Best Skin Whitening Cream in India – May, 2023

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Best Skin Whitening Creams In India – Buying Guide

The concept of skin whitening has been prevailing for a very long time now. This trend was firstly adopted by the actresses and models to look more beautiful and presentable on screen. Soon the popularity of skin whitening became widespread. Today, even the women next door are after this trend. Consequently, they are opting for different kinds of treatments to get that perfect skin tone.

Skin whitening, also known as skin bleaching, involves various treatment options that give you a skin tone lighter than what you were born with. This procedure involves the use of different chemicals. The treatment options could be harmful and painful. These treatment options could be dangerous as well. It is when you can buy the best skin whitening cream and save yourself some money and pain.

Skin whitening – how does it work?

The major aim of any skin whitening cream or treatment is to fade or lighten your complexion beyond the natural tone of your skin. Skin whitening is a very controversial treatment option and is not usually recommended to everyone. The proper treatment of your skin to obtain a fairer look should always be done under the inspection or supervision of a medical professional.

Your dermatologist may recommend you following treatment options to whiten your skin tone:

  • Your dermatologist may prescribe you some over-the-counter medication or fast regiment prescription drug to whiten your skin tone. These medications make the use of intense chemicals like hydroquinone that may help you to change your skin tone.
  • Apart from prescription medication, chemical peeling is another option to get your skin whitened and brightened. Again, this form of treatment makes the use of some strong and fast-reacting chemicals that may give you faster results when it comes to brightening your skin tone. You may opt for peel treatments at the beauty salons as well.
  • Another popular method for skin whitening is dermabrasion. This one is strictly performed by a dermatologist and includes a rotating wire brush that sheds off your dead skin. Apart from making your skin look whiter, it may as well help you with other concerns like deep wrinkles, surface scars, discoloration, etc. Dermabrasion involves more than one seating for the completion of the treatment.
  • The next type of skin whitening treatment is laser surfacing under which a beam of infrared is used to repair the dark skin and turn it into a shade lighter. The laser goes deeper into your skin without causing a lot of damage to the surface of the skin. This procedure may as well help to accelerate the growth of new skin cells.
  • Lastly, Skin whitening creams is a less-invasive and less-expensive way of treating your skin and turning it into a shade whiter. The best whitening cream for the face in India works by treating pigmentation, dark spots, dullness, thereby giving you a skin tone that is not only whiter but brighter and free from blemishes.

Out of all the above-listed alternatives, skin whitening creams are the most common treatment option for skin whitening. These creams are less expensive and are widely available throughout the market so that you may pick the choicest and start with its application.

While there is nothing like the permanent skin whitening cream that leads to permanent results, you may still buy some products that may show you some change in your skin tone. It is necessary to mention that you should follow a continuous usage of these skin creams to get the desired skin tone in the long-term.

Before you seek the answer to “Which cream is best for skin whitening?” read our buying guide to make the right choice.

Seek Recommendations from the Dermatologist

Almost all the skin whitening products include some strong chemical composition that targets your dark skin and turns it into few shades lighter. The strong chemicals may harm your skin and health in the long run, which is why you must seek recommendations from your doctor before buying one.

Ask your doctor if using a skin whitening cream is safe for your skin? Your doctor would give you the best advice. If your dermatologist has agreed upon the use of a skin whitening cream for you, he may as well prescribe you a product himself. The product recommended by your dermatologist may lead to very little harm.

Prioritize your safety

Never go beyond your safety while selecting a skin whitening product from the market. Always check the list of the ingredients that a product includes. In general, skin whitening creams include chemicals such as hydroquinone, Retin-A, and Retinoids. The content of hydroquinone in your skin-whitening cream must not exceed 2 percent. Collect enough information about each ingredient before you make a choice.

Go organic

Instead of buying skin whitening products and creams full of harsh and harmful chemicals, we recommend you to go organic and pick some natural skin whitening creams to fulfill your purpose. Modern brands have come up with a non-harmful method of skin whitening using all the natural ingredients.

Choose the lightening products that contain all the plant-based compounds so that your skin is rejuvenated without leading to side-effects. Some of the most common natural ingredients that you may look for in the organic skin whitening cream include natural antioxidants, Vitamin C such as lemon or orange, kojic acid, lactic acid, niacinamide, mulberry extract, arbutin, willow bark extract, etc.

Buy one with an SPF

Always look for a skin whitening cream that comes with an SPF or Sun Protection Factor. The presence of SPF in your whitening cream shall protect you from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Consequently, you would protect your skin from such harmful radiation and extreme pigmentation.

Buy a full skincare range

If you are keen on buying a skin whitening cream, we recommend you buy a full skincare range of skin whitening. Many leading brands have come up with a whole range of skin whitening that includes a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, serum, day cream, and night cream. The entire skin range may cost you a little more than an individual cream; however, you may get quick results. Always rely on a reputed brand to buy skin whitening products.

Although skin whitening has become a common culture in our country, we do not recommend you to opt for it. This is because eventually, you will expose your skin to some harmful chemicals that may affect your health and skin in the long run. Instead of skin whitening products and creams, you may consider buying skin lightening creams in India. The role of skin lightening creams is not to change the color of your skin entirely, but to only lighten it by a shade or two.