Best Pulse Oximeters in India – March, 2023

Best Pulse Oximeters in India – Buying Guide

A pulse oximeter is a vital device that is widely accepted to quickly measure the oxygen saturation & pulse rate of the patient.

Though it’s not 100% accurate its ease of usage and quick results made it one of the key devices to monitor patient health conditions, especially in-home quarantine patients.

Here are a few things that one should consider while exploring the best pulse oximeter options in the Indian market.

Accurate results

The most important factor to select the right pulse oximeter is accuracy. There are possibilities of witnessing minor fluctuations of about +/- 2 in the blood oxygen levels. But, the more accurate the results the better!

Most devices that come from well-known brands offer accurate results. But, make sure that you consult with a doctor before you start using a pulse oximeter.

Response rate

The latest pulse oximeters take about 10 seconds, whereas some cheap pulse oximeters might take around 30 seconds to show the results. You can select any of these, just make sure that the device shows accurate results.

Health alerts

Alerts is a very important feature, as it directly impacts your health, and you should never compromise on these.

Basically, there are 3 types of alerts that you should check in a pulse oximeter:

Irregular Heartbeat: A pulse oximeter should alert you when your heartbeat is not steady and constant.

Low SpO2: A pulse oximeter should be able to alert you about your SpO2 because the low SpO2 levels can lead to dizziness and blurred vision, which might lead to fatal accidents

Low battery: This one is crucial for people who rely on oximeters for their health. A pulse oximeter should be able to alert you about the low battery so that they can charge/change the battery to continue using the pulse oximeter.

All the above-mentioned alerts are executed using a beep or notification on the display, and you can select the one that you prefer.

Smart Features

Many pulse oximeters come with advanced smart features that are added to make your life easier. Some of them are as follows:

Auto shut off mode: This feature is added to increase the battery life of the pulse oximeter. When the pulse oximeter is not used for a certain amount of time, then the pulse oximeter is switched off automatically. It is also known as the automatic battery preservation mode that saves and improves the battery.

Storage: This is another advanced feature that many pulse oximeters come with the option to store the previous readings. This feature helps your doctor to track your health and help in the treatment as well.


The pulse oximeter takes the reading via your fingers. Therefore, the pulse oximeter should fit your fingers properly because it does not fit, then it might give out incorrect readings.

The latest pulse oximeters feature an adjustable spring mechanism that adjusts according to the size of your finger. So, these models are compatible with any finger size and they work for people in all age groups.

Display Quality

The display of the pulse oximeter should clear, where it shows all the data. It should be big enough to display large numbers with proper arrangement for better readability.

One more thing that you need to check is the availability of a backlit display. Many oximeters come with different colors and backlit options, this is helpful because it allows you to choose the combination you are comfortable with. Also, check for the brightness levels, as the display should provide good readability under all lighting conditions.

Durable material

A pulse oximeter should be durable i.e. it should last long and show accurate results.

Good quality pulse oximeters are waterproof and well built that can take minor water splashes, accidental drops on the ground and they will work fine.

One more thing to consider is the humidity resistance because there are chances of inaccuracy in humid conditions. So, if you live in humid climate conditions, then this should be at your high priority list.

Battery Backup

A pulse oximeter is a crucial device and these are meant to be used daily, and this is when you need a good battery life.

Pulse oximeters are available with AAA batteries that can be recharged, but these devices are expensive. So, if you are looking for an affordable option, then you can buy a pulse oximeter that runs on AAA batteries that can provide you a run time of 30 hours.

Easy to use

Most finger-based pulse oximeters are easy to use because all you clip your finger on the device and press a button, then wait for a few seconds.  You can see the results on the screen and check the readings.


A pulse oximeter is a product that may impact your health and making any compromise on the quality is compromising on your health. Therefore, you should always buy a pulse oximeter from a reputed brand that has been in the industry for your years. Although there are a lot of new brands coming up, and if you consider to buy them, then make sure that you check their reviews online. Also, check the brand’s refund policy, so that you can return the product if the quality is not up to the mark.


Once you have checked all the above-mentioned points, then you can buy the pulse oximeter that falls in your budget. You can buy one starting from 2000 and goes up to 6000, where the pulse oximeters with the advanced features are priced at the higher side.


A pulse oximeter should come with a good warranty policy. The typical warranty should be for a year, but you should always prefer to buy the pulse oximeter with the longest warranty period.

Keep in mind that the warranty period reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in its product. So, the longer the warranty, the better!