Best Tripod for DSLR in India – May, 2023

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Best Tripod for DSLR in India – Buying Guide

As a Human, we are in the era of automated technology. We are living with expert support called machines/devices/gadgets, in that way, I simply call the best support for our other supporters called mobile phones and DSLRs are Tripods.

These tripods are handled by many of us who primarily depend on it. For video coverage, lectures for recorded sessions, mobile phones, YouTubers, and so on. If you want to get one Tripod, make it easy and choosy. In the market you can buy the best tripod for DSLR.

What is a Tripod?

We all know the tridents for the Gods and Goddesses. As the trident, the tripods are made for the photographers to reduce their strains and stress to handle the DSLR camera/mobile. The tripod will bear the DSLR camera / mobile phone to capture the pictures/videos at an exact angle with no unnecessary shakes and to avoid blurs.

How do choose tripods for mobile phones / DSLR cameras?

  • The first parameter in the checklist to buy the tripod is the suitable height for your device.
  • Verify the tripod will withstand the weight of your device.
  • Choose the tripod by the constructing feature of it. The stand must be stable without shaking while it bears the device.
  • Choose the tripods based on the legs. Tubular and Non-Tubular legs are two categories of legs. Both are good enough to balance and maintain the device’s
  • Choose the leg feet of the tripod-based on friction. The feet play a vital role in grip between the floor and device.
  • Prefer to buy the tripod with a center-post, The leg is in the center of the tripod to provide perfect stability.
  • Finally, the head of the tripod must be stand fix and flexible to the manual controls. The head position will be the shot position for the video/picture.



The traditional type of tripod looks like a handy tool. The tripod is not using nowadays.


The ball head is introduced recently to adjust the camera position by adjusting the knob. The exact picture/video can be captured with the help of the ball head tripods.


This tripod is also a handy tool fit for both camera and mobile phones, which is a goon for photographers who used both mobile phones and DSLR cameras for photography.


Leg based tripods provide more stability and care for your devices. The center post tripods provide the perfect stability for capture.


The overall article will slightly give the usage, needs, and brands of tripods. The tripods will have special features that must suit and fill the checkboxes in your checklists. The role of tripods is to ease your work and reduce the body stress. The tripods will clear half of the problems which occur by the hands and other man-made mistakes.

The best tripods will protect your mobile phone / DSLR camera from unnecessary slips and skips. It acts like a third hand for the photographers while taking the exact desired pictures that they want to take.