Best Wet Grinders in India – March, 2023

Best Wet Grinders in India – Buying Guide

A wet grinder is a must-have appliance in your kitchen, especially if you are fond of eating dips, chutneys, as well as South Indian delicacies.

Unlike a mixer grinder, a wet grinder doesn’t make it difficult to grind your lentils and does it like the back of its hand. When you use a wet grinder, you can grind all the hard ingredients in the device very quickly without creating a lot of hassle. Furthermore, you can even prepare different kinds of batter in a wet grinder.

If you love cooking and experiment in making different kinds of food items, dips, and chutneys – a wet grinder is a must-have device.

Another thing that makes the device stand out from the regular mixer grinder is that it does not damage the essential nutrients and fermentation when you grind the lentils in them. This is because a wet grinder comprises grinding stones.

These stones avoid the production of heat and break the ingredients so that their nutrients are well-retained.

Before you plan to a wet grinder, you must take into consideration some important factors. Here is the buying guide that helps you choose the best wet grinders in India.

What Type To Choose?

Wet grinders are classified into three types. The most basic version of a wet grinder is a regular grinder. This is a large-sized device that is mainly used for commercial purposes. Thus, buying it for your home is not a very good idea. You must go for the tabletop grinder instead.

A tabletop wet grinder is a suitable choice for every home. This is the best appliance to be used for your everyday cooking. From its standard capacity to its amazing features, a tabletop wet grinder makes a good buying option. You can find this type of grinder under various brands.

A tilting wet grinder is a high-end version of a wet grinder. This type of appliance has heavy drums. The advanced features of this wet grinder make it a costly choice, however, the only drawback of buying this product is that it is very difficult to clean. You may struggle for minutes to clean this machine properly.

Keeping the different types of wet grinders in mind, the best choice that is ideal for any household is the tabletop wet grinders.

Check The Number Of Grinding Stones

Because of the addition of grinding stones, wet grinders are superior to your regular mixer grinder. This makes the grinding stones an important feature in the appliance. Thus, you must never overlook the composition or the number of grinding stones in the grinder. Many appliances have two or three grinding stones attached to them. They include different shapes and sizes. Always buy a conical-shaped stone as it permits even and uniform grinding. The presence of three stones in a wet-grinders also accelerates the speed of the device.

Another important component of the wet grinder is its drum. You must check for the right drum material while investing in this appliance. The drum material is the surface area present inside the wet grinder. If you want to use your appliance in the long run, choose stainless steel over other materials.

Experts Recommend A Reasonable Capacity

Investing in large capacities of a wet grinder is not usually recommended by the experts. On the contrary, you must always go with a grinder having a standard capacity of 2-3 liters. This is the most suitable choice for all kinds of Indian households. You can also find a wet grinder of a smaller capacity in the market. If you are a small family of two or three people, don’t blow your money unnecessarily and buy a wet grinder of 1-liter capacity for optimum usage. A large-sized wet grinder consumes more power when compared to the smaller variants.

If you are buying a standard-sized wet grinder, it will include a motor range of 150-180 W. If you are buying a large-sized wet grinder for commercial use, the motor shall range up to 750 W. The more the wattage of the machine, the more powerful its performance.

Apart from the capacity and performance of the motor, you should also check if your wet grinder comes with speed control. The speed control option lets you work at different speeds while grinding your lentils. Do not go only for switch control. A speed regulator is an important feature to look for.

Do Not Compromise With The Safety Of The Appliance

Every electric appliance must include all the important safety features so that you can use it without the fear of hurting yourself. Thus, when you use a wet grinder, you must prioritize your safety.

Look if the grinder comes with the warning of overheating. Many models have the feature of overheat detectors that help to coin out the overheating of the machine. This prevents accidents and injuries.

The high-end models of a wet grinder in India come with some advanced features that prevent the appliance from starting until its proper installation. To avoid accidents, always buy a wet grinder that includes a timer. This allows you to set the time of grinding on the device.

Once the grinding stops after reaching the desired time, your appliance shuts off. This feature prevents your device from overheating. It equally contributes to saving power in your home. A timer is a must-have feature in an electric grinder.

Similarly, a buzzer present in the electric wet grinder, too, signals you when the grinding is finished so that you can switch off the machine and use the paste/batter.

Always Choose A Good Brand For An Efficient Use

Do not compromise with the brand when you buy an electric appliance for your kitchen. A good brand means an efficient performance. Thus, your wet grinder should also belong to a reputed brand so that you can utilize it efficiently. A branded wet grinder includes all the desirable features such as advanced technology, safety features, standard capacity, good looks, etc.

All the brands extend a warranty of a year or two on their appliances. You can always get your wet grinder replaced if its damaged part is covered under a warranty. Some brands also provide after-sales service. After-sales service is a bonus point that you cannot deny while buying a product.

Check for all these considerations while shopping for your appliance and get ready to buy the wet grinder.