Best Nebulizer in India – March, 2023

Best Nebulizer in India – Buying Guide

Here are the points that you need to consider if you’re looking to get the best nebulizer in India that perfectly suits your needs.

1. Form factor

The first thing that you need to consider while buying a Nebulizer in India is the form factor. Form factor refers to the dimensions, design, and weight of the nebulizer.

Mainly, the nebulizers are available in two form factors:

  • Tabletop Nebulizer Systems

Tabletop Nebulizer systems are ideal for indoor use, where they are to be placed on a sturdy and flat surface. These are more affordable than the handheld nebulizer systems. These are ideal to be used by children who want stationery use.

  • Handheld Nebulizer systems

Handheld Nebulizer systems give you the mobility that will help you during all the treatments. These nebulizers have a compact, and lighter design compared to the tabletop mobilizers. The handheld nebulizers are compatible with batteries that can be charged using the regular wall socket. Also, there are adapters available that allow you to charge the nebulizer using a 12 V DC adapter present in cars and other batteries.

2. Type of Nebulizers

There are different kinds of Nebulizers available:

JET/AEROSOL Nebulizers(Use the Piston pump compressors)
  • These nebulizers use a piston-powered compressor to pass the air through the liquid medication, which is attached using a tube or a nebulizer cup. The air gets converted into the mist that delivers the medication to the patient.
  • During the process, the jet/aerosol nebulizers make some extra noise. These are affordable and reasonably priced as compared to the ultrasonic nebulizers, but these are as effective as the ultrasonic nebulizers when it comes to treatment.
  • The second most popular nebulizers are the ultrasonic nebulizers that use high-frequency sound vibrations to turn the medicine into a mist. The particles are smaller and uniform in size.
  • These are expensive and recommended to patients who want the nebulizer to treat cystic fibrosis.
  • These are silent and they take less time to deliver the medication using jet/aerosol nebulizers.

3. The intensity of spray

You should always prefer nebulizers that give smaller particles because they can penetrate into your lungs. The intensity of the spray is directly related to the effectiveness of the nebulizer.

Most nebulizers come with a spray size of 5 microns. It is an ideal size to treat respiratory diseases related to the upper respiratory tract, bronchioles, and trachea.

Prefer nebulizers that come with a membrane inhaler that produces tiny droplets of 3-4 microns that treat and support the treatment of bronchi and lungs. Therefore, always prefer a nebulizer that has a membrane nebulizer.

4. Speed of Medication Delivery:

High-speed medication delivery refers to the fast rate at which the medication goes through your airways, and starts the treatment process.

However, the effectiveness of medication delivery depends on age.

For children, you can buy a nebulizer with a spraying rate of 1-2 ml per minute. For adults, you can buy a nebulizer with a lower speed of around 0.25-0.5 ml per minute.

5. Noise

You should always prefer the nebulizers that make as little noise as possible. A silent nebulizer device is amazing for completing the treatments comfortably.  You can buy mesh inhalers that do not make more sound than 20 dB. Ultrasonic nebulizers are a little noisier and they produce noise of 40-45 dB, whereas the compressor nebulizers are the loudest and make the sound of around 45-55 dB.

6. Availability

You can buy nebulizers from your local drug stores. But, then you would have to settle with the quality and type of nebulizer available at the drugstore.

Whereas you can get a lot of options while buying nebulizers online. You can also opt for a lot of accessories that will help you to ease your life while taking medications via a nebulizer.

7. Mode of delivery

The best Nebulizers come with different modes of delivery via the mouthpiece and the inhaler mask. The popular mode of delivery are as follows:

  • Continuous mode of delivery:

In the continuous mode of delivery, the medicine is transferred continuously. It is one of the most inefficient modes of delivery, where medicine is delivered continuously, so it leads to a lot of wastage of expensive medicine because only 30% of the mist is delivered to the lungs.

  • Manual Control:

In the manual mode of delivery, the medicine flow is controlled by the patient with a button. When the patient clicks on the button, then the medicine starts flowing and gets delivered to the lungs. The button mechanism prevents the wastage of medication. But, sometimes it may lead to an overdose. Therefore, in the case of children, the dosage should be supervised by adults.

  • Automatic:

In the automatic delivery, the inhaler creates the medicinal cloud that delivers the medicine to your nose, and then it blocks the airflow to stop the exhaling of the medicine. The automatic flow is regulated using electronic sensors and valves, which helps in reducing the wastage of fluid during the treatment process.

8. Price and Warranty period

A nebulizer is a big investment because it impacts your health and you should always buy a high-quality product. But, do your research and buy the right nebulizer at the right price.

A good quality nebulizer starts at a price of 900 and goes up to 2000(including all accessories). An ideal nebulizer comes with a warranty of 2 years at least. Also, keep in mind to consult with your doctor before buying a nebulizer.