Best Mixer Grinders in India – April, 2023

Best Mixer Grinders In India – Buying Guide

One of the most common kitchen appliances present in every household is a mixer grinder. Indians love eating dips and chutneys, and a mixer grinder grinds all the ingredients to prepare the best food for you. The role of a grinder is not limited to grinding ingredients into chutneys. Different types of mixer grinders have different roles to play. You may use them for purposes such as shredding, juicing, processing the food, etc.

The markets are flooded with a plethora of options when it comes to buying a mixer grinder. You may look up to certain factors before buying it and adding it to the top of your kitchen counter.

Types of Mixer Grinders

As stated, different kinds of mixer grinders are available in the market. All these types have been categorized according to shape, size, function, as well as structure. You may choose the best mixer after learning about its types:

  • Mixer

A mixer is the most common version available throughout the market. The role of this type of grinder is to grind the ingredients; however, the ingredients are required to be in a semi-liquid state. Thus, if you want to prepare batter, dips, or purees you may buy a mixer. A mixer has two types:

  1. Stand mixer:The motor of this kind of mixer is immensely powerful. Thus, rest assured as you will get the best results while using the product. You may prepare the doughs and batters like the back of your hand.
  2. Hand mixer:If the ingredients are light or less voluminous, you may buy a hand mixer for the best use. You may use a hand mixer for beating your eggs and similar ingredients. The use of this mixer is quite famous among all the bakers.
  • Grinder

As the name suggests, the role of this mixer grinder is to grind the ingredients. Hence, it is going to deliver a more efficient performance than a mixer. The good thing about a grinder is that it can work well with both dry and wet ingredients. Using a grinder, you may prepare the dishes such as powders, pastes, etc. You can even grind coffee beans using a coffee grinder. Another type of grinder is a meat grinder that helps you to grind meat into minced meat.

  • Mixer Grinder

A mixer grinder is a combination of a mixer and a grinder, hence the best type available in the market. This multi-functional appliance lets you use it in several ways, depending upon your needs, the kind of ingredients, as well as the mechanism of the appliance. A mixer grinder comprises different jars that are used for multiple purposes.

  • Juicer Mixer Grinder

The best way to start your morning is to drink fresh juice out of a juicer mixer grinder. It is an all-in-one device that comprises different functions relating to juicing, grinding, as well as mixing. This appliance comes with a very efficient motor that could process the food properly, hence, giving you the desired results.

  • Food processor

A food processor is the most efficient but high-end option to serve all your needs relating to grinding, mixing, juicing, cutting, shredding, slicing, as well as processing your ingredients. It comes with multiple jars and other advanced features that make the task of handling the ingredients easier for you.

We have made the task easier for you. Listed below is an extensive buying guide on how to choose the best mixer grinders to serve all your gastronomic needs.

Buy a grinder with more than one jar

Fortunately, you will find more than one jar in almost all the brands selling a mixer grinder. Most of the brands sell their grinders with two jars. But experts recommend you to buy an appliance that comes with three jars for better use and functionality of the device. The addition of the three jars to the device makes it multi-functional. You may use these jars for many purposes.

  • A small-sized jar in a mixer grinder is called a grinding jar. You can grind all your dry spices to make masalas and powders with this one.
  • A medium-sized jar in a mixer grinder is a chutney jar that lets you grind liquid and semi-liquid ingredients to prepare chutneys, pastes, dips, and other sauces.
  • The largest jar in a mixer grinder is a juicer jar using which you can prepare the drinks such as juices, shakes, smoothies, etc.

If the number of jars is your primary concern, you must buy a food processor in the first place. A food processor comes with multiple jars that can solve all your problems relating to grinding, mixing, shredding, slicing, juicing, and many others.

Choose a grinder with different types of blades

After figuring out the type of grinder that you want to bring home, the next thing to consider is its blade type. A mixer grinder comes with different types of blades that serve various purposes concerning grinding, processing, and juicing your ingredients. Always buy a grinder whose blades are made in stainless steel to avoid corrosion and to ensure durability.

The blades of a mixer grinder are distinguished in terms of their sharpness that further delivers different kinds of performance. Here are the different kinds of blades available in a mixer grinder:

  • Dry grinding blade: You may use this blade to grind all the dry ingredients such as dry fruits, peanuts, etc. The resulting product would be a dry powder that could be used in different recipes.
  • Chutney grinding blade: The role of a chutney grinding blade is limited to making different kinds of dips and chutneys.
  • Slicing disc: These days, a mixer grinder comprises a slicing disc as well. You may use this kind of blade to slice your fruits and vegetables in different shapes and sizes.
  • Shredding disc: A shredding disc could shred vegetables and fruits properly so that they are further utilized for purposes like seasoning and decoration.

Check the power consumption of the appliance

If you are a regular user of a mixer grinder, then the power consumption of the appliance should be a prime consideration for you. Do not buy an appliance that consumes too much power to increase your electricity bill. The power consumption of the device must be minimum; however, the minimum power shouldn’t intrude with the overall performance of the device. A standard mixer grinder will consume 500-watts of power while delivering satisfactory performance.

Check the speed of the motor

Once you have decided the type of mixer, the number of jars, and the power consumption of the mixer grinder, the next thing to consider is the speed of the motor. Any appliance would be termed as ‘efficient’ only if its motor could deliver desirable performance. Efficient performance is obtained by a good speed and functioning of the motor.

Generally, the speed of the motor of electric appliances is measured in terms of Revolutions Per Minute or RPM. A good-quality or efficient mixer grinder comes with multiple speeds that could be utilized accordingly. For example, if you are grinding the softer food, you must start with a slower speed and then turn to a medium followed by the highest. If you are grinding harder food, proceed with the highest and keep changing the speed at different intervals. It will give you perfect results.

Always buy a grinder with at least three speed variations – slow, medium, and high. The advanced and high-end versions of the mixer grinder include more speed options.

Trust the brand name

While buying any kitchen or electric appliance, you must always be particular about the brand. A good and reputed brand will never disappoint you in terms of the quality and efficiency of the device. Your device shall be well-equipped with all the useful features, and if you are buying an advanced model, it would include some advanced features as well. Top leading brands also extend customer support and after-sales service on the product. You may get in touch with their team at any time. They shall be happy to help.

Another reason why you must trust the brand name is a warranty. You wouldn’t get an option of a warranty while buying a generic product. A branded mixer grinder would provide you with a bonus feature of warranty. Thus, if the damaged part of your mixer grinder is covered under a warranty, the brand will replace the item with a new one without costing you anything. The brands extend a warranty on the defects related to the blade or motor of the mixer grinder. Many brands extend a warranty of 2-3 years on their devices. Philips mixer grinder is touted as the best in the market.

Consider your budget

You may get all the advanced features in a mixer grinder if you opt for a high-end model while shopping for the product. A food processor is a little expensive version of a mixer grinder. It is because it includes different functions, advanced features, and the maximum number of jars when compared to any other model. Thus, if you are okay with extending your budget, you may invest in a food processor for optimum utilization.

Having said that, your budget must be a consideration. It is advised not to cut corners while purchasing any electric appliance. But this doesn’t mean that you would only invest in a high-end product. Fortunately, you will find that all the top brands sell different models in different price ranges. You may choose your price range and buy the best one after considering its features, functions, and usability.

Some additional features to observe

Here are some extra features that you may consider to buy the best mixer grinder:

  • Durability: 

It is not every time that you go and shop for a mixer grinder. Hence, if you are buying one, ensure that it is durable. Look at the overall built and the structure of the appliance. The jars and blades of the grinder should be made in stainless steel. The lid of the mixer grinder should be made in break-proof plastic material and must include a rubber ring around it. A rubber ring helps to avoid the spilling of ingredients from the jar.

  • Noise: 

Every mixer grinder would make some amount of noise. If the noise of the appliance is your primary concern, test it before bringing it home. The sound of the motor should be minimal without cutting down its efficiency.

  • Safety feature: 

It is an important feature to look for while buying a mixer grinder. The role of a safety lock system is to make sure that the motor doesn’t start until you have placed the jar and locked the lid properly. It will prevent the spilling of food and further accidents. The safety lock feature should be a priority if you are a regular user of a mixer grinder.

  • Easiness to clean: 

Cleaning the jars of the mixer grinder could be a big mess. You must therefore bring an easy-to-clean appliance home. Choose a dishwasher-safe mixer grinder so that you could put all the jars in a dishwasher and rest assured regarding its cleaning and drying.

  • Easiness to use: 

Why buy a very complicated mixer grinder when your only purpose is to use it for grinding and mixing? Always choose an easy-to-use appliance. A mixer grinder with features such as multiple speeds and the number of jars is the best choice when it comes to the user-friendliness of the device.

  • Easy availability: 

Easy availability of the appliance means it should be made available on both the offline as well as online platforms. You may as well score some great deals and discounts if you are buying the mixer grinder from online platforms. The only thing to consider is to buy from a reliable online store.

  • Storage: 

Your appliance should not only be well in terms of use but in terms of storage as well. Do not buy a food processor if you are experiencing space issues in your kitchen. A standard-sized mixer grinder is the right choice for all the small kitchens. Furthermore, your appliance should be lightweight, aesthetically appealing, and must include a long cord.