Best Oil Dispenser in India – May, 2023

Best Oil Dispenser in India-Buying Guide

An oil dispenser is a must-have tool for any professional chef. You can use it to store cooking oil and dispense it with ease. The best oil dispenser will allow you to keep your oils fresh. Hence, you can use them for longer without going bad.

Oil dispensers are available on the Indian market in a variety of types. The majority are meant for home use, but there are also some designed for use in commercial settings such as restaurants. If you’re looking for an oil dispenser that is perfect for home use, here are some factors to remember:

Ease of Use

You want something straightforward that doesn’t require complicated instructions or special tools to operate. You also want your dispenser to be easy to clean and maintain because nobody likes dealing with a dirty appliance. 

Some types come with an automatic shutoff feature which helps prevent waste by automatically turning off when the oil reaches its maximum level in the container or runs out completely. This feature is especially useful if you have children around who might accidentally turn on the wrong button while playing.

Design and Aesthetic

The design of the dispenser will determine how it looks in your kitchen. The market offers several designs at present. Some styles are best for modern kitchens, while others are more suitable for traditional kitchens. 

If you have a modern kitchen, you should choose an oil dispenser with a contemporary design so that it blends well with other appliances and accessories in your kitchen. On the other hand, if you have a traditional kitchen, you should choose an elegant dispenser to complement other items in your kitchen space.


The cost of an oil dispenser depends on its material and the shipping costs. Oil dispensers made from glass or metal are more expensive because of their weight and require more shipping time. If you are looking for an inexpensive option, consider plastic or wood instead of metal or glass.

Size of the Bottle

You also want to choose an oil dispenser with a wide mouth to fill it with your favorite oils or other liquids easily. A narrow mouth means you have to fill your bottle from a separate container and then transfer the liquid into the bottle. This can be messy and difficult, depending on how much liquid is transferred at once. Since wide-mouth openings eliminate spillings, you can fill your bottles much faster. 

Material Quality

The material quality of your best oil dispenser should be strong and durable. This will result in it lasting longer and not wearing out easily. Durable materials are usually made of metals, glass, or plastic. 

The metal ones are the most durable but can be quite heavy and expensive too. Glass ones are better than plastic ones. They are more resistant to breakage and do not lose their shape as easily as plastic when heated or frozen cold. However, you must be careful when handling them because they can break easily if dropped on the floor from high heights or if hit by another object. Plastic oil dispensers are cheaper than metal ones but less resistant to damage compared to metal ones.


Oil dispensers come with different types of protection systems that prevent spills from happening. This makes them more convenient than regular bottles. Some models have an automatic shutoff feature that stops pouring once the bottle is empty, so there’s no waste left behind. Other models have built-in drip pans that catch any excess oil from dripping down onto your countertops or cabinets below.

Brand Value

The brand you choose to buy your oil dispenser from is a very important factor. Invest in an oil dispenser from a brand that has an excellent reputation. Additionally, it must have been in the industry long enough to know its products well. To understand the brand, check out past customers’ reviews and feedback. If they have positive reviews from their clients, they are a trustworthy company, and you can proceed with your purchase without any fears.

How to Maintain Your Oil Dispenser

Keep it Clean

Cleaning your oil dispenser will help prevent gunk buildup inside the pump chamber and prevent clogs from forming. To do this:

  1. Pour some hot water into the dispenser until it’s about half full
  2. Make the water sour by adding three tablespoons of baking soda 
  3. Fill up the rest of the container with water and shake vigorously for several minutes until all of the baking soda has been dissolved into the solution. 
  4. Pour out all of this solution down your drain, then rinse out your container with more hot water until no more soap bubbles appear when you shake it around.

Check It for Leaks

You should also check the dispenser for leaks regularly. This will help prevent spills from occurring when the container is in use, which can be dangerous if you cook on an open flame. If you notice a leak, you may need to replace the seal or gasket inside the lid or bottom of the dispenser.

Change the Filters

It is extremely important to change the filter regularly, as it helps prevent any clogging or contamination in your oil dispenser. If you use your kitchen frequently, you should change the filter every month or two. If you use it frequently, you need to change it more often than if you use it less frequently. You can find filters easily at any appliance store or online store.

Refill when necessary

You need to refill your oil dispenser when it uses its contents completely. It is better to refill it before it runs out completely, so there is no wastage of food due to spillage in between refills. You should also ensure that you do not overfill the container as this can cause spillage while pouring out the contents from it into another container or utensil.

What’s the Best Oil Dispenser for You?

You can find a wide range of oil dispensers in India. However, before buying one, ensure that you consider the price and quality of the product. The price should be reasonable and should offer value for your money. Buying a good product at a high price is better than buying a cheap one at a low price. The most important thing when buying an oil dispenser is its quality because it will serve you for a long time, so you should ensure that it lasts for years without any problems.