Best Sandwich Makers in India – May, 2023

Best Sandwich Makers In India – Buying Guide

A sandwich makes one of the most common choices for breakfast in a majority of Indian homes. Now you don’t have to order sandwiches from the market as you can make your own. All you are required to assemble is the bread, the stuffing, and of course, a sandwich maker.

Listed below is a buying guide that helps you buy the best sandwich maker in India:

Types Of Sandwich Maker

A sandwich maker is a trendy electrical appliance. This is the reason why many brands have released it in different types. The kind of sandwich maker that you are buying depends on a variety of factors.

  • Panini Maker:

A panini maker or a panini press is an ideal choice if you want to experiment with your cooking skills and make different sandwiches varieties. Considering the large size of this sandwich maker, it is majorly used in cafes and restaurants to make various sandwiches for their customers. You can bring home a panini maker if you want to try making a restaurant-style sandwich.

  • Square-shaped Sandwich Maker:

From the outside, this sandwich maker possesses a square shape. However, the inside is divided into four triangles to make your sandwiches in a triangular shape.

This is the most common choice of a sandwich maker in an Indian household. This appliance also comes with multiple-shaped grilling plates ideal for making different varieties of sandwiches. This is the most pocket-friendly sandwich maker available in the stores.

  • Grilled Sandwich Maker:

Many brands are selling a grilled sandwich maker like hotcakes. The advantage of buying this type of sandwich maker is that you can toast and grill your sandwiches. A grilled sandwich maker comes with enclosed sandwich grills that make the tastiest and crispiest sandwiches.

Furthermore, you can also consider the size or capacity of a sandwich maker. For example, if you are a family of two, a sandwich maker for two is the best option to buy. If you want to make multiple sandwiches at the same time, buy a sandwich maker that toasts/grills four sandwiches at a time. This device also makes a good choice for all the large families where eating sandwiches for breakfast is a common ritual.

Coating On The Plate Of The Appliance

A coating on the sandwich maker plate is an important aspect that you must consider while buying one for your daily use. A coating on the plate of this appliance saves it from sticking to its walls. The end-product so obtained is a solid and delicious sandwich relished by one and all.

A non-stick coating makes a preferable choice as the bread doesn’t stick on the sandwich maker, even when you are coating less butter on it. Such coatings are made in different materials such as silicon, ceramics, Teflon, etc. Teflon coating on a sandwich maker makes the most common choice.

Smart Features Of The Sandwich Makers

Just like the other kitchen appliances, the best sandwich maker, too, comes with some smart features. Look for the following smart features while buying a sandwich maker:

  • LED Indicator:

An LED or light indicator signals you that your sandwich is ready, and you don’t have to cook it anymore. This type of indicator comes in two colors, red and green. A red indicator means your sandwich maker is ready to make sandwiches, while green light on the device means that your sandwiches are ready, and it’s time to shut-off the device.

  • Auto Shut-Off:

Another remarkable smart feature that you must check while looking for a sandwich maker is auto shut-off. As the name suggests, this feature shuts your device automatically when your sandwich is ready. Even if you are busy with other chores in the kitchen, rest assured for your sandwich will not burn. The feature of auto shut-off will shut the machine off on time.

  • Lock Mechanism:

This is a must-have feature if your curious kids want to experiment with their sandwich-making skills in your kitchen. The lock mechanism locks down your appliance completely when the sandwiches are being prepared. This feature also ensures an even distribution of heat so that the prepared sandwiches are more buttery and crunchier. Most devices come with a hinge-type lock procedure on the top of the appliance. This lock needs to be pressed at the bottom.

  • Adjustable Heat Setting:

This advanced feature in a sandwich maker helps you to prepare sandwiches with different colors and crispiness levels. This particular feature in the device might make it a little costlier than the others.

Other Factors To Consider

Your appliance should be easy in terms of using and cleaning. This is an important factor to consider if you are opting for a panini maker. A complicated sandwich maker is a big no. Your sandwich maker must be easy to clean. Another major point is to see if your appliance is dishwasher safe or not. A majority of Indian homes have dishwashers. Cleaning your sandwich maker in a dishwasher is easier than cleaning it with hands. Other extra features that you must look for are an oil drip collector, heat-proof exterior, heat-resistant handle, easy storage, etc.

Branded Over A Generic One

An electric appliance should always belong to a reputed brand/company if you want to use it for the long term. Thus, don’t get tempted by a generic sandwich maker’s nominal price and always buy a branded product over a generic one.

Indian markets are full of leading brands of sandwich makers. You can compare the prices, features, etc. before buying your sandwich maker. Another advantage of choosing a branded sandwich maker over a generic device is that the former extends a warranty while the latter does not.

A branded sandwich maker doesn’t cost you a fortune. Many reputed brands have released the appliance in different price ranges. If you don’t want too many features, buy a nominal model with the basic features.

Good news – you can buy your sandwich maker from the online platforms as well. Many online stores are selling this appliance at competitive prices.