Best Office Chairs in India – May, 2023

Best Office Chairs in India

Among the hassles in our life, we generally forget our small needs which are equally important. Many people spend hours in their office, sitting on an uncomfortable chair, struggling with their work and comfort as well. Did we ever think that a comfortable chair may also help us focus way more?

Sitting continuously on an uncomfortable chair with slouched shoulders and a strain on the hip for hours can prompt sciatica agony, back torment, and many other physical issues. It clearly means that your comfort is an essential thing which you should have thought about. This way, your productivity will also increase.

Types of office chair for you

Task chairs

Task chairs are the classic office chair category: They’re intended to slip neatly under a large type of desk, allowing workers to accomplish the “tasks” they’re assigned over the course of a typical day. Common features include wheels, high backs, and armrests (though some models are armless).

Ergonomic chairs

Most are mobile, with high backs and armrests. But these products take support extremely seriously, with advanced design features intended to market good posture and minimize physical distress.

Drafting chairs

Used by architects and other visually-oriented professionals, drafting chairs offer more elevation than the everyday office chair. From this higher viewpoint, you’re in a very great position to survey drawings, blueprints, and other visual media.

Big and Tall Chairs

If you’re spending hours functioning at your desk, you deserve a chair built for your body. Big and tall computer chairs are suited specifically to individuals with larger body types in order that you’re not stuck. Whether or not you’ve grown at home with working in cramped quarters, a giant and tall chair could radically improve your experience at work.

Accent and Reception Chairs

If you’re trying to find the correct blend of professionalism and luxury, this category of recent office chairs is worth considering. Upgrading could facilitate your make an excellent first impression on all of your guests.

Folding Chairs

But these chairs won’t be installed on a permanent basis, they don’t need to be uncomfortable or unattractive. From sleek modern looks to impressive padding, you would possibly find these options more appealing than you imagined.

Well, as we have thousands of options and offers around us, it becomes very difficult for us to find the best office chair. Here comes our point of being here. We will be giving you certain justified factors by using which you may land on the perfect office chair.

So, let’s start…

Things to Notice in an Office Chair

All the chairs seem like one another when we go to buy one for us. But it is not so. Not every chair will be good for your physical wellbeing. Before buying it, you need to notice some basic factors which will help you find your type of chair. We have gathered some data related, so let’s move further and see what is here for you.

Lumbar Support:

A nice lumbar support is very important and plays a major role while selecting an office chair. As we all tend to slouch down after sitting in a straight, steady position for just some time. This unintentional phenomenon gives rise to inflexibility and bad posture. A chair with good lumbar support will give your back the natural curve. This will not put any pressure on your back and thus will prevent back issues. You may also go with a chair that has adjustable support for the back and can be reclined as per your comfort.

Calibration and Height of your chair:

Another significant feature of an office chair is its height. Have you ever faced that situation where the chair seems too large for the table or the table looks large in front of a chair? It happens very often. It affects the overall look of your office. So, look for the size of the chair as it suits you, whether a medium-sized chair will go or you will need a director chair for your office. It depends on you.

  • Also, look for the calibration option. It will help you to adjust the height of the chair on your own. Usually, chairs have an option to be adjusted up to 5 inches. This way, you will not face any issues irrespective of your height.

It refers to the wideness, length, and depth of your chair. It depicts the overall chair composition. Office chairs should be with flexible dimensions that may be fit for every size of individual. For an ideal office chair, you can see the following dimensions:

  • Height 35 to 45 inches
  • Wideness 20 to 25 inches
  • Depth 20 to 25 inches
Fabric of the Seat and Cushioning:

The fabric of the chair also matters a lot. The ideal fabric for an office chair is either leather or mesh. If you are located in a warm and humid area, then you should go with mesh material. It is a breathable fabric which will give a nice ventilation. Otherwise, leather is also preferable.

  • If you dedicate long hours inside your office and on your chair, this cushion will be like your best friend. Always go for a cushion of good quality and it should be foamy also.

Armrest in a chair also provide support and a good stance throughout your long days. A tender, soft cushiony armrest will let you settle your arms comfortably.

Swivel base and Castor Wheels:

There are generally 4 to 5 castor wheels in a chair. It ensures easy movements on every flooring type. Moreover, it helps in multi-tasking. As you can easily slide to your colleague’s table to pick anything. Also, they ensure good body movement. It also does not make any kind of noise while you turn and twist, doing your work.


If you need a firm and solid chair, it should also have a nice warranty. Usually, the best office chair brands provide a warranty of one year, covering any damage or malfunctions. But it does not include the warranty of fabric.

To sum up

Buying a chair seems difficult, but it is actually not. With the help of this guide for buying the best office chair, you will probably land on your preferable chair easier. Buying a comfortable chair will help you focus more on your work. So, consider these aspects and clarify the specification you need in your chair.