Best Power Banks in India – May, 2023

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Best power banks in India

If you are thinking to buy a power bank so that your device can get charged anywhere outside the house, then we are here to help you out.

In the Indian market, there are a number of power banks available with different features. With these so many variants, we know it becomes difficult for you too to choose and buy one.

For landing on to the best power bank in India, you need to first consider some important aspects which might help you get one. And today, we will be discussing these points to help you finalize the best power bank for you.

What is a Power Bank?

A portable battery charger for your mobile phones, which uses the stored battery in it and transfer it into the mobile phone via USB cables. For people who travel frequently, it is a major requirement.

As we use our phones very much while traveling, they need to be changed from time to time as well. Your tablets, mobile phones need electrical energy after every while, but they are not always available. So, power banks are the best option in these cases.

You can charge the power bank completely at home, before going out. And then you can go and travel without any worries.

Things to Consider

You cannot come to a conclusion if you have not looked at everything about any device or you have not tried using it. So, to check and conclude the efficiency and quality of a device, you need to consider the following points so that you get only the preferred and quality device. It applies to every electronic and non-electronic device, including a power bank.

So, to check the efficiency of a power bank, you need to look for the following factors in detail:

Power of a Power Bank

To consider this aspect while buying a power bank, you first need to see the battery power of your mobile phone. Say, you have a phone with a battery of 2070 mAh. Then, go for a power bank with a battery capacity higher than your phone’s battery power.

  • It works like higher will be the battery capacity of your power bank, higher your phone will get charged.
  • If the power bank’s AC adapter has power twice than your mobile phone’s battery in mAh, it means your mobile phone can be charged two times using the power bank when it is completely charged.
  • So, we suggest you buy a power bank with a battery capacity of about 10,000 mAh. It may charge your phone up to 4 to 5 times.

Type of the Battery

Also, notice which type of battery is there in the power bank. There are generally two of these- one is Lithium-ion and the other is Lithium Polymer. The lithium-ion battery is generally cheaper and more accessible. Whereas the Lithium polymer power banks provide two times charging density per unit weight. Also, these are more expensive than the Lithium-ion power banks.

  • Lithium polymer is an advanced technology power bank which is lighter in weight and provides more efficiency. Being better in performance and safety, it is expensive too.
  • Lithium ion-type power banks are older forms of power banks and are cheaper which makes them more popular.
  • Choosing which type of power bank to go for completely depends on your budget as well as your needs.

Current- Input and Output

  • Output current in Amps: This factor is important to know about the proper charging of your device. The power banks which consume low energy usually have an output of about 1 Ampere. While power banks which consume High energy give an output of 2.1 Amperes. Older mobile phones can get charged in just 1 ampere and the higher models require 1-ampere output to get charged. So, examine your device and choose the type.
  • Input Current in Amps: If the output current is important so is the input. It determines the charging time of your device. Power banks that have low inputs may take even 9 to 10 hours to charge your mobile phone. So, make sure you get to choose the right one only.

Number of Connections

Power banks with large capacities have multiple USB charging points. It is quite evident that if you go with more USB ports, you will have to spend more money. So, to choose the number of connections in power banks, notice how many devices you will be in need of to charge more frequently.

Safety Certification

There are many power banks in the market that are fake. So, to save yourself from such conditions, look for the safety certifications like CE, ROHS, and FCC. Power banks with these certificates are always the best.

FCC and ROHS certificated power banks have passed the safety tests for explosion too. Such sensitive products are checked that whether their ion or polymer battery is not explosive.

To ensure even more safety, you can also buy a power bank with OCP (Overload Protection), OTP (overheating protection), OVP (Overvoltage protection). Such power banks are durable even in high voltage conditions or overheating.

Warranty and Customer Service

When you buy a power bank for yourself, make sure you buy one with a significant warranty period. The warranty period should be of at least one year. Also make sure that there are several customer care centers near you, if in case you need any help.


You have your freedom of choice as there are many brands of power banks in India. Still, it needs a lot of testing and research. We have made this thing already easier for you with this helpful guide. Ensure the safety and performance as well. You can choose anyone with your ideal preferences and budget.

Keep comparing different brands and models until you find the perfect match to your requirements. Use our guide and look for all the aspects we have discussed above so that you can reach a decision.