Best Office Calculators in India – April, 2023

Best Office Calculator In India – Buying Guide

Who wants to deal with the hassle of using pen and paper or even a mobile phone to perform calculations in the office? While the former may not give you an instant or accurate answer, the latter might consume your mobile battery if you keep on using it very frequently.

An office calculator is a solution to this problem. This device lets you perform a variety of calculations accurately. Whether you are an accountant, student, engineer, or in any other profession, you might want to buy a good-quality office calculator to ward off the hassle related to additions, subtraction, and other operations.

Check the below-listed guide to find the best office calculator:

Type of Calculators

Many people might not know this, but a calculator comes in different types:

  • Basic calculator:

A basic calculator lets you perform all the basic functions and could be used by one and all if you aim to only carry out basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

  • Scientific Calculator:

This type of calculator is designed for all engineering students/professionals and architects. This is an advanced version of a calculator that could perform a plethora of mathematical as well as scientific functions like the back of its hand.

  • Chemical Calculator:

You may not have heard about these kinds of calculators. They are the least used type of calculator and perform functions related to molarity, and other sorts of chemical calculations.

  • Financial Calculators:

Finally, financial calculators are used by financial accountants, chartered accountants, and financial analysts. These calculators could perform all the important financial calculations relating to accounting, taxing, and others.

The type of calculator that you are choosing clearly depends upon the line of your profession and the functions that you are required to perform on the device.

Do not ignore the size of the calculator

While buying any type of calculator, size should be your consideration. This is because you might want to carry them out of the office for some other use/operations. You cannot carry a calculator in your pocket as they are a little larger. If portability is your priority, you may choose a scientific calculator over financial. Furthermore, make sure that the key-spacing of a calculator is proper.

Check the display

The display of the calculator usually talks about the size of the screen and the number of digits it could occupy. As far as the former is concerned, always buy a calculator belonging to the Monochrome TFT screen.

The number of digits that a calculator could display depends upon the size of the device. The most basic version of a calculator could display up to eight digits. You may buy this model for the normal use of a calculator. However, if your requirements are more specific, always look for a calculator that could display at least ten digits for efficient use.

Besides this, you may look up to other factors to consider such as the battery of the device, its brand, your budget, etc. This buying guide will lead you towards the most operational calculator. Start hunting now.