Best Mirrorless Camera in India – April, 2023

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Best Mirrorless Camera – Buying Guide

Photography is a profession for many and a passion for some. Whatever be your agenda of choosing a camera, you all would want that perfect photograph at the end of the day. While the DSLRs have become a very common choice for many photographers, it is the mirrorless camera that is slowly pacing up in terms of its popularity.

As opposed to a DSLR, a mirrorless camera doesn’t include a mirror. This kind of camera was widely used some fifty years ago, however, its popularity slowly met a dead end. But now this type of camera is becoming popular among the people once again. Mirrorless cameras are also gaining popularity among Instagram influencers and bloggers, thanks to their easy mechanism, lightweight, and other benefits that are letting these people click good quality pictures and shoot high-definition videos.

The best mirrorless camera reduces the shaking of the picture. What you get is a crisp image, something that you had always been waiting to capture. This kind of camera is also considered the best pick for beginners for they could shoot in a manual mode without struggling with its complicated features.

The LCD screen of a mirrorless camera has the same controls as smartphones. Hence, it reduces your time and lets you use the device in a much hassle-free manner. The best mirorless camera are the right choice for your photos

Different types of Mirrorless Cameras

A mirrorless camera comes in three different styles:

  • Consumer Camera:

This is the most basic version or an entry-level mirrorless camera that you may buy as a beginner. Experts recommend a consumer camera as the best beginner’s camera. This type of camera is a lot more flexible when compared to a DSLR. It features an LCD using which you can compose your photos and you don’t necessarily need an electronic viewfinder. A Consumer mirrorless camera comes with lighter body size and a smaller sensor.

  • Prosumer Camera:

Another style of a mirrorless camera is a prosumer camera. It is touted as the most comfortable device when compared to the other variants. If you are suddenly switching from a DSLR to a mirrorless camera, this is the most recommended style to opt for. This camera model falls between a consumer and a professional camera. Thus, it delivers better performance from the former in any case.

Another promising feature that this camera includes is the electronic viewfinder. Many brands have included this feature in a prosumer camera. Thus, using an EVF or LCD screen while operating this camera is entirely your call.

  • Professional-Level Camera:

If you want to use a mirrorless camera on a more professional level, get this one to capture the best photographs. This camera provides the highest quality image as well as videos, thereby making it a go-to option for all the veteran professional photographers.

A professional-level camera comprises all the formats such as full-frame, micro four thirds, and APS-C. The body of such a camera is larger and more durable than the other two styles. As this camera could be used for wildlife and landscape photography, it comes with weather-seal technology. The processor of such a camera is faster when compared to the others.

The sensor size of the camera

The sensor is one of the most important features of a camera. It is because of the sensor that you could capture breath-taking images. A DSLR camera comprises different sensors in varied models; however, when it comes to mirrorless cameras, an APS-C sensor makes a common choice.

Another common sensor available in this device is a micro four thirds sensor. This type of sensor falls between point-and-shot and APS-C sensor and is responsible for capturing gorgeous images.

Micro four thirds sensor usually ranges up to 17.3 x 133mm. You will find this size of the sensor with a majority of manufacturers. Some of the models have a smaller size as well. But what really stands out is the camera with large sensor size. The larger the sensor size, the better images.

You may use a smaller-sized micro four thirds sensor camera to capture images and videos for your social media or blogging accounts. But if you want to use a camera for a professional shoot, make sure you buy one with a large sensor. Such cameras are the best use for landscape photography, sports photography, product photography, etc.

Buy one with wireless functionality

A mirrorless camera with wireless functionality is far more superior than without it. A wireless functionality in a mirrorless camera also includes Wi-Fi connectivity using which you could attach your device with Android or iOS software and control it from your smartphone or tablet. Such cameras may be a little expensive, however, worth every penny.

Always pick the right lens

You will end up clicking that perfect image only if you focus on the lens of the camera. The lens of your device helps to determine the overall appearance and feel of your image. Upon learning about the lenses used in a mirrorless camera, you will realize that they have varied types and purposes.

The beginners should choose an all-purpose kit lens which is the most basic yet the choicest kit you will find in a mirrorless camera under 80000. Once you have polished yourself by a bit, you may start experimenting with different lenses to capture different images.

Different types of lenses in a mirrorless camera have different roles to play:

  • A super-wide zoom lens gives you the perfect image of dramatic landscape photography.
  • Use a wide-angle prime lens for the best street photography.
  • A telephoto zoom lens is used by the professional in sports photography.
  • A super telephone zoom lens creates excellent images for wildlife photography.

Other factors to consider while buying a mirrorless camera

Apart from the above-listed prime considerations, you may as well consider other factors such as types of video recording, form factor, lens mount, video capabilities, battery grip, hot shoe, and accessories available with the mirrorless camera. Some of the most common accessories included in the device are remote controls, battery grips, apps, cases, etc.

You may as well look into the brand name and the price of the camera to make the finest choice. Mirrorless cameras are the future of photography and buying one to polish your photography skills is a great idea.