Best Pedometer in India – April, 2023

Best Pedometer In India – Buying Guide

Walking is the best and easiest exercise that you could do to remain fit and healthy. Walking doesn’t demand the effort of donning your gym outfit or lifting those heavy weights or even running speedily on a treadmill. Walking could be for leisure, and you wouldn’t even realize how fit you have become if you walk regularly in your garden, ground, or even on a footpath.

Whether you are walking for leisure or intending to burn calories, a pedometer is a must-have accessory. A pedometer is a small device that tracks the steps taken by you throughout the day. Even when you are climbing the staircase, a pedometer would keep on tracking each of the footsteps you take and record the same.

The advantage of buying a pedometer is that you could use it to plan your daily activity of walking. A pedometer could help you guide on your walking levels each day so that you could use it for tracking your progress now and then. You may note down the steps you have walked one day and then try to beat the score the other day to attain more fitness, thereby reaching your goals.

If you are keen on how this device works, it uses the same mechanism as an accelerometer. This mechanism tracks down all your steps by sensing them. Thus, even if you are moving backward, left, or right, a pedometer would sensor these movements and would track them during all its active minutes.

Now that you have understood the mechanism of this device, you may read the below-listed buying guide to buy the best pedometer in India.

Types of pedometer:

A pedometer has many types. This device has evolved ever since its creation and today it is available in several forms. You may even find a pedometer in your mobile phones and smartwatches using which you could track your daily steps every day.

Here are the common types of pedometers that you may explore:

  • Pocket Pedometers:

They are also known as waistband pedometers. You are expected to wear these pedometers in a vertical position to make them function perfectly to record your footsteps. Pocket pedometers are available in different kinds of designs – 2-axis and 3-axis. The kind of design that you are choosing also has an impact on the overall mechanism of this device.

  • Wristband Pedometers:

These pedometers are modern and more popular among the people as they are easy to wear. Wristband pedometers are also considered to be more accurate than the former. As the name suggests, a wristband pedometer can be worn on the wrist. They are available in ample styles. You may even change their bands to make them look stylish.

A pedometer also comes with a clip that could be hooked to your clothes. However, this style of a pedometer is used for kids to track their steps. Wristband pedometers make an excellent choice for adults and the elderly.

You may further categorize this accessory into a basic version and a modern version of a pedometer. The former makes the best choice if you want to use it only for tracking your footsteps. On the other hand, a modern pedometer is quite similar to a fitness band that comes with varied features such as sport, sleep, and heart rate monitoring. Not only this, you may as well send the data to their app or website for long-term tracking. Such types of pedometers are a little pricey.

Test the accuracy of the pedometer

When it comes to the accuracy of a pedometer, wristband pedometers top the list. Accuracy is the prime aspect to consider while buying this accessory. As the role of this device is to record the actual count of your footsteps, distance, as well as calories so burned, you must be meticulous while choosing the right one.

You may check the accuracy of a pedometer by setting up this device to zero and then walking a few steps. If it records these small steps immediately, know that you are buying an accurate device. If you are buying a pedometer online, you may check the reviews and testimonials of the buyers to learn about its accuracy.

Display Size

Some pedometers come with a display screen while others do not. If you are buying a pedometer with a display screen, do not overlook the size of the screen. A standard-sized screen helps you to monitor all your stats. Choose a wide screen with clear fonts for a better display of the data.


A pedometer with no display may look stylish, but it is not so user-friendly as it would not display the stats immediately on the screen. You are expected to track all the data using the pedometer’s app or website. A pedometer with a display screen lets you track the stats instantly.

Other features that make this device easy to use include the easy set-up process, easy-to-follow instructions, as well as one-time set-up process. All these features make your pedometer efficient as well.

Battery Life

A pedometer works on a battery. Therefore, the battery of the device must be a consideration when you buy it for a daily-use. Your pedometer should be able to perform well when it comes to battery life. Always check the battery backup of the device before finalizing it. Furthermore, you must also check if the battery of the pedometer is replaceable or not. If yes, the battery should be easily available.

Water-resistant pedometer

All the regular as well as rough users should buy a water-resistant pedometer for long-term use. Even if you are buying a pedometer for your kid, make sure that it is water-resistant.

Check the memory/storage capacity of the pedometer

The advanced versions of a pedometer comprise a log feature. This feature may help you keep track of your progress of the previous days as well. While most of the pedometers come with a 7-day memory, some also have a memory of 30 days. You may buy the latter if you have set a long fitness goal.