Best Wireless Earphones in India – April, 2023

Best Wireless Earphones – Buying Guide

Here is the complete buying guide for wireless earphones in India:

Decide the type of earbuds you want

There are two kinds of earbuds available in the market:

  • True wireless earbuds
  • Wireless earbuds

True Wireless earbuds:  The truly wireless earbuds are portable with high-quality sound, and as the name depicts, these are completely wireless, and they rest comfortably inside your ears.

Most of the true wireless earbuds come with a small box that charges the earbuds as a charging dock, and these are more expensive than the wireless earbuds.

Wireless earbuds: These are wireless, but the earbuds are connected using wires; some of the popular wireless earbuds are the neckbands, piston earbuds, and bullet type earbuds that are charged via a USB cable using an adapter, computer, or power bank.

These provide the best of both worlds, i.e., they deliver good sound quality along with the portability of a wireless earpiece, and these are comparatively cheaper than the true wireless earbuds.

Both of these earphones are great, and they deliver good quality with portability, and you can select the one that fits your budget.

Active Noise cancellation

Noise cancellation is one of the most important features to check while buying a good quality earbud.

Noise cancellation refers to the earbud’s capability to cancel out all the outside noise to disturb the sound while taking calls or listening to music.

When you plug into a good quality earbud, then it will eliminate all the outside noises to enter your ears. It will allow you to experience good quality sound while taking calls and enjoying music. Therefore, always buy earbuds with the active noise cancellation feature that ensures a high-quality sound experience.

Ear tips

The ear tips are important to ensure that you can enjoy the high-quality sound comfortably without facing any pain or itching in your ears.

Most true wireless earbuds come with in-ear fitting, so make sure that they fit your ears perfectly.

The wireless earbuds come with a set of extra earbuds that can be replaced in case the original is not fitting your well.

Buying the right size of the ear-tips is important, as if the ear tips are too big or too small, they will not fit your ear canal properly, which will lead to a lot of noise interference during calls or while listening to music.

Battery life

Most wireless earbuds come with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Having good battery life is very important because nobody wants to run out of battery in the middle of a song or a call.

The wireless earbuds are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Obviously, you don’t want your batteries to run out in the middle of your favorite song or during an important official call.

So, always choose a pair of wireless earbuds with higher battery life. Also, some brands offer fast charging that can charge your earbuds quickly, so make sure that you check that as well.


All wireless earbuds use Bluetooth for connecting your phone to earbuds. Therefore make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth version is compatible with your earbuds.

The wireless earbuds employ Bluetooth connectivity for establishing the connection between your phone and earbuds. Ensure your earbuds support a Bluetooth version that is compatible with your smartphone.

The second thing you should check is the Bluetooth range, as some cheap earbuds have a very low range. Therefore, check for the range and make sure that it is at least 30 meters, which would be enough for experiencing robust wireless connectivity.

Water and sweat resistance

Water and sweat resistance is very important, and it contributes to the durability of the wireless earbuds. The earbuds with water and sweat resistance are the ones that do not get damaged in case they are exposed to rains or light showers.

This is the ideal choice for all the fitness freaks, as there are no chances of the earbuds getting damaged during those intense workout sessions.

Design and controls

Design and control is a subjective choice when it comes to buying the best wireless earphones that suit their lifestyle.

However, there are certain things like being lightweight and compact that make them wearing easy throughout the day, and they are easy to carry as well.

One more thing that you should check is the presence of controls like call reception, volume up down, voice commands, switch on/off. The presence of such controls allows you to enjoy the full wireless experience without touching your smartphone.

Call quality

Good call quality is a crucial component of a good pair of earbuds. You should be able to take calls from your earbud, and the quality has to be good without any issues in the reception or the delivery of your voice.

Most wireless earbuds have good call quality, and you can enjoy the benefits of owning a wireless earbud without fail. But make sure that you check this once you get your hands on the earbud(in case there is a manufacturing defect).

Sound quality and Codecs

The sound quality depends on the type of music you prefer to listen to. Some people like high vocals, some like bass or flat sound output. Everyone has their preference while listening to music.

Many earbuds deliver enough volume at a 40% volume level, while others may require you to volume up. So, check that the level of volume is enough for you and make sure that there is disturbance while listening on that level(some cheap earbuds make popping sound at high volumes).

Another thing very important to check is the codec that is supported on a wireless earbud.

Codec is responsible for converting that analog signal to digital signals that come to your ear like music.

Many earbuds come with the SBC codec, which has limited transmission speed, and it cannot transfer high-resolution music. So, do not buy the ones with the SBC codec; instead, choose earbuds that support the Bluetooth audio codecs like Hi-Res aptX HD that is capable of transmitting high-resolution sound.