Best Rice Cookers in India – May, 2023

Best Rice Cooker In India – Buying Guide

An electric rice cooker or a rice cooker is the perfect investment for all those people who eat rice on daily basis. This appliance cooks your rice perfectly. With the help of a rice cooker, you can cook a good quantity of rice in one go. The rice so cooked are evenly looked with the best consistency. Alongside this, you can also cook other dishes such as momos, idli, and others in a rice cooker.

This innovative device is a must-have in your kitchen if you consume rice regularly. You can find the best rice cookers in India available at the online and offline stores. Before zeroing upon the best rice cooker for your kitchen, there are certain points that you must take into consideration.

The best rice cooker must include the below-listed important features:

  • User-friendly control

A rice cooker consisting of a digital display of the control options is a good choice. You can set the controls accordingly while cooking different quantities of rice. A good model of a rice cooker must include a digital timer as well.

  • Cool-touch handle

This is a safety feature that you must seek while buying the appliance. This feature makes the outer body of the cooker resistant to heat. Thus, you can touch your cooker and carry it conveniently to serve immediately after cooking. You will not end up burning your hands.

  • Specific modes

You will not find this feature in a basic version of a rice cooker. Any connoisseur of rice wants his rice to be cooked in different varieties. If you are one of them, do not miss looking for this feature while buying your cooker. Eventually, you will be able to cook your rice in different forms – steamed rice, pulao, biryani, etc.

  • Keep-warm setting

An automatic keep-warm setting in a rice cooker helps you keep your rice warm for a long time. You don’t have to eat your rice immediately after cooking. Even when you open the cooker after an hour, you will find that the rice is fresh and warm. This setting absorbs the extra water completely. The rice so cooked is fluffy and tasty.

Types Of Rice Cooker

You can buy the best rice cooker from among many types. The most basic kind of rice cooker is a standard rice cooker. This cooker comes with a feature of a thermal sensor that senses the heat. This cooker also includes an auto-warming mode. An improved rice cooker is an improved version of a standard rice cooker. This cooker has more advanced features. Both these variants are widely available and have a nominal price.

The next type of rice cooker is a multifunctional cooker. This helps you cook a variety of food items in your rice cooker such as Idli, Momos, Pulao, Sushi, and Porridge. This cooker makes a desirable choice for all food lovers.

An induction heat rice cooker is the most advanced version of a cooker. This appliance comes with multiple features. Just like a multifunctional cooker, you can cook a variety of dishes in this appliance. What makes this cooker stand out from the other cookers is the feature of the magnetic field. The device produces a magnetic field which aids in the fast cooking of rice. This is a suitable product for those who always cook their food in a jiffy. You can buy this rice cooker if you don’t mind spending a few more bucks while shopping for the appliance.

Always Opt For Right Material

A rice cooker comes with two parts – a cooking plate is where you put your rice to cook, and a lid closes the plate to create steam when you use the cooker.

  • Choosing the cooking plate

A cooking plate made in aluminum makes a good choice. A cooking plate made in aluminum and comprising holes is even better. A perforated cooking plate doesn’t let the starch spoil your rice. The starch steeps out. This plate is also ideal for cooking other dishes such as idlis and momos in your cooker.

  • Choosing the lid

The lid of a rice cooker is made either in glass or stainless steel. A stainless-steel lid makes the best choice. This is because stainless steel traps the heat inside, thereby cooking the rice perfectly. The resistant property of stainless steel makes it a wise choice which is easy to maintain. Pay attention to the type of lid. The lid should not entertain the spillage of water. A glass lid is not easily maintained by one and all.

Furthermore, you must make the right choice between sealed and unsealed lead. The former is available in expensive rice cookers as it doesn’t spill water nor makes noise when your rice is a cooker. The latter option is available in the cheaper versions of a rice cooker.

A good-quality rice cooker also includes a water level indicator. An indicator denotes the ratio of water and rice. You put the right amount of ingredients into the cooker which makes the best-ever rice.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

Every kitchen appliance that you invest in must be easy to clean. The same rule applies to a rice cooker. Do not let yourself indulge in a hassle where the appliance is difficult to clean. Although a stainless-steel plate is a go-to option for many people, you might struggle to clean it properly. In this case, choosing a cooking plate with a non-stick coating makes the right choice. Always choose a rice cooker which is dishwasher safe over the other alternatives.

Consider buying from a reputed brand

You don’t go around and shop for a kitchen appliance every time. Thus, if you are buying it, make sure it promises good quality and durability. Both these features are entertained by a branded rice cooker. Buying a rice cooker from a reputed brand means saving yourself from the trouble of repairing it again and again. This is because good brands always promise durability.

If you are buying a rice cooker from the leading brands in India, you might get a warranty of one or two years on the appliance. A rice cooker is a long-term investment. Hence, apart from the quality and durability, you must also check if the company/brand provides for after-sales service.