Best Waffle Maker in India – April, 2023

Best Waffle Maker in India – Buying Guide

Waffles were originated in Belgium and today they have popularized themselves throughout the world. Whether you are having them for breakfast or dessert – waffles always make the right choice when it comes to relishing something scrumptious and lip-smacking. Eat them without anything or use honey, maple, or fruits, one thing is sure – your love for waffles will remain the same.

If you love waffles and indulge yourself in eating them regularly, it’s time you invest in a waffle maker. Now you don’t have to order your waffle from the outside. You can prepare different varieties of waffles for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in your kitchen. All you need is a good waffle machine.

A waffle maker or waffle machine is available throughout the market. You can find the best leads and buy the best waffle maker after keeping the following instructions into consideration:

Belgian or American – What’s your choice?

The most original variety of waffles is the Belgian waffle. These waffles are crispier on the outside but as you start eating it, you will feel the softness and tenderness of this dessert from the inside. America, too, has its exclusive style of waffles. American waffles are crispier outside as well as inside.

Now that you are investing in a waffle maker, make sure that your device can cook both types of waffles aptly. The waffle maker shouldn’t stick to cooking only one type of waffle. You will end up enjoying both the Fluffy Belgian waffle as well as the Crispy American Waffle.

An electric waffle maker lets you cook a waffle faster than a non-electrical device. Non-electric waffle makers are usually the cast iron waffle makers that are exposed to direct heat for the preparation of the perfect brown waffle. On the other hand, electric waffle makers do not entertain the concept of cooking on a gas stove. You put the batter inside the waffle maker, close it properly and switch on the machine. Your waffle shall be cooked without any hassle in a few minutes.

The markets are also flooded with the flip models of waffle makers. As the name denotes, you can flip the device using a handle while your waffles are being cooked. A flip waffle maker gives your waffle even cooking as the batter is also distributed uniformly.

Of all the models, the most advanced version of a waffle maker available in the market is a multi-functional waffle maker. This kind of waffle makers can even help you grill your veggies, sausages, and prepare eggs on it. All you are supposed to do is to remove the waffle-making tray. The flat surface then lets you use it in the manner you want.

Waffle maker size – big or small?

The choice of the size of the waffle maker is entirely your call. The markets are selling all kinds of waffle makers in different shapes and sizes. There are small-sized waffle makers that make waffles in a small quantity. The larger ones are all about making a large number of waffles at one time. These devices come with grids that produce multiple waffles at a time. You can further cut them to serve to your family.

While considering the size of the waffle maker, you must as well consider the space consumed by the machine. A small-sized waffle maker consumes lesser space and you can keep it anywhere in your kitchen. This kind of waffle-maker is portable as well, you can reposition it anywhere on the counter. A large waffle maker consumes extra space. Be wary of the size and then proceed with your hunt.

Choose an appliance ensuring your safety

Next consideration to observe while buying a waffle maker is the safety feature. An electrical appliance should always include all the basic safety features to ensure the safety of you and your family. Some high-end appliances include advanced safety features as well.

Your waffle maker should come with a temperature control setting. Although the temperature control feature is not a safety feature, it still ensures that you are able to handle the machine while using it at different temperature settings. This also ensures the desired cooking of your waffle. When a device is heated, it radiates heat to the outside. Thus, ensure that the waffle maker you are buying includes a cool-touch exterior so that you don’t end up burning your hands while making waffles.

A strong locking lid of the appliance makes sure that the machine is not manhandled even when your kids are using the same. It will also help you avoid the spilling of the waffle batter. But the most important safety feature of all is an auto turn-off feature. This feature turns off your waffle maker automatically once the waffles are evenly cooked. This will help you avoid mishaps and accidents while handling the machine. Do not compromise with the auto turn-off feature at all.

A hassle-free cleaning to save you time

If you are opting for a high-end waffle maker, you will spot a drip tray attached to the same. The drip tray is placed under the waffle iron. The role of this tray is to collect all the batter that drips off while pouring. Eventually, you save yourself from the trouble of spoiling the machine as well as your kitchen counter.

If your waffle maker doesn’t come with a drip tray, always make sure to buy a model that is easy to clean. A waffle maker with non-stick plates is a good choice as it doesn’t let your waffle stick to the walls and is easy to clean. Furthermore, you can also check if the device is dishwasher-safe or not.

Other important features to look for in a waffle-maker

  • A waffle maker having indicator lights makes a good choice as the lights alert you about the hotness and coolness of the machine. Additionally, find a waffle-maker that comes with an alert-tone or chime to signal you about the preparation of your dessert.
  • Browning control is a bonus feature in the waffle maker as it permits you to undercook/overcook your waffle according to your taste.

While buying any electrical appliance, your budget should be an important consideration to observe. Many reputed brands are selling their devices under different price ranges. You can explore both the offline and online platforms and find the best waffle maker under your preferred budget.