Best Punam Flutes For Beginners in India – April, 2023

Best Punam Flutes For Beginners – Buying Guide

A flute is hands down one of the most euphonic instruments in Indian classical music. Playing the flute is easy. All you need to do is to buy a good one and begin learning the same. Buying a flute is not rocket science either. You should keep a few considerations in check and tick them off your buying guide.

One of the salient considerations that must be in your buying guide for the best flute is the brand name. While many brands are selling the flutes like hotcakes, Punam Flutes have stood out to become the favorite of one and all. Even the biggest of music maestros have given a thumbs up when it comes to Punam Flutes Review.

This brand is concerned with the production of some of the most high-quality flutes that are available throughout the market; and even on the online platforms. You may find the best Punam flutes at different prices and under different categories. Punam Flutes price for the beginners starts with as low as Rs. 2,000-3,000. You may further find these flutes under different price ranges. Punam Flute set price starts from Rs. 6,000, and reaches as high as Rs. 31,000 respectively.

Punam Flutes – The best of all

The grand empire of Punam Flutes was founded by Mr. Subhash Thakur, the master craftsman to design beginner, professional, as well as world-class bansuris for all the music enthusiasts. Over time, this brand garnered immense popularity and today it is considered as number 1 manufacturer of flutes.

Even the biggest of music virtuosi cannot stop raving about the innovative creation of these flutes. Every piece of flute created by this brand is built with utmost dedication and a curious eye for toning, tuning, and quality.

Punam Flutes produces its products in good-quality bamboo material, duly inspected and chosen by the head himself.

If you are a beginner and are keen on buying a Punam Flute, the below-listed buying guide may help you choose the best one:

Different categories of Punam Flutes for beginners

As you are a beginner, the experts advise you to choose from among the following categories of Punam flutes for your first-time use or learning sessions. These categories depict the scale or range of the flutes appropriate for all the beginners:

  • If you want to buy a Punam flute basing on your comfort, it is advisable to choose a C natural medium variant. This flute is comfortable in terms of gripping. The music and tones such as light music, folk music, and Bollywood songs could easily be practiced on this flute.
  • Another popular variant for the beginners to learn and play their flute is the A Natural base. The scale of A Natural base lies between C and G natural base. The advantage of buying an A Natural base flute is that it helps you control your breath during your practice sessions. Just like C natural medium, this flute too is very easy to grip and handle.
  • The G Natural base Punam Flute is another variant to try your hands in. According to the makers, it is the best-seller flute and is extremely popular among all the learners and beginners. You might feel a little uncomfortable gripping this flute at first; however, once done, you would end up enjoying experimenting with your music on this flute. Another advantage of buying a G natural variant is that it is easy to blow, and doesn’t require a lot of pressure from your mouth.

Full set or Individual?

Upon accessing Punam Flutes offline or online, you would see two options – individual flutes or a Punam Flute set. The number of flutes that you want to buy from this brand is entirely your call. It may further depend upon your budget as well. A Punam flute full set price starts from Rs. 5,000-6,000. The price may go up, depending upon the number of flutes in the combo.

Types of Punam Flutes

Here are the different types of flutes available on this platform:

  • Right Hand and Left-Hand Flute:

As the name suggests, the right-hand flute is meant for all the right-hand players. If you want to use your left hand to play the flute, you may go with the option of a left-hand flute.

  • Bansuri Flute Sets:

These flutes vary in terms of their sizes. You may buy them to practice different types of music.

  • Carnatic Flute:

This one is a perfect option to learn and practice traditional Carnatic music. Punam Flute price for Carnatic music sessions may be a little pricey when compared to other variants.

Choose in the right size and scale

Another useful consideration to take care of while buying a Punam flute is the size and the scale of this instrument. Each of these flutes preserves its uniqueness, thereby producing a sound in a different tone and quality. The size of the flute also matters when you want to perceive a particular kind of music.

The smallest of Punam flutes are available in 10-inch length, and the biggest may extend to as long as 42-inches. Being a beginner, you must start by picking up a smaller size. You may as well choose a medium-sized flute, but do not go with a bigger size as it may create difficulty in terms of holding or playing the flute.

C Natural medium flute is considered a standard size for all beginners. The size or length of this flute extends up to 19 inches. This kind of flute is easy to grip.

Choose according to the kind of music

As stated, the size and scale of the flute also depend upon the kind of music that you want to play. As Punam Flutes are available in varied sizes and scales, you may make the best choice after deciding on the music that you want to learn.

The ideal training of the flute begins with classical music as it helps you learn to control the flute very aptly. As you start learning classical music on a flute, you would develop the right skill and command to handle the instrument. The scales such as D, D#, and E are perfect to learn classical music.

All the light kinds of music make the use of smaller flutes to play their tunes.

This buying guide shall help you to choose the best Punam flute. You may as well take part in the Punam Flutes clearance sale and bag your favorite flutes or flute sales are throwaway prices.