Best Microwave Utensils in India – September, 2022


Microwave ovens were first invented by Percy Spencer. It’s a unique device that uses electromagnetic waves by the principle of convection to cook food. In India, the microwave market is expanding. The main reason it is extremely popular is due to its diverse usage – baking, beverages, reheating, cooking and so much more. Moreover, microwaves often cook a lot faster than traditional means can. Hence they also save a lot of time.

We also need to look for the best microwave utensils in India to fully use your microwave. So let us look at the available market and help you find the best microwave utensils available

Now why use microwave utensils?

You see, metal utensils and electromagnetic waves in microwave oven interact to cause sparks which is a serious hazard. Moreover, in microwave certain plastics can melt or leach harmful chemicals, while glass may crack due to low heat resistance. In short, any kind of utensil with low heat resistance or metal lining will cause problems. Hence, we can conclude you need microwave-safe utensils if you fully want to exploit the utility of your microwave and use it for its diversity.

Now, how to get the best microwave cooking utensils? There is a multitude of brands and logos scattered over the internet, not all of which give you what you want. Hence to choose utensils for a convection microwave oven you need to choose based on your needs.

Type of utensils based on use

The type of microwave oven utensils you need depends on what you use your microwave for. So let’s find out:


If you are someone with a passion for baking an assortment of things then you might need oven utensils like baking trays, cake molds, bread pans which are microwave-safe utensils.

Casual use

If you are using the microwave for casual use like reheating things, making beverages, and simple cooking you can get some simple microwave cookware such as oven bowls, tiffin boxes, cups, and dishes.

Multipurpose use

If you are someone who does most of their cooking in the microwave and use the microwave for a lot more then you might need microwave utensils that function for a different type of cooking such as casseroles, micro oven bowls of different sizes, some microwave-safe containers, and cups, baking trays, different types of mold, pie and quiche pans and more.

Microwave & Oven Functions That Utensils had to suffer


Tiffin boxes, oven bowls are containers that are well ventilated and sealed with a lid for food storage. They can be used to reheat food quickly in a microwave oven.


Baking trays are mainly used to bake on a flat surface. They can be used for making cookies, flatbreads, pizzas, and a lot more.

  • Cake molds are differently shaped containers ranging from small cupcake molds to full on large cake molds. They can be of different sizes and shapes to help you make your perfect cake.
  • Bread pans are rectangular deep pans to bake your bread in. They are also called loaf tins.
  • Pie and quiche pans, as the name suggests, these are pans used to make pies and quiches. They are generally shallow and round.

Bread dishes

oven trays, bread pans can be used to make bread dishes that are simple. Bread molds can also be used for this.

Rice dishes, meat dishes, and vegetables

Casseroles are large pan like container which can be used to cook a multitude of recipes. They are extremely versatile and are used for storage as well. Oven bowls are just simple bowls of different sizes and shapes which are microwave safe. They are versatile and have widespread use.

Cups are quite ordinary, but can also be quite versatile. Not only can cups be used to make beverages, but they are also quite useful to make quick ‘mug meals’. It is extremely efficient and there are tonnes of recipes available online.


microwave utensils such as containers and microwave glass bowls can be used to defrost and thaw food much quicker than normal.


Grill coasters and stands can be very useful for microwave grilling. Oven plates are also widely used for grilling too.

Ensure The Quality

  1. Materials

Not all materials are microwave safe. Hence it is extremely important to buy microwave utensils made of proper microwave-safe materials.

Some such materials are:

  • Ceramic – they are microwave safe and can be used extensively in microwave cooking. However, they heat non-uniformly which could affect the quality of food.
  • Borosilicate glassware – this is the most common material used for microwave glass bowls. They are extremely heat resistant and food safe. However, they need to be cooled gradually. Putting a very hot borosilicate utensil in cold water may still crack it.
  • Food safe microwavable plastics such as polypropylene – these are some microwave utensils made of food-safe heat resistant polymers that can be used for heating, defrosting, and storing food.
  1. Size

Depending on the size of your microwave you have to purchase your microwave cookware. If your microwave is small ranging from 20 to 30 liters incapacity, you might have to opt for small microwave utensils.

  • If it is 30 to 35 liters you can opt for bigger standard cookware to use.
  1. Efficiency of usage

The utensils you purchase should be durable, easy to use, portable, and easy to clean. Hence when buying microwave utensils, check for reviews and usage details on the products and choose based on your comfort zone.

  1. Cost

Depending on your budget you can opt for a few versatile utensils such as oven bowls, trays, and a container. If you have a bigger budget you can opt for more specialised utensils that can be used specifically for certain types of cooking methods. So choose your microwave utensils based on your budget.

Over to You

There are a variety of microwave utensils available in the Indian market. You need to look and decide your usage criteria, your budget, the type of utensils you need, the material you prefer, and choose the best microwave utensils for you.

Depending on your needs now you can easily find the best microwave cooking utensils in India to make the best dishes you can.