  • High Heat Transfer Rate
  • Corrosion Resistance Capability
  • Durable
  • Easily Repairable
  • Cost-Effective

Various air conditioner brands like Voltas, LG, BlueStar, Godrej, Hitachi, IFB, etc. continuously making improvements in the design of condenser coils to achieve these properties at a better level.

What is Blue Fin?

Blue Fin, Gold Fin & Micro Channel Condenser Coils in AC 1The Blue Fin is an anti-corrosive coating that is added over the core material of condenser coils. It is first introduced by Voltas to increase the efficiency & durability of the AC.

Later many brands followed the same as it is an efficient and cost-effective method to deal with corrosion, moisture, and other harsh atmospheric conditions.

Compare to the copper condenser, It has a high level of durability that increases its overall life and performance.

Benefits of Blue Fin Condenser

  • It Increases the durability and life span of the air conditioner.
  • It provides high heat transfer speed that improves the performance and cooling capacity of AC.
  • Protects coil from corrosion even in the extreme moist conditions.
  • Acts as an extra layer of protection to prevent the coil from unwanted damage.
  • The epoxy coating present in bluefin prevents the water droplets, accumulation of salt, or acid disposition.

Hydrophilic Blue Fin

The AC condenser coil has the tendency of getting damaged due to corrosion over the time which causes leakage in the fins and further loss of money ultimately.

The primary reason for it was sticking of moisture over the surface of fins that tries to react with the material to form the rust. Apart from the anti-corrosive properties, the other way to prevent this by restricting the accumulation of moisture over the surface of the fins.

There’s a popular idiom in Hindi “Na Rahega Bans Na Bajegi Bansuri” that perfectly suits this scenario. However, we have listed all the advantages of Hydrophilic fin technology.

  • Prevents the moisture sticking or accumulation over the surface of fins.
  • It lasts longer than any ordinary aluminum or copper coils.
  • One of the best technology to prevent corrosion and increase durability.

Ocean Black Protection

The ocean black technology is comparatively new and introduced by LG in its latest air conditioners. It is specially designed considering Indian weather conditions, hot summers, hard rains, pollution, smoke, dust, etc as these agents might damage the coil and reduce its life.

To prevent this, the ocean black protection layer is drafted over the copper coil to handle such tough weather conditions. It increases the overall lifespan of the AC as the coil is fewer chances of getting damaged due to these agents.

Blue Fin vs. Gold Fin

Both technologies provide an additional layer over the conventional copper or aluminum coils. As the single layer of metal has a higher tendency of getting affected by corrosion or damage.

A golden hydrophilic coating is layered over the fins to increase their resistance capability against damage or corrosion.

The gold fin is considered a better option than bluefin because it allows the higher heat transfer speed by accelerating the defrosting process, which increases the efficiency of the AC.

Micro Channel Condenser Coils

The microchannel technology used to eliminate the need to combine two metals. In that way, there was no chance of having galvanic corrosion on the coils.

Blue Fin, Gold Fin & Micro Channel Condenser Coils in AC 2

The microchannel condenser coil has multiple flat tubes that contain mini channels through it where the refrigerant (R32 or R410A or any other) flows. It increases the efficiency of the air conditioner even at highly moist conditions, i.e., coastal areas.

As the total surface area increases, it helps to attain more heat transfer at a particular period. This technology was used by Samsung ACs, and they named it Durafin technology.

Benefits of Microchannel Condenser

  • It increases the thermal performance & efficiency of the heat transfer rate because the surface area increased.
  • It significantly reduces the refrigerant charge by 75%  and comes out as a great eco-friendly solution.
  • Massive durability as the thick layer of aluminum is used in the structure.
  • It resists the corrosion up to maximum.

The Verdict

Hence, It’s recommended to always check for the technology used in condenser coil or its material before purchasing your next air conditioner.

Blue Fin technology & Ocean Black technology is a must nowadays as they ensure maximum durability and efficient performance at a moderate price.