Best Smartwatch in India – April, 2023

The Best Smartwatch in India – Buying Guide

The best smartwatch in India should have a combination of style and substance. A smartwatch can connect to your smartphone, tablet, or PC and help you efficiently manage your life.

Smartwatches are a great way to keep up with your phone without pulling it out of your pocket or bag. Also, you can listen to and watch music, monitor your heartbeat, and keep track of your fitness with them.

Indian markets offer a wide variety of smartwatches these days. However, before buying a smartwatch, consider the following factors:

Check Display

The display on a smartwatch is a vital part of its functionality. There should be enough room for notifications and messages, but it shouldn’t be cumbersome. A good display should also be bright enough to see in direct sunlight.

When buying a smartwatch, check these display basics:

Display Bezels

The bezels are the thin borders around the display. The best smartwatches have slimmer bezels because they allow more screen real estate without making the watch bigger. However, there’s a trade-off: The thinner bezels also lead to smaller batteries and less space for components like speakers and microphones.

Display Type

This type of screen powers your smartwatch: LCD or OLED? Most smartwatches use LCDs because they’re cheaper and easier to manufacture than OLED panels. However, OLED displays offer the following:

  • Higher contrast ratios 
  • Better color reproduction
  • A wider viewing angle than LCDs 


Your smartwatch should be bright enough that you can see the screen in any lighting condition. If it’s too dim, you’ll have trouble reading text or viewing images on display. Most smartwatches have between 300 and 500 nits of brightness — enough for most conditions — but some models are brighter than others.

Colors and Sharpness

The more vibrant a display is, the better it looks overall. Many smartwatches offer hundreds of colors and resolutions ranging from 240 x 240 pixels to 480 x 480 pixels. A higher resolution allows for more detail on each pixel, which makes text easier to read and images clearer.

UI Smoothness

The speed of your smartwatch’s UI is another factor that determines its performance. A slow UI makes using your watch cumbersome and frustrating at times. Opening an app or switching between them may require more than one touch. When this occurs all the time during your day-to-day usage of your device, it can get very annoying.

Build Quality Matters

Most smartwatches have a similar form factor. They’re made of metal or plastic and have a display in the middle. The bezel of some watches has rotating dials, while the side of some has buttons. Some also have heart rate monitors on the back.

The main difference between smartwatches is their build quality. To get the feel and look of a traditional watch, you’ll need a device that has:

  • a solid construction
  • durable glass 
  • and an attractive design

You may also want to consider whether it’s possible to replace the strap if yours breaks down over time.

Compatibility with Your Devices

You should also consider whether or not your smartwatch is compatible with your phone and operating system before buying it. You need to buy an Android Wear watch if you want to use your smartwatch with an Android phone. However, if you use it with an iPhone, an Apple Watch is the best choice. And, if you want to use it with both phones, then there’s no problem because both these devices are available for both platforms.

Battery Life

Your smartwatch’s battery life is important because it must last all day, every day. You don’t want to run down the battery on your watch early in the morning only to charge it when you get home from work. Several smartwatches offer the option of turning off certain features to extend battery life, while others automatically shut down after a period of inactivity.

Fitness and Health Features

Many smartwatches come with fitness-tracking features, including:

  • Step-counting
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • GPS tracking for runners and cyclists who want to keep track of their distance and speed

Some smartwatches also support third-party fitness apps for more accurate daily readings of your activity levels. If you want to track your workouts or see how active you are throughout the day, these features are worth looking out for in any smartwatch you plan on buying.

Check its App Selection

The best smartwatches run on Google’s Android Wear platform or Apple’s iOS. Thus, they can sync with App Store’s and Google Play Store’s third-party apps. However, not all apps work with every watch — some require specific hardware features that aren’t present in every model. 

A GPS-enabled smartwatch model is ideal if you want to monitor your running or bike rides. It allows you to track your location without relying on your phone’s GPS (which often isn’t accurate enough for outdoor activities). If an app doesn’t support your chosen watch yet but has an Android or iOS version available, you may use it by pairing it with a smartphone.

Size and Style

Style is a personal choice, and it’s not one that you can make with any smartwatch. The type of strap you choose will determine the size of the watch. Consider a traditional watch if you desire a more formal appearance. The bigger the screen on your smartwatch, the more modern and fashionable it will be.

The style of your smartwatch will also determine how you use it. Choose a waterproof one if you plan on wearing it every day. As a result, you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain or washing your hands while wearing it. Also, ensure the band is comfortable and not too tight or loose. This ensures that your smartwatch doesn’t fall off or become uncomfortable during everyday activities such as sleeping or working out at the gym.

Entertainment Features

In addition to tracking fitness activities, you can also use smartwatches for entertainment purposes, such as playing music or games. Users can enjoy music on their smartwatch by downloading apps from the respective app stores for Android Wear and Apple Watch. Using apps like Uber or Google Maps can also help you navigate crowded areas without constantly taking out your phone.


Smartwatches with built-in voice assistants let you interact with your device using voice commands instead of tapping or swiping the touchscreen. This makes them much easier to use while driving or performing other tasks that require two hands-frees. It also means they can respond more quickly because they don’t need a visual confirmation before acting on your command.

Some smartwatches come with built-in cellular connectivity to function independently from your phone. This means no more having to carry around an extra device to make calls and send messages on the go.

Find Your Right Smartwatch Today!

Smartwatches are the future of technology. It has been around for a while, but it is only now that it is becoming mainstream.

However, you should be mindful of all the factors above while buying a smartwatch in India. This will help you overcome the disadvantages of smartwatches and use their many benefits to their maximum. While doing this, get an idea about the features that matter most to you and choose the best smartwatch accordingly.