Best Window AC in India – May, 2023

Best Window AC in India – Buying Guide

Indian summers could be a pain in the neck, especially when you haven’t made the needful arrangements beforehand. You need to beat the heat and keep your surroundings cool. An air conditioner is a part of such an arrangement. Buying it for your home has become the need of the hour. Different types of air conditioners are available throughout the market. A window AC is one of them.

A window AC could be your one-stop solution if you want to buy a cooling appliance within a budget. You can buy the best window AC in any size and install it in your home to keep all the heat at bay, thus, making yourself feel cool and comfortable. A small window AC price is as minimum as Rs. 15,000.

How does a window AC work?

Window AC comprises a compressor and a blower. The unit is installed only in the window frame wherein the blower side of this device faces your room, and the compressor is put outside in the open air.

The mechanism of a window AC is very straightforward. When the temperature in your room rises, it activates the thermostat present in the AC unit. Such triggering of the thermostat then turns on the blower. Upon this, room air is pulled into the appliance and moves over the cold refrigerant coils. This process cools the air and pushes it out of the unit, into your room. Eventually, the room temperature is brought down remarkably.

A window AC lets you control the temperature according to your requirements. You can set the temperature, and the appliance would function accordingly.

Advantages of installing Window AC

Bring home the best window AC in India, and it will serve you many advantages. Unlike other types of air conditioners, the installation process of a window AC is simple. It is easy to shift, install, and even easy to reallocate. This air conditioner doesn’t even demand refilling the gas in the compressor while transferring it from one room to another. A window AC is a nominal unit, and it fits into a majority of room sizes.

If you are planning to buy a window AC for your home, we suggest you read the below-listed considerations to make the right choice:

Check the size of the room

Before you set out to buy the best window air conditioner, consider the size of your room. Different sizes of window ACs fit different sizes of rooms.

  • If your room is small and measures 80 square feet in size, the best window AC 1 ton will make the right choice.
  • For a larger room measuring 200 square feet, you can buy a 1.5-ton window AC to ensure an even distribution of cool breeze.

Inspect the compressor

Being an integral part of your window air conditioner, you must not ignore to test the quality of the compressor. All the leading brands include a compressor made in 100 percent copper in their air conditioners. The advantage of a copper compressor is that it delivers an outstanding cooling experience.

However, merely checking the material of the compressor is not enough. You need to check if the compressor comes with an anti-corrosive coating or not. Such a property of AC wards off corrosion, thereby extending the life of the appliance.

Know the power consumption

The constant use of an air conditioner might add up to your electricity bill. It is when you must buy an AC with lower power consumption. Every air conditioner is given a rating by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency or BEE. To buy the AC with less power consumption, you must check its BEE rating.

A window AC with a high BEE rating would consume less power and deliver a brilliant performance. We recommend you to choose the appliance having 3-5 stars rating. It will help you save enough power without compromising on the performance.

Buy one with a lower noise level

One of the biggest challenges you might face while using a window AC in your home is its noise. But fret not. Today, many leading brands have started introducing window ACs with the lowest noise level, and buying them would help you get rid of your concern.

Always look for a quiet fan and compressor while shopping for this appliance. The noise level of the air conditioner should be minimum, especially when you are installing it in your kid’s room or bedroom.

Turbo cooling feature – the cherry on the cake

For all those who live in the hottest areas, a turbo cooling feature is a must-have in your window air conditioner. When activated, this feature delivers cool air instantly into the room. The Turbo mode of an air conditioner makes it work faster and efficient compared to other cooling modes.

Eco mode- ward off the power consumption

Buying the best window AC 1.5 ton is a good idea, but do you know it might consume more power than a smaller-sized air conditioner? Fret not. You can control such extreme power consumption of the AC by switching on the eco mode.

Always look for an eco-mode while buying a large-sized window AC. This mode automatically switches off the air conditioner when it has cooled the surroundings enough. Not only this, when the temperature of the room goes up, this mode starts the air conditioner again. Such balance maintains the power consumption of your device and decreases your electricity bills.

Inspect the safety features

Your window air conditioner must include all the necessary safety features.

  • Anti-freeze thermostat:

This feature is present in the indoor coil of the appliance. An anti-freeze thermostat prevents your heat exchanger from forming frost when your air conditioner runs in a cool mode. Without a thermostat, the whole machine may get damaged.

  • Auto-restart:

If you live in a power-cut prone area, buying an AC with an auto-restart feature is pivotal. This feature automatically sets the appliance after a sudden power cut, thereby preventing potential damage.

Always choose an easy to maintain the appliance

The best window air conditioner is the one that is easy to install and maintain. Choose an appliance that doesn’t demand high maintenance such as changing the coils of the compressor or filling of the gas now and then. Look for an air conditioner that requires minimum maintenance such as cleaning, replacing filters, etc.

Other important considerations that you may look into include the brand of the air conditioner, after-sales service, warranty extended on the appliance, etc.