Best Wireless Headphones in India – April, 2023

Best Wireless Headphones In India – Buying Guide

We are wandering souls in search of some love and good music!

Music is the most beautiful thing present in this world. Once you play your favorite music, you surely get lost in it, and there is no coming back. This indulgence needs a good partner, especially when you do not like to play your music loud. A headphone is the best partner to your music and the best accessory for all music lovers. You play your favorite song, connect it to your headphones, and everything else around you don’t matter.

All the passionate music maniacs know that a headphone makes the best investment for all their musical moods. As the stores are full of a variety of headphones, we have simplified things for you that may help you make a smart choice to get the best wireless headphones in India.

Types of headphones

Different types of headphones serve different needs. You may pick the best one according to your preference and requirement. Here are the different types of headphones to explore:

  • In-ear headphones:

You may call them earplugs, earbuds, or earphones. These headphones make the most popular choice for the people who want this accessory on budget. In-ear headphones are easy to connect with your laptops, tablets, and smartphones. They are portable and consume very little space. Some headphones even include different-sized buds so that you could fit them in your ear canal comfortably.

  • On-ear headphones:

Unlike in-ear headphones, they are worn on your ears. Such headphones rest on the top of your outer ear, without covering it entirely. These headphones come with a band going over or behind your head. They are lightweight and may include two variations, open-back, and close-back headphones.

  • Over-ear headphones:

If you want an accessory to fully cover your ears while you are listening to music, this is the best thing to invest in. They are also referred to as circumaural headphones, and they cover your ear fully so that you enjoy a better sound and natural acoustic isolation. Over-ear headphones are the largest headphones of all. Just like on-ear, they also have open-back and close-back as variations.

  • Closed headphones:

These kinds of headphones are more famous for their professional use at the recording studios. They provide the best sound frequency and are pricier when compared to all the other types of headphones. As these headphones cover your ear completely, they extend isolation from the surrounding noise.

Wired or Wireless Headphone – Which one is better?

Wired headphones had always been popular until the time wireless headphones were introduced in the market.

The former could be of any type, in-ears, on-ears, and over-ears. These headphones come with a wire that you are supposed to connect to your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet to have access to the audio/sound. These headphones do not lag and do not need a battery to work on. As long as the battery of your mobile phone or laptop remains full, you may have access to music on these headphones.

Wireless headphones have become the next big thing and are gaining immense popularity ever since their introduction. These headphones do not need a 3.5mm audio jack to connect to your device for it makes the use of Bluetooth and WiFi to play your music. There’s no role of wires, hence no stress of tangling your headphones at all. As they work on batteries, you are required to charge these headphones regularly. A good-quality wireless headphone could easily play music for 15-30 hours. Alongside this, the introduction of true wireless headphones (air-pods), too, is creating a buzz in the market these days.

Check the frequency response

After deciding on the type and style of the headphones, the next thing to check is its frequency response. The frequency response of the device tells you about the range of sound that it is capable of producing. A good frequency response means a good sound-production, hence, good music in your ears. Most of the headphones have a decent frequency response ranging between 20Hz-20,000Hz. Experts recommend not to settle down below the said range while shopping for this accessory.

Test the audio quality

You are buying your headphone to enjoy good music, and therefore the audio quality of the device should be on the top of your check-list. Why listen to low-end tones when you could find the headphones that create good bass? Always test the audio quality of the device before zeroing it for use.

If you are buying a product offline, you may check the audio quality yourself. However, if you are purchasing the best headphone online, read the reviews of a particular product before adding it to your cart.

Inspect the sensitivity of the device

Another factor to consider while buying a headphone is to check its sensitivity. It is a must-follow consideration for all those who are particular about the volume levels while listening to their music.

The sensitivity of the headphone refers to how loud a device can play its music. The standard sensitivity range of a headphone extends to 96-110dB. Hence, do not buy anything inferior or superior to this range. The headphones with sensitivity over 110dB may harm your ears, and you must avoid buying them.

Check the controls present in the device

Controls are added to your headphones to increase their usability among one and all. Wired headphones do not come with a specific control system. However, if you are buying a wireless device, you must check the controls to operate it well. The control feature in such devices is located on the earpiece. They come with tiny buttons. Some of them even have touch control. These days, you may even get a headphone with a voice-operated control. If you are looking forward to buying the latest, get ready to spend some extra money.

Active noise cancellation, and why opt for it?

Most of the headphones come with the feature of noise isolation. This technology blocks the outside sound from entering your ear, hence, enabling a hassle-free musical experience. What’s latest is the active noise cancellation or ANC technology.

A headphone with ANC technology works in the same way but includes small microphones to pick up the outside surroundings. Eventually, they produce an opposite sound wave that cancels all the unwanted noise. It adds effectiveness to your music, thereby making it more enjoyable.

The comfort of the Headphone

The biggest challenge of wearing a headphone for some of you must be your uncompromised comfort. What adds to comfort in the in-ear headphones or earplugs is the presence of buds that sit well in the ear canal. Consequently, the earphones do not fall off and let you enjoy your music comfortably. Experts recommend buying an earphone with angled nozzles as they fit a majority of ear types.

The other kinds of headphones include a headband. It is suggested to buy an adjustable headband so that you could adjust it according to the size of your head. Next, always check what’s inside the earcups of the headphones. Buy a memory foam earcups for extreme comfort. A mesh layering on the memory foam of the earcups makes it all the more comfortable.

Battery Life

You must test the battery life of your headphones if you are buying a wireless device. The longer battery life of the headphone will keep you entertained for long hours. Check for the specification of the battery. A good-quality headphone includes a battery lasting for up to 10 hours on a full charge. At the same time, ensure that the device you are buying entertains a fast-charging so that you could get back to listening to music as quickly as possible.

Water-resistant headphone

You may overlook this feature; however, it is an important point on the buying guide to consider while picking up the right headphone for long-term use. For the people who wear headphones while jogging or working out, this is an important consideration. A water-resistant headphone will ensure the long life and durability of the device.

Other factors to consider while buying a headphone

Here are the other factors that you may take into consideration while buying a headphone:

  • For all those who like to show what they got, an aesthetically appealing headphone makes a fine choice. Various leading brands have released their products in different unique designs. If you are a connoisseur of aesthetics, buying such headphones is a good idea.
  • All the over-ear or on-ear headphones must include the feature of collapsible ear cups so that you could fold this device when not in use and store it even in the smallest space.
  • A built-in microphone is another remarkable feature that lets you use the device hands-free when it comes to making calls. You don’t have to take your phone out of the pocket. A built-in microphone in your headphones saves you from making such efforts.
  • Your budget may be another factor to consider while buying a headphone. Fortunately, you will come across different varieties of headphones at the various price range. Hence, choosing the best one wouldn’t be a problem.
  • Do not overlook the warranty on the product, especially when you are buying a pricey headphone. Buy from a reputed brand-name to make the most of the warranty.