Best Water Dispensers in India – May, 2023

Best Water Dispensers In India – Buying Guide

Water is a bare necessity and drinking enough water is good for health. Scarcity of water in the body may lead to various health concerns. Hence, you must make it a point to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

Storing your water in a water dispenser is a good idea to help you maintain your water-drinking habit. You can dispense the water in your bottle/glass any time you want and get going. Additionally, you can choose water at any temperature and drink it throughout the day.

The presence of a water dispenser in the home is best enjoyed during the summer season when you get to drink ice-cold water from the dispenser. Now you don’t have to keep refilling the bottles in your fridge anymore. Just buy a good water dispenser and enjoy drinking hot/cool water anytime you want.

Here are the factors to consider while shopping for the best water dispenser in India:

Type of Water Dispensers

Just like the different kitchen appliances, a water dispenser, too, comes in varied types. Many factors may help you to choose the right type of dispenser for your home such as the size, price, purpose, budget, space, etc. Here are the most common types of water dispensers available in India:

  1. Table-top water dispenser:

If your kitchen platform is spacious, you can place the dispenser on it. Otherwise, it could be placed on any table as well. Usually, this water dispenser comes with overall storage of 4-5 liters. There are two options – room temperature water/cool water to choose from.

  1. Free-standing water dispenser:

You might have seen this kind of dispenser at offices and public places. These dispensers are huge. They are the most superior kind of water dispensers available in India. This means that they will cost you a little more when compared to other types of dispensers. Their storage capacity may extend up to 20-liters.

  1. Wall-mounted water dispenser:

If you are falling short of space in your kitchen, you can buy a wall-mounted water dispenser and utilize the continuous supply of water throughout the day. These dispensers are a smaller version when compared to all other types. They are best used to get cool water in the summer season.

Can your dispenser provide both hot/cold water?

When you plan to purchase a water dispenser from the market, you must take extra care of the efficiency of the device. Generally, the use of a water dispenser is very popular to obtain cold water.

However, some people may as well prefer filling their glasses with warm water. Therefore, you must always check if your dispenser includes both these features. High-heating speed of the dispenser shall give you hot water. Similarly, you want to get chilled water quickly as well. Check for the efficiency before finalizing the device as a water dispenser happens to be a one-time investment.

Is the water dispenser easy to use?

If you are a connoisseur of aesthetics, you shall consider the overall design of the water dispenser before buying it. However, the design of the device is not merely about its look but its overall mechanism too.

The design of the water dispenser should be easy to comprehend and use. The device shouldn’t be very complicated. User-friendliness remains an important consideration in all the electric appliances and your water dispenser, too, should extend the same.

The design of the dispenser should be such that it could accommodate a standard-sized glass or bottle. A small or complicated design of the device is a big no.

Does your water dispenser have filters?

Prioritize this factor if the water supply in your home is of tap water. Tap water comes with many impurities and you must treat it before consumption.

Buying a water dispenser with a filter could help you solve the problem of drinking impure water. Many leading brands have added an in-built water filtration system in their devices.

The role of this filtration system is to filter the water and remove all its impurities. Different technologies like carbon charcoal filters, UF filters, UV filters, etc. are used. Choose from among these dispensers to get safe and healthy drinking water.

How much is the power consumption of the dispenser?

A water dispenser runs on electricity. Hence, you must always be wary about the overall power consumption of the device before buying it. After investing in a water dispenser, you will certainly observe an increased electricity bill. You can always reduce it by buying a device that consumes lesser power and saves you from paying a hefty bill every month.

Free-standing water dispensers consume a lot of power, for all obvious reasons. Do not buy them for your home. Go for all the devices that perform heating and cooling of the water at moderate temperatures.

Does your water dispenser have a child safety lock?

Kids love to play with water. They enjoy spilling water and each other and wasting the same. Thus, you must always check for the child safety lock feature in the appliance before bringing it home.

This feature will help you avoid unwanted spillage of water. Your child wouldn’t be using it without your permission. This will also keep your device away from their unwanted notoriety and nuisance.

Alongside this, always look for a drip tray in a water dispenser as it would save your floor from getting wet and messy. A drip accumulates overflowing water from the appliances, thereby preventing the creation of a mess on the floor. Always buy a dispenser with a removable drip tray.

Other Key Factors to Consider while shopping for a Water Dispenser?

Apart from the above-listed features, you must as well take note of the following factors before bringing your appliance home:

  • Alert systems:

Make sure that the water dispenser comes with alert systems. The common alert indicators are on/off, empty container, full container, etc. There should be an LED alert system on your water dispenser for easy accessibility of the alerts.

  • Easy cleaning:

Cleaning your water dispenser shouldn’t be rocket science. Check for the cleaning as well as drainage mechanism. Always ensure that your dispenser is clean and dry. An easy cleaning mechanism will save you time and energy.

  • After-sales service:

This important factor of buying guide must not be overlooked. Even the best water dispensers need frequent servicing and repairing. Hence, you must choose the brand that extends a fine after-sales service. Buy from the reputed brands to save you from the headache of dealing with a problem in your appliance alone.