Best Tea Brands in India – March, 2023

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Best Tea Brand In India – Buying Guide

Only a tea lover can understand the joy of pampering himself/herself with a cup of tea in the morning. Nothing beats your traditional ‘chai ka cup’. India is a country full of tea lovers where people find excuses to drink tea. The amazing aroma, the soothing fragrance, and the unbeatable taste of the tea together make it a perfect and the most-loved beverage in Indian homes.

The culture of drinking tea dates back years ago. With time, people have adopted drinking and preparing different types of tea concerning the taste, health benefits, as well as the popularity of the tea. it is important to choose the best tea brand in online stores.

Here are the most popular kinds of teas that you will find in every Indian home and restaurant:

  • Black Tea

Black tea is exactly what all of us have grown up drinking every morning. This tea is similar to a morning tonic that boosts your energy and refreshes your mind and body, thereby preparing you to start your day. Black tea washes away all the lethargy and tastes amazing when you add different herbs and spices to the same. Black tea also makes an amazing iced tea. All you are required to do is to add lemon and ice to the preparation.

  • Masala Tea

Masala tea is the black tea after the addition of several Indian herbs and spices. The ingredients such as cinnamon, cloves, dry ginger powder, black pepper, cardamom, etc. are added to the black tea powder. The end product is a tea full of flavors and fragrance, perfect to relish in the rainy or winter season. The addition of spices also helps to boost immunity and saves you from catching a cough and cold.

  • Green Tea

Green tea has become the most popular version of tea in the present time. Considering the immense benefits of this tea, many fitness junkies and health enthusiasts have added green tea to their daily diet. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and it may as well help you shed off the extra fat. Additionally, green tea is considered a boon for your skin.

  • Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is the infusion of all the important herbs that are beneficial for your overall health. The herbal infusions in the tea usually comprise pure herbs, flowers, and fruits. Different kinds of herbal teas are available throughout the market serving different health benefits.

How To Buy The Best Tea?

The markets are full of different brands selling different types of tea. As you start exploring the markets, you will come across tea having different compositions, properties, etc. In this case, the first important thing to observe while buying tea is the brand name. A reputed tea brand will never dupe you in terms of the flavor, taste, or health benefit of the tea. Always buy your tea from the reputed brand over the loose product as the former ensures quality, taste, and health altogether.

These days many organic brands, too, have released different versions of tea. You can pick the desired one after checking for its properties and health benefits. Even the online platforms and homegrown brands entertain a plethora of tea options for you. At the end of the day, everything gets reduced to your preference. Black tea is considered the most common choice of all.

Tea Bag or Tea Powder – Which One Shall I Choose?

The concept of tea bags has been making rounds throughout the world. Tea leaves or tea powder is packed in the tea bags. You are merely required to pour some hot water in your mug and dip the bags into the same. You can add/subtract sugar or milk according to your preference. On the other side, tea powder or tea leaves involve the preparation of tea using the old-school or traditional method. The powder or leaves are brewed for fine 3-5 minutes which is further followed by adding sugar and milk to the same.

If you want to get maximum flavor and health benefits out of your preparation of tea, always choose tea leaves or tea powder over a teabag. The process of brewing makes the tea infuse all its properties into water. Consequently, the tea powder or tea leaves leave their bioactive compounds it. Apart from serving many health benefits, these bioactive compounds also help to enhance the flavor of the tea, thereby making it strong.

On the contrary, the preparation of tea with tea bags is very quick. You dip your tea bag in hot water for less than a minute and the bioactive compounds of the tea aren’t completely released into the water. The resultant flavor of your tea is a little bland when compared to the former.

If you like your tea strong, always choose tea leaves over tea bags. If you are a connoisseur of mild and subtle flavor, make the tea bags your choice. The only drawback of using tea bags is that these bags are made of food-grade plastic and plastic is toxic for your health.

Seek The Perfect Color Of Your Tea

When it comes to buying black tea for everyday use, the color of the tea becomes one of the deciding factors while shopping for the same. The darker the color, the better the tea. The same logic is applied when you shop for green tea in the market. The best green tea will always look greener. Thus, never settle for the brand that doesn’t give out the desired color of your tea.

Origin Of The Tea

Another deciding factor of the best tea from the market is the origin of the tea. In both the cases of black tea and green tea, you must check for their origin. Read about the extraction process of green tea before buying the same. Know about its manufacturer and how the tea is processed. In the case of green tea, always buy the brand that has organically grown and processed the tea.

The origin of black tea has many stories to learn. Any tea lover might be well-acquainted with the fact that India is a leading producer of black tea and the regions of Nilgiri, Assam, and Darjeeling are where you will find the best kinds of tea. While Assam tea is known for its strong taste and bright color, Darjeeling tea is popular for its soothing aroma. Nilgiri produces the best organic black tea with golden and silver tips. It is therefore important to know your preference and then shop for the best tea brand in India.

The above-listed considerations will help you make the right choice of tea for you.