Best Washing Machine in India – March, 2023

Best Washing Machines In India – Buying Guide

A washing machine has made the life of many people easy. Washing hands manually is a tedious process, and it may consume a lot of time. Using a washing machine can save you a lot of time. It also saves all your efforts of soaking the clothes, brushing off the stains, and then manually washing them.

You can bring home a new washing machine and use it efficiently, and even daily to wash your clothes appropriately.

As you start exploring the market, you may run into the best washing machine in India featuring different models, shapes, sizes, and features of the appliance.

Consider the below-listed buying guide to buy a good-quality washing machine:

Semi-Automatic vs. Fully Automatic – which one to choose

A washing machine could either be semi-automatic or fully automatic.

A semi-automatic washing machine is the most basic version of the appliance that consists of two drums. The first drum washes the clothes while the second one is used for drying them. A semi-automatic washing machine is affordable, and you may find it in different sizes. As they are semi-automatic, you need to put in some manual effort to use this appliance. Such a washing machine requires you to fill the tub, empty it, remove the washed clothes, and then put them in the drying drum.

A fully automatic washing machine saves you time and effort. These are entirely automatic and do not require you to intervene with the process of washing clothes. All you are expected to do is to switch on the machine and wait for the clothes to get washed and dried. The drawback of such machines is that they consume a lot more power than their former counterpart.

A fully automatic machine could be front load or top load:

  • Front Load Washing Machine

They are strong and sturdy and include an extensive range of wash programs. Front-load machines do not make a lot of noise. They have a common tub for washing and drying clothes. The front-load structure of the machine suggests that you need to load and unload the clothes from the front. Front-load washing machines do not consume a lot of water. They may be slightly expensive when compared to top-load washing machines.

  • Top Load Washing Machine

It is another variant of a fully automatic washing machine. You need to load and unload the clothes from the top of their structure. These machines may require a continuous supply of water. Just like the front-load models, they too, have a single tub for washing and drying of clothes.

If you are to pick one from the front load vs. the top load washing machine, we suggest you go with the former. A front-load washing machine may be a little expensive, but it saves a lot of water as opposed to the top-load machine.

The material of the tub

A tub is a vital part of your washing machine that stores all your clothes for washing and drying. While looking for the best washing machine, you need to take the material of the tub into consideration. You may find this drum/tub in different materials such as plastic, stainless steel, and porcelain-enamel.

The weakest material from among the three is enamel, and we do not suggest you buy an appliance having the same. Plastic tubs usually last longer; but if you are to choose between the three, we suggest you get a washing machine with a stainless-steel tub. Stainless steel is a sturdy material that could withstand different speed and temperature settings. Choosing a stainless-steel material for your washing machine makes it more durable.

Check the energy efficiency of the appliance

The washing machine power consumption could be determined by the BEE star-rating provided to the same. Some washing machines may consume a lot of power or energy, while others may require less power without affecting their performance. Focusing on the star-rating of the appliance shall help you make the right choice.

The star-rating of the washing machine should be close to or equal to 5-star. You may further plan on buying a front-loading washing machine as it doesn’t consume a lot of power. Even a semi-automatic washing machine is energy-efficient when compared to others.

Inverter technology – good or bad?

One of the revolutionary technologies added to a washing machine is the inverter technology. Buying a machine with an inverter technology ensures that the power consumption remains bare minimum without compromising the performance of the appliance.

The inverter technology of a washing machine enables it to adjust the speed according to the load. Thanks to the addition of a special circuit that determines the overall speed of the motor depending upon the load. Eventually, you do not overload the equipment and save the power consumption. Explore the best washing machine company in the market to find this technology, and utilize it to the optimum.


You can buy a washing machine according to the capacity and save yourself a lot of money. It is one of the necessary features to consider while shopping for the appliance. All the washing machine latest models come in different sizes or capacities. The right capacity of the appliance could be chosen considering the number of members in the family or frequency of using this appliance.

  • For a family of 1 or 2 members, a washing machine of 5kg may do the needful.
  • If you are a family of 3 or more members, you can go by a washing machine of 7kg.
  • If your family has more than 4 members, choose a large washing machine having 8kg capacity.

There is an implicit advantage of buying a bigger washing machine. It may help you save a lot of energy as opposed to a smaller washing machine.

Several wash programs

One of the excellent features present in the washing machines is their wash programs. Various models come with a multitude of wash programs. You are merely required to set these programs and select the desired program to wash your clothes according to the same.

Some of the most common wash programs to look for include the following:

  • Pre-Soak Program:

Use this program to wash all the tough stains off your clothes, and you wouldn’t get disappointed. This program soaks and agitates the clothes efficiently before starting the cycle, hence removing the solid stains.

  • Quick Wash Program:

All the fully-automatic washing machines include a quick wash program. This program gives a quick washing (faster than normal) to all your clothes. Sometimes, the washing process may take even less than 30 minutes to complete the washing. The only drawback of this washing program is that it doesn’t let you wash all the clothes in bulk.

  • Daily Wash Program:

The daily wash program is an apt setting for all your regular washing. It enables the best cleaning and washing of all your dirty and sweaty clothes using less water. The daily wash program doesn’t consume a lot of time in washing your clothes.

  • Bubble Wash Program:

Another remarkable wash program present in all the washing machine latest models is the bubble wash program. This program enables deep cleaning of all your clothes. Upon the activation of this program, it produces small bubbles that dwell deep into the fabric, thereby cleaning it rigorously. Different brands call the Bubble Wash Program by different names. Some call it Eco Bubble; others address it as Active Foam.

Check the temperature settings

All the latest models of a washing machine come with different temperature settings, and buying such models is highly recommended. The temperature setting program of this appliance lets you set the temperature of the water beforehand.

Using this feature, you may wash different kinds of fabrics and different temperatures, hence, preserve their quality for a long. You may further use the temperature setting feature of the washing machine to wash the clothes of your infant at a high temperature. It will give the clothes a hygienic and good-quality wash. Similarly, all your expensive fabrics would do well under such a setting.

Some models of a washing machine also include a built-in heater made in ceramic that lets you clean the toughest of stains effortlessly. This feature lets you heat the water to a maximum of 600C.

Buy a water-efficient washing machine

Merely buying an energy-efficient will not suffice; you need to equally pay attention to the water-efficiency of the appliance. Checking the water-efficiency of the appliance should be your priority if you live in an area prone to water scarcity.

Make a front-load washing machine your go-to option to fulfill this purpose. These washing machines detect the amount of water that you need, thereby helping you save a lot of it. A front-load washing machine may help you save 50 percent of water when compared to the other types of appliance.

Choose a machine with a noiseless operation

The best-quality washing machine is the one that doesn’t irritate you with its noise or vibration. Many washing machines produce a hissing sound when you operate that. If the problem bothers you much, you may get rid of it by spending on a front-load washing machine.

Front-load washing machines are noiseless. They also come with an anti-vibration technology that avoids the hissing sound throughout washing your clothes. Such technology works by maintaining a balance of the load of the machine while adjusting its drum motion.

Inspect the spin speed of the washing machine

The spin speed of the washing machine plays an important role in giving a desirable wash to all your clothes. A washing machine comprises more spin speed has a faster rotation. A faster rotation of the appliance may help you save the extreme power consumption as it reduces the washing time.

The spin speed of a washing machine is measured with Rotation Per Minute or RPM. We recommend you buy a washing machine having a maximum range of 1800 RPM.

Fuzzy logic washing machine – a new cool

Many latest features and specifications have been added to a washing machine. One of the most remarkable features that you may add to your buying guide is fuzzy logic. This feature makes the use of sensors in operating the machine. Thus, depending upon the number of the clothes, this feature controls everything – the water intake, the amount of detergent, duration of the cycle, and others.

The fuzzy logic feature of a washing machine is a useful mode that may help you save water, detergent, as well as the power consumption of the washing machine. All the reputed washing machine companies include this feature in their high-end models.

Other features to look for while buying a washing machine:

  • Some models of a washing machine feature an auto-dispensing solution. This feature helps you determine the quantity of detergent that you may require to wash certain fabrics. The quantity of such detergent is determined after checking the load and the degree of the soiling. Additionally, this feature also evaluates the hardness of the water.
  • Another impressive technology added to a washing machine is a direct drive technology. Under this feature, the motor is directly connected to the drum of the washing machine. It lets you take control over the machine more aptly. The direct-drive technology in a washing machine produces the least noise.
  • Many high-end models of a washing machine have introduced the use of smart technology. This technology has paved way for many modern and innovative features in the appliance. The Near Field Communication or NFC feature is one of them. This feature lets you adjust the operations of the washing machine with your smartphone.
  • Some washing machines include swirl technology in their mechanism. A swirl technology washes the clothes in different directions, hence, removing dirt from the remotest areas of the fabrics. Many models include this technology.

Finally, always check the warranty on the appliance before bringing it home. All the reputed brands of the washing-machine usually extend a warranty of 2-3 years. We also advise you to consider the after-sales service of the brand while spending your hard-earned money on a washing machine.