Best Soundbars in India – May, 2023

Best soundbar in India – Buying Guide

If you are planning to provide a theatric vibe to your drawing room, a soundbar is must to have. Television is a very common thing today and people prefer soundbars along with the TV. It gives a nice theatric mood and more entertainment while watching movies and listening to music.

There are a number of different types and qualities of soundbars present in the Indian market today. If we consider their features and qualities, each one of them is unique. Some are much more in less money, while some are not worth the expenditure.

So, choosing the best soundbar is a bit difficult if it is your first time buying it yourself. So, we will provide you a list of some important tips which will help you in finding the best soundbar in India.

But, before moving to the tips, let us know some other small, yet important things about soundbars.

What is a soundbar?

It is a long, bar-like speaker that provides sound from any device which is connected to it. It is more commonly used with televisions. They enhance the audio output from television and thus, is suitable for nice large rooms or halls. Connectively options are many such as iPod, mobile phones, DVD player, MP3 players, and so on.

What are the different types of soundbar?

Soundbars for led tv has fewer options and features as compared to home theatre systems. These are enough for a medium-sized room. These external speakers for TV are a great option to enhance your TV sound.

There are two types of soundbars available in the market which are:

  1. Soundbars: You can place them on some shelf or mount them on the wall. A set of up to 4 speakers can be there. Some of these have drivers that angle outwards so that there can be a broader sound field in the room.
  2. Sound bases: They are most suitable for limited space. They need not get mounted on the wall. You just have to make sure that these sound bases can cope up with the weight of the entire set. Sound bases have speaker arrays. Mostly, sound bases come with a subwoofer which is just built in the system itself.

You can buy the best soundbar with subwoofers by following our guide to buy soundbars in India.

Leads to buy the best soundbar in India

Nowadays, TV sets are getting bigger as well as thinner. Thus, there is less space for the in-built sound system to blend. Soundbars are generally very slim and you can make their space easily in your room. As we have already discussed that not every soundbar is worth spending your money, so we will need to take care.

So, We have gathered some points that will help you in buying the best soundbar in India. These are:

1. Connectivity options

It plays a major role in buying the best soundbar. It may make the deal or break the deal too. While you purchase external speakers for TV, you should definitely look at the various connectivity options of them. You will need your new soundbars to get connected to all the existing devices you have at your home.

So, a soundbar must be able to connect with HDMI ARC, HDMI, USB port, Bluetooth, optical cable, and so on. It will bring convenience to you if you buy a soundbar with maximum connectivity options.

2. Sound system

The primary purpose of you buying a soundbar is sound. Do not ever compromise with this factor. Ensure clear sound, various modes of music, enhanced sound in your soundbar for led tv. This will give a theatric experience at home.

Buy the best soundbar which supports Dolby audio formats, can surround sound, and also support other audio formats. It will give you a high resolution, enhanced audio experience. Look for the best Dolby Atmos soundbar in India for you to get a fantastic audio experience at home. Speaker placement, their number, and also the audio wattage output can help you in choosing the best soundbar of your choice.

3. Subwoofers

A subwoofer is a must for the required thump and bass in your music system. It will add it all to your music. They are just perfect for today’s music which gives vibes like a party hall at your home itself. Many soundbars come along with in-built subwoofers. If this is the case, you need not buy an external subwoofer. So, buy the best soundbar with a subwoofer as per your requirement.

4. Control

A soundbar is a different unit from your existing LED TV. So, there will be different control systems for both. Make sure the control of the soundbar is ideal to connect to your TV. Do not buy a soundbar with buttons on the body. Instead buy a soundbar with remote control.

Some soundbars facilitate HDMI ARC connectivity which allows both the devices (Tv and soundbar) controlled with one remote (of TV). While you have these features available, look for better controls when you buy soundbars for led tv.

5. Frequency range

The frequency range of the soundbar should be high. Therefore, there will be more clarity in the sound and it will also spread perfectly. The low-frequency range can work for homes, but for businesses or pubs, consider buying the best soundbar with a high-frequency range.

6. Budget

Budget matter a lot in buying anything. We criticize things on the basis of their features, but we forget to consider their price. You cannot get everything on a limited budget. It is not like you only need to buy high priced products only. Instead, what you need to do is analyze both price and features. This will land you to the right product. So, consider the products which have features close to your needs and which also fall within your budget.

One more important thing to keep in mind is you need to pay for a product’s features and not for the soundbar brands and name only.

This best soundbar in India buyer’s guide will provide you with an idea of what to consider while buying a soundbar. There are a number of options you have for soundbars in India. You just have to clarify your requirements and budget to find the right one for you.