Best Weighing Machines in India – March, 2023

Best Weighing Machines In India – Buying Guide

Fitness is a crucial part of our lives and a fit body improves productivity whether you’re doing physical or mental work. As said by old intellectuals a fit body reflects a healthy state of mind.

That’s why having a weighing scale at home is a must nowadays to measure your fitness status regularly. The best weighing machines are the ones that come with multiple profile tracking functions that help to analyze the fitness improvements easily.

Weighing Capacity

The first thing that you need to look at in a weighing machine is its weighing capacity. A standard weighing machine comes with a weighing capacity ranging between 120 – 150 kg.

However, there are some weighing scales that can handle the weight of up to 270 kg. Therefore you should choose a weighing machine as per your weight capacity requirement.

For general usage, the standard weighing machine with a capacity of 150 Kg would be enough. But if you want something that can do heavy-duty weight, then you can buy the machine with a weighing capacity of 270 kgs.

Select the right type of weighing machine

You can select from two different categories of weighing machines, which are the analog and digital weighing machines.

    • Analog-weighing machine: These are the old school weighing machines, and they use the old school spring mechanism that depresses, and the weight can be measured using an analog dial.
      Sometimes, the analog weighing machines might show inaccurate readings. Also, due to the spring mechanism, the analog weighing scales do not require any batteries for functioning.


    • Digital-weighing scales: Digital weighing scales operate on batteries and they have an LCD display that shows the weight digitally in a numerical format. These weighing scales are more accurate than the analog weighing scales.
      Unlike the traditional weighing scales, the digital weighing scales come with a lot of additional features such as body composition, body fat, Bluetooth connectivity, Body Mass Index(BMI), which are not possible in analog weighing machines.


    Such advanced models of weighing machines are popularly known as smart weighing scales and one should definitely prefer them if they have enough budget.

    Shape & Portability

    Weighing machines are available in different shapes i.e. rectangle, round, oval, etc. You can select the shape as per your personal preference.

    The best weighing machine should be compact, and lightweight. This is important because this directly impacts the portability of the weighing scale. Also, make sure that the machine is not too big because this will create a lot of problems for you while moving or traveling.

    The add on features are a must

    Most basic weighing machines are capable of checking weights only. But, if you are interested in getting some extra smart features, then you should opt for the high-end weighing scales.

    Here are some of the smart features mentioned below:

    Body Fat analyzer

    It allows you to measure your body fat percentage. Most weighing scales do this by sending bioelectric pulses throughout your body and this helps in identifying the fat present in the body.

    Lean muscle mass calculator

    It allows you to calculate the lean muscle mass in your body, which is the real muscle mass without any fat.

    Weight loss progress tracker

    The last feature is the weight loss progress tracker, where the weighing machine keeps a track of your weight. This is a very useful feature while doing weight loss because this allows you to make changes in your diet and workout to accelerate your workout progress.


    A weighing machine should show accurate results because the whole functioning of the weighing scale depends on the accuracy of the weight.

    The chances of inaccuracy are less in digital scales because of the spring mechanism as it might loosen up with time, and the components wear out quickly compared to the digital weighing scales.

    The digital weighing scales are accurate, but there is still a chance(0.01%) of showing inaccurate results. To check the accuracy of the weighing scale, take anything that weighs 5 kg, and when you lift the weight off, then the weighing scale should go back to zero again.

    Note: In some cases, an Increment of 0.1 kg is acceptable!

    Build quality

    A weighing machine with good build quality will last longer and it would be more reliable than all its competitors.

    Overall, the weighing scales made using tempered glass, metal, wood would be more reliable than the weighing scales made using plastic.

    Good build quality is also a factor that impacts the overall accuracy of weights, as the material used would be of high quality that is going to be accurate for a longer period of time.

    Make sure that you check that the weighing scale is waterproof, shatterproof, and crack resistant(especially in tempered glass weighing scales). Once you consider all these factors, then you would make the right decision.


    This factor is directly related to the digital weighing scales, as the analog weighing scales do not require any batteries to function due to the spring mechanism.

    Most digital weighing scales use  AA or AAA batteries, and these batteries run out of charge within 3-6 months depending on the usage.

    However, there are weighing machines that consume less battery. Hence, the batteries do not drain out quickly. Therefore you should give preference to the weighing machines that consume less battery so that you do not have to change the batteries frequently.


    A good warranty policy insures your purchase against all the manufacturing defects.

    Therefore, always buy weighing scales that provide a longer warranty, because the warranty period depicts the confidence of the manufacturer in their product.

    Most weighing scales come with a warranty of 1 year, but there are some manufacturers that provide a warranty up to 3 years, and you should prefer the ones with the longest warranty period.


    Weighing machines in India start at a price of Rs 800-1000 and they go up to 6000 rupees.

    It all depends on the budget in which you want to buy a weighing scale, but it is recommended that you check all the above-mentioned points and make the right purchase that fits all your needs.