Best Tabla in India – May, 2023

Best Tabla In India – Buying Guide

Indian classical music is a treat to the ears. Each of the musical instruments involved in playing this music produces a soothing melody. Out of all the classical music instruments, what really stands out is a tabla.

A tabla constitutes one of the most important parts of classical music. This device is responsible to give classical music the right rhythm and depth. Any classical music event is incomplete without the presence of table in it. The best tabla set creates unrivaled music, something that you would want to listen to again and again.

Tabla – a brief insight and its popularity

A tabla is the essence of Indian classical music. Even when it comes to dancing Kathak, the dancer ends up synchronizing their footsteps to the beat of a tabla. Apart from being extremely popular throughout India, the importance of this musical instrument can also be witnessed in Afghani music.

Not only this, the tabla is a pivotal music instrument when it comes to celebrating the music of the regions like Nepal, Pakistan, and Bhutan. Different types of tablas are used in contrasting sizes to play music all over these regions.

Tabla price in India

The quality of any musical instrument matters a lot if you want to use it in the long run. You can buy a tabla set in good quality only by spending a little more when you shop for it.

Tabla price in India for a basic model starts from Rs. 3,000 and may reach a maximum of Rs. 10,000. However, if you are planning to buy a tabla set for long-term use or to perceive music more professionally, buy professional-level tablas. Professional tabla rate starts from Rs. 15,000 and keeps on increasing depending upon the quality of the instrument.

Why choose to play the Tabla?

Playing the best tabla would not only help you learn and handle this instrument at the best, you may as well experience other benefits. Scientifically, playing the tabla helps you in increasing the awareness and kinesthetic development of your body.

As a student, you may as well learn coordination and self-control with time while learning this instrument. Playing the tabla also helps to improve the tuning of mind, body, and other senses. Tabla price doesn’t costs you a fortune. You may buy it anytime from anywhere and begin learning it to perfection.

Constitution of a Tabla

A tabla is made using rosewood and teak. As you start exploring the market, you would realize that a tabla doesn’t come solo but in a set. The best tabla set is made using two different hand drums. Both these drums of a tabla produce a distinct sound. Here is everything that you need to know about the constitution of a tabla:

  • Dayan:

Dayan, also known as Tabla, is a smaller drum made of wood. The role of a Dayan in the tabla set is to play high-pitched notes. Once you start mastering the skill of learning it, you may as well end up creating your own bell-like notes. Dayan is placed on the right side.

  • Bayan:

Bayan, also known as Dugga is the larger drum made of metal. The sound of this part of a tabla is whooping. It is placed on the left side of the arrangement.

As you start googling ‘tabla shop near me’ to buy this instrument, we list some useful points that you might want to consider while making a choice:

Tuning of the tabla

Tabla is one of the very few instruments that work on the principle of tuning. The use of fingers to play both the drums in this instrument depicts various expressions. You are expected to apply some pressure using the heel of your hand. When the hand slides on this device, you can tune to the pitch, hence create sound on different scales.

The tuning part of this instrument is one of the important features. A tabla may require tension on the head which generates a proper tone. This tone is constantly tuned according to the ‘Raag’ or music that you are playing.

Pay attention to the tuning of the tabla. Buy one that could be tuned easily, especially when you are likely to play it at solo concerts. When this device is tuned suitably, it could match and complement any melody.

Pay attention to the proper built

It is suggested to pay attention to the built of a tabla if you are buying it for long-term use. It is the quality of any tabla that stands out, and if you end up spending on a cheap version of this musical instrument, you wouldn’t be able to play awe-inspiring music.

A proper sound-quality of a tabla could only be obtained when you buy one in a strong built. According to the experts, the heavier the drums, the better the sound quality of this instrument.

Rosewood and teak make a superior choice for the Dayan, and when it comes to choosing a Bayan, always buy one made in brass or copper alloys. Ditch the painted steel tablas then and there as they will not serve you the desired quality.

It is equally integral to check the weight of the tabla. A standard tabla set would range between 4 and 5 kg.

Check for the right accessories

The next important point on the buying guide of the best tabla set is the accessories provided with the instrument. As you are buying a tabla set, on the whole, it is suggested you must look for all the important accessories, and buy everything from one place.

The accessories available with a tabla play a role in maintaining the quality of the tabla. With the right use of accessories, you may end up using this instrument effortlessly in the long-run. Good-quality accessories also enhance the durability of your tabla.

Some of the most important accessories of a tabla are a tabla hammer, talcum powder, a cover of the tabla also known as Dagga heads, rings for helping the tabla set rest properly, carry bag to help you carry the instrument to places during your shows, and concerts, etc.

The best tabla brand would provide you with all the above-listed tabla accessories so that you don’t end up looking for it from one stop to the other.