Best Strollers in India – May, 2023

Best Baby Strollers In India – Buying Guide

Every parent is well-acquainted with the importance of a baby stroller. This is a must-have carriage option if you are used to going out having your little one in tow. Carrying your little one in your arms may end up making you feel worn out.

A baby stroller solves all your problems of carrying your toddler from one place to the other. Now you don’t have to fear traveling alone with your baby as the stroller will always help you keep your little one safe, secure, and comfortable.

The markets today are full of different types of baby strollers and prams. While a pram for a baby is restricted to infants who couldn’t sit independently, the use of a baby stroller is ideal for all the independent sitters. Your little one could sit in the stroller for a long time, without having you bothered.

Here is the buying guide for the best strollers in India that you must buy for your little one:

Types of Baby Strollers

A stroller for baby is not restricted to one particular type. The markets are flooded with different kinds of strollers. Listed below are the most popular strollers that you would come across in the Indian markets:

  1. Lightweight strollers: They are light in weight and entertain easy transportability in the indoors and outdoors. Lightweight strollers are a nominal option but with lesser features.
  2. Jogging strollers: For all the parents who love adventuring, jogging, trekking, and other outdoor activities, buy this stroller to ensure that your baby is comfortable while you are making the most of your thrilling adventure experiences.
  3. Travel systems: You may carry these strollers in your car and adjust them in your car seats. This type of stroller doesn’t make you compromise in terms of your baby’s comfort.
  4. Double strollers: This two-in-one stroller is a perfect buying option for the blessed parents of twin-babies.

After deciding on the type of stroller, you must decide on its size. Never pick a compact stroller for it may lead to extreme discomfort for your baby. A large-sized stroller, too, is not recommended. Always buy a standard-sized stroller to ensure extreme comfort for your little one.

Buy a stroller with a Good brake system

A good brake system of the stroller will ensure the safety of your child when you take him on the road. Many reputed brands have added the feature of power-assisted brakes to their products. This kind of brake stops the stroller instantly to the wheels on the backside.

Another efficient brake system in a pram is a single-touch brake. This kind of brake locks all the wheels of the stroller in a single push, hence stopping the stroller when you want it to.

The comfort of your little one is important

There’s no point in investing in a baby stroller if your little one is not comfortable sitting in the same. This is the reason you must focus on the comfort and the type of chair while buying a pram or stroller for him.

A recliner chair is an ideal option for babies who do not want to feel perturbed while being carried in a stroller. A recliner chair in a pram could be adjusted according to the position of your baby. Thus, even when your baby sleeps in the stroller, you could adjust the seat and recline by a little.

Different brands have introduced different reclining features in the strollers. If you are buying a high-end stroller for your baby, you may end up making the most of eight reclining positions in the stroller. Furthermore, the padding on the recliner must be puffy and comfortable so that your baby could rest on it conveniently.

Canopy is an essential feature

A canopy in a baby stroller protects your baby from all the external elements so that he could rest comfortably while he is being strolled here and there.

The external elements such as sun, wind, dust, etc. might intrude with the comfort of your little one. Too much dust may as well lead to skin infections and whatnot.

It is therefore recommended to buy a stroller that comes with a canopy such that the face and neck of your little one could be covered comfortably.

Safety cannot be overlooked

You cannot ignore the importance of safety while buying a stroller for a baby. Always choose a stroller that comes with a feature of the harness.

According to the experts, a 5-point harness is a must-have safety feature in a baby stroller. This kind of harness wraps your baby around his shoulders, legs, and waist. Thus, your baby doesn’t tilt or move and could be put to sit comfortably. Check if the buckle of the harness is easy to lock and unlock.

Next, check for the size of the wheels. The wheels in the stroller must be large so that the stroller could be carried off easily through curbs and rough surfaces. Leg holes are another important safety feature that also makes your baby feel comfortable during all the time he is sitting in a stroller. Never compromise with the safety of your toddler.

Buy a stroller with a storage option

Some parents might want to ignore it, but a stroller with a storage capacity may help you keep all your baby essentials in place. Your baby might want all these essentials from time to time.

You may assemble these things in one place and keep them safe while strolling your baby around. Choose a stroller that comes with a spacious basket such that all the essentials are well-located. You may as well choose a stroller with pockets. Other storage options in a baby stroller include a tray, sipper holder, cup holder, etc.

The baby stroller should have enough storage space. At the same time, the stroller must be easy to assemble and disassemble so that you could store it conveniently when not needed.

Now that you are well-versed with this buying guide, it’s time to look for the best baby strollers at the leading online and offline platforms.