Best Water Purifiers in India – May, 2023

Best Water Purifiers In India – Buying Guide

Water purifiers have become the need of the hour. Whether it is a big household or small, a majority of families have started bringing home the best water purifier to ensure that all the family members remain healthy drinking the water.

The markets are full of different varieties of water purifiers that are available under different budgets. You can buy the best water purifier for your home after considering some important factors as making an impulsive decision while buying this appliance wouldn’t work at all.

Water purifiers are available in different types. All these types boast different technologies. Before you finalize any model, it is important to check the quality of the water in your area. Is the water in your locality too hard? Is the TDS level of the water too high? Is the water available in your area highly contaminated? Ask yourself these questions and then decide upon the choice of the purifier that you would want to bring home.

The water with a high TDS level is termed as hard water. You must buy a water purifier of advanced technology to treat such water.

Here is how you should choose the best water purifier for home:

Types of Water Purifiers

Water purifiers come with varied technologies. Here are the most popular types of purifiers available at the online and offline platforms:

RO Purifiers

An RO water purifier or Reverse-Osmosis purifier is an ideal option to buy if you live in an area that supplied water with a high TDS level. The RO-technology of this water purifier brings down all the impurities to a lower TDS level, thereby making your water healthier to drink. Many leading brands are selling the best RO purifiers like hotcakes. You can buy a suitable one after considering factors such as size, budget, etc.

UF Purifiers

An Ultrafiltration or UF water purifier is another type of water purifier available in the market. The mechanism of this model is quite similar to that of an RO water purifier. The only difference is that it makes the use of larger pores to purify the water as opposed to the former that uses smaller pores for the process of purification. It is important to mention that a UF water purifier is not an ideal choice if you live in an area with a water supply of high TDS.

UV Purifiers

The use of ultraviolet technology in the purification of water is the newest concept and you can buy the best UV water purifiers for the healthiest and safest water to drink. Under this technology, high-intensity UV rays are administered on the impure water to kill the germs and bacteria. The resultant water is clean and pure. Unfortunately, this is not the right choice to remove all the dissolved or undissolved impurities present in the water.

Gravity Based Purifiers

Gravity-based purifiers are the cheapest version of water purifiers available in the market. These water purifiers perform the basic function of removing sand, mud, and other similar impurities from the water. Such purifiers are directly attached to the faucet of the kitchen.

Which water purifier to choose?

In general, RO purifiers are considered a common choice among several Indian households. If the water supply in your area has a low TDS level but is equally contaminated with disease-causing bacteria and germs, you must invest in a UV+UF water purifier. You can also buy a RO UV+ water purifier, however, it comes with a bigger price tag.

Consider the maintenance of the water purifier

Different water purifiers demand different types of care and maintenance. Some may demand regular cleaning on a daily basis while others may not. UF water purifier demands extreme attention when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. You are expected to clean the membrane of such purifier every week to utilize it to the optimum. If you cannot invest so much time in the cleaning of the device every week, go for an RO purifier.

Also, choose a brand that extends a fair after-sales service in your area. Water purifiers require regular cleaning and after-sales service. The after-sales service shall be nominal and should not cost you a fortune.

Buy according to your budget

One of the biggest advantages of buying a water purifier is that you can always buy it within your budget. Different brands have introduced different models of purifiers in the market. While some of them are very expensive and could cost you a fortune, others do not. You can always plan the model according to your budget and buy it for your home. Generally, RO+UV water purifiers fall on the pricey side as they come with various advanced features. A gravity-based purifier is the cheapest option to go by.

Ease of installation

The water purifier that you are bringing home must be easy to install. For this purpose, you must always consider the size of the purifier and compare it with the space available in your kitchen. No matter how good-looking the model looks, it would be a waste if it doesn’t fit into your kitchen space. Thus, always check the ease of installation and make a smart choice.

Look for storage capacity

The storage capacity of the water purifier is another factor to observe, especially if you are living in an area that is prone to power-cut or unreliable water supply. The purifiers with storage capacity come with a storage tank. You can fill the tank with water and use it any time of the day, even when you are facing an extreme power-cut. This is also a good choice for all large families.

Brand of the product

Buying a generic water purifier will give you the headache of repairing it again and again. Generic products do not come with quality-materials nor do they extend a warranty in case of any damage. In this case, buying a branded water purifier serves a smart decision. Buy from among all the leading brands available in the market. Presently, Kent Water Purifier is considered a desirable choice among many households.

Warranty on the Device

The brand that you are selecting must as well extend a warranty on the device. Warranty is an essential factor when you buy any electric appliance for your kitchen. The warranty of the product must not be overlooked.