Best Roti Makers in India – March, 2023

Best Roti Maker In India – Buying Guide

A roti maker is one of the nicest and most luxurious inventions of kitchen appliances that have made the lives of many people easy. Now you don’t have to engage in the hassle of making Rotis traditionally on a gas stove. Just gather all the ingredients and use an electric roti maker instead. This appliance lets you cook your chapatis in minutes, thereby saving you a lot of time and energy.

You can find the best roti makers throughout the market and save yourself from the trouble of making Rotis on the gas stove. Many brands are manufacturing different models of this appliance that can be brought to home after following this easy buying guide of the best roti maker.

Here is everything to keep in mind while buying a roti maker:

Different Types Of Roti Makers

A roti maker in India has two types – electric roti maker and automatic roti maker.

An electric roti maker is a round-shaped device that lets you cook the perfect round Rotis in minimum time. This can be done by pressing the Rotis in the presser. The presser is a combination of two hot plates that heat your Rotis uniformly when you switch on the appliance. This is a very common type of roti maker available in a majority of homes. You can find an electric roti maker in different models. Various models of electric roti maker can do multitasking as well. You can even use them to cook other bread like naan, paratha, khakhra, etc.

An automatic roti maker is a revolutionary creation that saves you more time than an electric roti maker. In this roti maker, all you have to do is assemble all the ingredients such as flour, water, and salt, and put them in the appliance. This roti maker not only makes perfect Rotis for you but also prepares the dough automatically. Thus, you put in zero efforts and get the best-cooked Rotis within minutes of switching on the appliance. The advantage of buying an automatic roti maker is that you can even make multiple Rotis at a time.

After choosing the type of roti maker, focus on the overall size of the device, the griddle of the roti maker should measure 8-10 inches in size to cook the standard-sized Rotis. You can even buy larger roti makers from the market, depending upon your preference. When you check the size of the roti maker, do not forget to check the material of the griddle. An aluminum griddle makes the right choice as the chapatis don’t stick while cooking Rotis in it.

Experts advise buying a roti maker the griddle of which is coated in a non-stick coating. This will save your chapatis from sticking to the walls of the device. You will be able to cook Rotis without struggling with the device.

Features That Ensure Safety

When you use any electric appliance in the kitchen or elsewhere, make sure that it has all the safety features. This is the same thing to remember when buying your roti maker. Your device must include all the important safety features to save you from all kinds of mishaps.

Firstly, go for a shockproof body of the roti maker even when it is costing you more than a regular model. Feeling a shock while using an electric appliance is very common. A severe shock to the body might take a toll on your overall health. Thus, always check if your roti maker is equipped with shockproof technology or not.

Check if the handle of the device doesn’t get heated when you are using your roti maker at a higher temperature. This will avoid the burning of your hands. Next, you must ensure that your roti maker comes with a non-skid bottom. This feature will not let the device slip when you use it. All these features together ensure that your safety remains intact.

Other Features To Pay Attention

  • An indicator of a roti maker signals you when your chapatis and parathas are cooked well. This feature also saves you from over-cooking your chapatis. Eventually, your chapatis are well and uniformly cooked. This feature may as well protect you from unwanted power surges.
  • Another feature in a roti maker that saves you from over-cooking your chapatis is the adjustable temperature feature. Many models have 3 temperature settings – low, medium, and high. You can adjust the temperature as per your requirement. This feature can help you make different items at different temperature settings.
  • The device that you are buying for your kitchen should be easy to use. You should be able to use it without a fuss. Compare different models and know how to use each of them. Pick the most user-friendly device for hassle-free cooking. Furthermore, you should also check if your roti maker is easy to clean or not. The features such as user-friendliness, easy cleaning, as well as durability always ensure long-term use of any electric appliance.

Brand Reliability Is An Important Factor

The markets are flooded with different models of roti makers. Some of them are generic while others belong to a good brand. Choosing a generic product comes with many disadvantages. These products do not entertain a warranty nor do they promise you good quality.

On the contrary, choosing a branded product means quality and efficiency. Many renowned brands have released different models of roti makers throughout the market, all of which promise quality, safety, as well as reliability. You can enjoy a minimum warranty of 1-2 years on your device.

A branded roti maker in India comes with multiple advanced features that cannot be found in a generic model. Additionally, these models are aesthetically appealing and they will surely complement your modular kitchen. Some brands even provide after-sales service on their products. Thus, even if you are facing a problem using your roti maker, you can opt for the after-sales service and get your issue resolved on time.

Now that you are aware of all the factors of buying the best roti maker, it’s time to start your hunt.