Best Room Heater for Baby in India – April, 2023

Best Room Heater for Baby – Buying Guide

Despite being one of the most common appliances in the house, there are still many hidden technicalities that one should know about room heaters before purchasing the new one.

Type Of The Room Heaters

The first most important thing that you must know before buying a room heater for your home is its type. Different kinds of room heaters are available throughout the Indian market.

They vary in terms of style, shape, cost, portability, and other factors. Room heaters can be generally classified into three main categories:

  • Fan heaters:

A fan heater is an apt option to buy if you want to heat up a large space in a short time. This heater is also addressed as a convection room heater or a ceramic heater.

It comprises a ceramic coil that heats up quickly and generates hot air in the surroundings with the help of a fan. This type of heater consumes less energy, thereby making a nominal choice.

  • Infrared heaters:

If you want to save some money while shopping for a room heater, make an infrared heater your first choice. Also known as a radiant room heater, it works like a campfire.

Thus, it would not radiate heat to the whole of the room, but would only keep the surrounding space heated. This type of heater doesn’t come with a fan.

However, it manages to heat up quickly and consumes less energy. The only drawback of buying this heater is that it doesn’t make a good choice for a large-sized room.

  • Oil heaters:

An oil heater is considered as an efficient choice for all those people who want their room to be warm for a longer period. This kind of heater provides heat even when you turn it off.

Another advantage of buying this type of heater is that it is less noisy as compared to other kinds of heaters.

Under this type of heater, oil is used as a reservoir of heat. Thus, this heater doesn’t consume the surrounding oxygen nor does it lessen the humidity present in the room. Make it a go-to option if you are sleeping with your infant in the room.

Check For The Safety Features

Your safety is in your hands and this feature must not be overlooked while investing in any electrical appliance. The safety features of a room heater will ensure safe use for you as well as your family in the long run.

The best room heater that you are investing in must have the basic safety features such as cool touch, tip-over cut-off switch, overheat protection switch, etc.

Never compromise in terms of the safety features of this device, even when you are supposed to spend some extra money while buying the same.

Learn About The Oxygen and Humidity Levels

If you are buying a heater for your kid’s room, this is an important factor to consider. Radiant and fan heaters make the use of oxygen in heating the air. This lessens the percentage of oxygen in the room and further leads to the loss of humidity.

Such an event could lead to problems like a dry nose, itchy skin, and nausea. You can prevent this by placing a water bucket in the corner of the room. Also, in this situation, oil heaters make the best choice.

Check For The Noise Produced By The Room Heater

Imagine enjoying sound sleep and then getting perturbed by the excessive noise made by your room heater! This is the biggest turn-off. You must, therefore, buy a room heater that doesn’t create a lot of noise and lets you sleep peacefully.

Room heaters produce some amount of noise during operation. If you are buying a fan-heater, know that it will make a reasonable amount of noise.

If you cannot bear noise even a little of noise, invest in a radiant or oil heater. Such heaters make the best choice for offices and bedrooms.

You can further check the decibel ratings of the product to figure out the noise produced by it. If the decibel rating is higher, the room heater will produce a louder noise.

Verify The Thermostat Of The Product

Most of the devices comprise either an adjustable or a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat lets you set the desired temperature after which the heater will automatically keep it maintained throughout its operation.

An adjustable thermostat, on the other hand, cannot maintain the temperature so set. However, it can still control the output of the heat depending upon the settings made by you. Adjustable thermostats comprise buttons or dials that let you adjust the heat setting from low to high respectively.

Buy Perfect Size And Look For Portability

Size and portability are other important considerations to pay attention to while buying a room heater for the winter season.

If portability is your preference, always prefer a room heater with castor wheels. The addition of castor wheels makes the heater easy to move from one place to the other. Experts also recommend you to look out for sidearms or handles of the heater so that you don’t end up burning your hands while carrying it to different places.

Alongside this, the best & well-designed room heater should be lightweight so that it can be easily carried everywhere in your home. Fan heaters and radiant heaters are lightweight and are highly recommended if you are looking for a compact and portable room heater.

Look Into The Energy Efficiency

Who would want to end up paying hefty bills every month while using a room heater?

A room heater is designed to heat up small spaces. Thus, if you are using it to heat up a large area beyond its capacity, it would certainly add up to your electricity bills.

It is therefore suggested choosing the room heater according to the size of your room. The biggest drawback is that room heaters do not have energy efficiency ratings on them. This makes it difficult for an individual to compare the energy efficiency of the device.

Furthermore, multiple factors add to the energy consumed by these heaters including the size of the space, the temperature inside the room, insulation of the indoor space, temperature setting, etc. which can lead you towards the best room heater choice for yourself.