Best Whey Protein in India – May, 2023

Best whey protein in India – Buying Guide

Following are the points that you need to consider while buying a whey protein in India:

Type of whey protein

Whether you are going to do Crossfit, weight lifting, athletics, you need to decide what type of whey protein is going to fulfill your requirement.

Whey protein is available in different types:

  • Whey-protein concentrate – Whey protein concentrate has medium to low levels of carbohydrates and fat. There are different whey protein concentrates with 60-90% of protein availability.
  • Whey-protein isolate – Whey protein isolate are processed forms of whey protein concentrate. The process removes all the fat and carbohydrates. The protein isolate contains about 90% protein per serving.
  • Whey-protein hydrolysate – Whey protein hydrolysate is the purest form of whey protein. It is made using partial hydrolysis, which increases the protein’s availability of a protein powder. It contains no fat and carbs, and it gets digested very fast in the body.

For instance, if you do beginner to intermediate workout, then you can buy a whey protein concentrate or an isolate for your goals.

However, if you are a professional athlete, then you should buy a hydrolyzed whey protein.


Digestibility refers to your body’s ability to absorb nutrients from your diet. Unfortunately, due to the abundance of fast food in our diet and poor lifestyle choices, too many people have digestive issues, and they are not able to digest the protein.

To cater to this problem, many brands have started the practice of adding digestive enzymes. It helps in faster digestion, and it removes the possibility of all digestive issues such as bloating.

The added enzymes will help you in absorbing the protein at any time of the day.

Protein availability

The next thing that you need to consider in buying a whey protein is the availability of protein in each scoop. To calculate the bioavailability, check the nutritional information mentioned on the backside of the protein powder.

Protein availability = Amount of protein per scoop/ Size of protein scoop X100

For example, let’s say that the protein box mentions that protein per scoop is 20 grams, and the size of the scoop is 25 grams.

Therefore, the protein availability = 20/25*100 = 80%

The protein availability is 80%, and this is a good score for protein availability. When you consider whey protein look for a minimum of 75% and above.


Whey proteins are available at different prices. The minimum price starts from 2000 rupees and upwards. But, it is recommended that you buy a whey protein from a reputed brand that has been in the market for a long time.

Also, there are a lot of offers, sales, and promotional campaigns done by multiple brands. So make sure that you check all of their websites and get the best deal for yourself.


This one is specifically for India because there is a big issue of duplicacy. The local vendors do malpractices like protein spiking and mixing cheap powders that degrade the quality of the whey protein.

Therefore, you should always buy a whey protein from a reputed seller like Amazon, or you can buy directly from the brand’s website to ensure that you get a genuine product.

Good Mixability

Mixability refers to how a whey protein powder mixes with water/milk and how much time it takes.

Are there any lumps formed while mixing?

Lumps are small chumps of the protein powder that do not get dissolved in the water easily, and they can ruin the taste of your protein shake. Also, there are chances that the lumps might stick to the bottom of your shaker.

Therefore, always check for the mixability of the whey protein powder, and buy the one that mixes quickly in water/milk without forming any lumps.

Variety of flavors

Fitness enthusiasts consume a clean diet that comprises foods like boiled chicken breast, white rice, and steamed vegetables like broccoli, English beans, etc.

A good tasting whey protein makes dieting a lot easier. Also, there are a lot of brands that provide multiple flavors in their whey protein. You can choose your favorite flavor and add some taste to your fitness lifestyle.


If a protein powder has too much sugar, it might affect your diet and adversely affect your fitness goals.

Many protein powder brands have been guilty of this, as they added sugar to improve the sweetness and flavor of the protein powder.

Although some amount of sugar is fine, (when it is below 2grams/per scoop), you should never buy a protein powder that has a high sugar content per serving.


Whey protein powders start for 2000 rupees and they go up to 6000 per kg. Although the price increases with the quality and the brand of protein.

Keep in mind that if a protein powder is available at a very cheap price, then there are chances that It might have some cheap quality ingredients, added fillers, and low protein availability.

Therefore, you should stay away from all the cheap ones because a protein powder is going to become a staple in your diet, and you should always get the highest quality product that supports your goals and delivers you the results that you deserve.


Keep your expectations realistic, a whey protein is not a magic pill, but if you buy the right one, then you will see changes in your body.

Check the nutritional information because the manufacturers add other ingredients such as creatine(improves strength), glutamine(Improves recovery), and ZMA(Better recovery and testosterone boost).

Make sure that you check for all these ingredients and buy the whey protein to get the desired results.