Best Violin Price in India – May, 2023

Best Violin For Beginners – Buying Guide

A violin is one of the most loved instruments throughout the world. Used traditionally to play classical music, the charm of a violin can never go out of fashion. The sweet notes created by this musical instrument are unmatchable.

You can learn to play this classic musical instrument. All you need is a qualified teacher who can teach you everything about a violin from the basic and, of course, a good-quality violin for beginners.

Violin for the beginners – A long-term investment

If you are naïve and are too passionate about learning a violin, you have two options – either you rent this instrument or buy a new one for long-term use. We suggest you go for the latter, especially if you want to turn your passion for learning music into a profession.

Buying a violin will also ensure that you pick it in the best quality and the best price. You may find the cost of violin in India a little high; however, it is worth each penny. Moreover, the violin for beginners still costs lesser than advanced-level violins.

Violins for beginners are also known as starter or student violins. Unlike the advanced and expensive versions, they make use of lower-quality of wood. The handcrafting techniques in such violins are not very complicated, and it makes any beginner grasp the notes easily. These violins also include some plastic components such as tuning pegs and chinrest.

The violin price in India may range between Rs. 7,341 to Rs. 45,000.

The below-listed buying guide will help you find the best violin, and you may quickly start your music sessions after buying the same:

Acoustic Vs. Electric Violin – Which one to choose?

A violin may be categorized under two broad categories – acoustic violin and electric violin.

  • Acoustic Violin:

It is a traditional version of a violin that stretches four strings from the tuning pegs to the tailpiece and finally falling over a bridge made in maple wood. This arrangement of an acoustic violin is responsible for producing a euphonic sound. It also transfers the vibrations to the soundboard.

The sound produced by an acoustic violin is warm and round. As you start playing it, you would hear the natural notes of the tone-woods. Acoustic violins come in a traditional shape and a preferred choice to play classic and folk music.

  • Electric Violins:

Electric violins generate electronic signals, and the sound could be a little tweaked and enhanced. As the sound frequency of electric violins is higher than the traditional ones, they are reserved for jazz and rock music. They come with an easy-to-install plug-and-play capability, hence a favorable choice for all the musicians to create live music in their music bands.

As opposed to acoustic violins, electric violins have different shapes. They are lightweight and quite modern-looking. They may be expensive when compared to the former.

As a beginner, we advise you to go for an acoustic violin as it will help you learn to play this instrument from the very basic. Once you are done honing the skill, you may as well buy an aesthetic electric violin for use.

Select the right shape

It is one of the most important considerations, and you must not overlook it while shopping for the violin for beginners. Selecting the wrong size may lead to problems in your posture. Moreover, you wouldn’t be able to play the violin with the right technique.

A violin comes in 9 different sizes. The range of a violin extends from 1/16 size (15 inches) to full size of 4/4 (23.5 inches) in length. If you are shopping for a violin offline, it is suggested to try out lifting this instrument in different sizes, and picking up the most comfortable model. If you are shopping for the violin from an online platform, check their size guide. You may as well ask an experienced violinist, and he may suggest to you the best size to buy.

The correct fit or form of holding a violin could be determined by placing it under your chin, similar to a playing position. When you hold the instrument in such a position, the scroll should fit comfortably on your palm.

Always remember, chin and shoulder rest of the violin are essential considerations. A proper shoulder rest is necessary for the beginners to help them maintain a good posture while playing this instrument.

Buy one with all the needful accessories

Merely buying a wooden piece of a violin is not enough. It is important to look for other vital accessories for this instrument so that you could play it well from the very beginning. Do not put yourself in the situation of hunting for the violin accessories from one stop to the other. Make sure to buy everything from one place, and in one go.

Buying a violin with an entire kit – case, bow, and rosin will help you save a lot of time. Apart from this outfit of the violin, you may as well look for other accessories such as a music stand, tuner, bow hold buddies, beginners’ sheet music, a spare set of strings, and the cleaning kit. All these accessories shall help you set up your instrument to perfection.

Do not compromise with the quality

Buying a violin for beginners is the game of quality. Do not cut corners when it comes to choosing a model with the perfect craftsmanship and quality. Study about the kinds of woods used to make this instrument. Know about the material of the strings so that you can generate a good sound while playing the violin.

The woods like maple and spruce are the most common options used in making a violin. Furthermore, it is also suggested picking one with good symmetry.

The best violin brands in India

Now that you are investing your hard-earned money in buying a good-quality violin, it is necessary to consider the brand name. A good brand would extend the warranty on the product that is another plus point in buying from them.

Some of the leading violin brands available in India include Stentor, Mendini by Cecilio, PAL Music House, SG Musical, Yamaha, Cremona, Blue Panther, Arctic, Sergio Tordini, and Kadence Violin. All these brands have nominal as well as expensive models of this instrument.

Make the right choice, and start learning your violin now!