Best Microwave Ovens in India – March, 2023

Best Microwave Oven In India – Buying Guide

A microwave oven is one of the most useful kitchen appliances that we need in our kitchen. Apart from performing the basic functions of reheating the food, a microwave could help us in many other ways. You may carry out your cooking experiments using this device and cook some of the most delectable recipes for your family.

Buying a microwave for your kitchen is a good idea. You could use it in a number of ways, depending upon the type of microwave that you have invested in. Here are the common types of microwave ovens available in the Indian market:

Types of Microwave Ovens

  • Solo Microwave Oven

It is the most basic version of a microwave that performs all the basic tasks related to reheating, defrosting, as well as cooking the already cooked meals. The uniform heat distribution of this microwave delivers a satisfactory performance. These types of microwaves are cheaper and are widely available with several brands. You don’t have to look after its maintenance cost as well.

  • Grill Microwave Oven

If your family is fond of grilled food, you may consider buying a grill microwave oven. It is a more advanced version of a microwave that comes with some grilling accessories. It could perform all the functions related to heating and grilling your food. There is a heating coil that helps you roast, toast, as well as grill the food perfectly. You may explore different features in a grill microwave depending upon the price range that you are buying the appliance in.

  • Convection Microwave Oven

A convection microwave oven is the most advanced version of the microwave that lets you microwave, grill, as well as bake your food to perfection. Thus, if you are a regular or occasional baker, you may bring this microwave home and use it efficiently. This type of appliance comprises all the advanced features and is available with all the leading brands in the market. Make this your go-to option as this serves you all the purposes. A convection microwave oven comes in different shapes, sizes, and styles.

Apart from the above-listed three major types, a microwave is also available in different styles. The style of microwave that you are buying is usually dependent upon the type of your kitchen. Each of these styles comes with varied features and advantages.

  • Countertop Microwave Ovens

You will find a countertop microwave oven in all Indian homes. They are available in all types – solo, grill, as well as convection. As the name suggests, you may keep this oven on your kitchen countertop and utilize it by plugging it into the socket. This style of microwave could be carried from one place to another. Some of the countertop microwave ovens can also be mounted into a cabinet.

  • Above-range Microwave Ovens

You don’t have to make space on your kitchen counter to place this oven. An above-range microwave oven is equipped with the latest technology. They are installed above the cooking area or the kitchen counter. This style of microwave can perform different functions and comes with varied features – something that you might haven’t heard of before.

An above-range oven includes multispeed fans. The role of these fans is to recirculate the air using charcoal filters. These microwaves are gaining immense popularity in Indian households, and many people are inviting them into their kitchen space.

  • Microwave Oven Drawers

This style of microwave oven is the newest version in the market. They aren’t installed above the kitchen space nor do they need space on your countertop. They are installed inside the drawers.

Just like all the ovens, microwave oven drawers are also able to deliver efficient performance. You may run into this style of the device at the top hotel kitchens. Installing them is not a cakewalk, and you may need an expert and a technician to complete the process.

  • Combination Microwave-Conventional Ovens

It is the most elite style of microwave ovens. This type of microwave includes a built-in conventional oven as well as a microwave in the same space. The latter sits on the top of the former. Both these features could deliver incredible performance. The design of these microwaves is sleek and classy. It could, however, cost you a fortune.

All these styles and types of microwave ovens could be explored in the Indian markets. However, before buying any model, there are certain factors that you must consider. The below-listed buying guide for the best microwave oven in India may help you bring home the most efficient model:

Points to Consider While Buying Microwave Oven


Primarily, you must understand the capacity of a microwave oven. You don’t have to invest in a heavy-looking appliance if you are a family of one or two. Thus, make sure to buy your appliance according to the number of family members in your home. The capacity of a microwave oven is a deciding factor in terms of its price. A smaller version will cost you much lesser than a larger one. Hence, it is advised to choose wisely.

If a smaller capacity of a microwave oven is unable to meet your needs, you may invest in a larger model to fulfill all your cooking purposes. Many brands have made this appliance available in varied sizes. Hence, choosing the right model wouldn’t be a task.

The capacity of a microwave oven is measured in liters. A microwave oven measuring 15-20 liters is an ideal option for a family of two members. A standard microwave oven measures 20-25 liters and is appropriate for a family of four members. However, if you live in a large family and use the oven more frequently, never settle down for an oven measuring 30+ liters.

Power consumption

The power consumption of a microwave oven varies from model to model. If you are buying a smaller-sized oven, it wouldn’t consume a lot of power as opposed to a larger model. The higher the wattage of your device, the faster the performance. However, merely relying on the performance of the oven is not enough. You need to make sure that your appliance is energy-efficient as well.

Thus, before investing in any model of the oven, you need to check its BEE rating. A high BEE-rating of the appliance means that it is energy efficient and doesn’t consume a lot of power. Usually, all the popular brands of a microwave oven have made their appliances available between 700-1500 watts respectively and buying them is highly recommended.

Having said that, if you are using this appliance for large families, you need to buy some high power-rated models that could speed up the overall cooking process and deliver a desirable performance.

Buy a user-friendly and easy to clean appliance

Your microwave oven should be user-friendly so that you could comprehend all its features and use it freely to cook, grill, and bake all your dishes. Do not buy a difficult-to-understand model. After all, you don’t have to struggle with taking out the instruction manual again and again to understand the features and functions of the appliance.

Apart from being a user-friendly model, your microwave oven should be easy to clean as well. It is a prime consideration to observe when buying a microwave oven. As you heat and cook a plethora of dishes in your oven, it is prone to getting dirty. It calls for cleaning your appliance, and you must select an easy-to-clean model to avoid further complications. A ceramic interior of a microwave lets you clean it effectively. Such interior also wards off the chances of discoloration from grease or oil. Moreover, the ceramic interior of a microwave is anti-bacterial and scratch-resistant. Hence, you may maintain it in the long run.

Cleaning the interiors of your oven is very easy. All you are required to do is to take a cup of water and add a teaspoon of vinegar and chopped lemon to it. Place this cup inside the appliance and heat it for 5-6 minutes. You may now take the cup out and wipe the interiors to clean the residues.

Go with a reliable brand

Whenever you purchase a high-end appliance such as a refrigerator or microwave oven, you need to consider the brand name. The brand of the product is of paramount importance as it defines its quality, durability, as well as performance. A microwave oven of a reputed brand will never disappoint you in terms of performance. Such models are highly-equipped with all the features, basic and advanced.

Another plus point of buying a branded microwave oven is that you would receive a warranty on the appliance. All the leading brands cover their appliances under a warranty of 3-5 years. It means that you could get your appliance replaced in case of any defect or damage without spending a penny. The top microwave oven brands also extend a satisfactory after-sales service and support to all their customers.

Check for these advanced features

Today, many microwave designs are equipped with some smart or advanced features that aim to help you use the device efficiently. You will find all the latest advanced features if you buy an appliance belonging to the best microwave brand. The below-listed features in a microwave oven are worth all the hype:

  • A child safety lock feature added to the appliance helps you protect your children from unwanted accidents. This feature lets you lock the door of the oven, and your child wouldn’t be able to open it unless you unlock the same.
  • A timer could be termed as another safety feature in the microwave oven. It lets you set the timings of the preparation of your food. Once the food reaches the said time, the microwave shuts itself automatically. The pre-set time in the microwave allows you a lot of time to perform other kitchen chores. It also helps to prevent the burning of food.
  • The auto-cook feature may help you cook several dishes by adjusting the power and cooking time in the oven. You may set your oven desirably after putting in the preparation. The result would be a delectable dish, cooked quickly.
  • If you are a regular user of frozen food, you need to look for the auto-defrost feature in your appliance. This model helps you to defrost all kinds of food in no time.
  • A pre-heat feature in your microwave is a must-have especially if you are buying a convection model. This feature helps you to pre-heat the oven to a standard temperature so that you could further put the preparation for baking.
  • A removable rack feature is also added in the advanced versions of a microwave. This feature lets you remove the rack and adjust them accordingly. You may even cook more than one dish simultaneously.
  • The keep-warm feature in a microwave helps you to maintain the low temperature inside your appliance for a relatively long period. It keeps your food warm; hence you don’t need to reheat time and again.
  • Some of the most advanced versions of a microwave include a sensor function. This feature helps you to coin out the time needed for cooking.

Buy the appliance within your budget

While buying any electrical appliance, the budget should be a prime consideration. As stated, the price range of a microwave oven has been distinguished in terms of its capacity, type, model, advanced features, etc. If you are not a frequent user of a microwave, you may buy the most basic model and utilize it to the optimum.

On the contrary, if you are fond of baking, grilling, and cooking different recipes, buying one with multiple features and large size is not a bad idea. Fortunately, all the top brands are selling their models under different price ranges, and you may choose the most desirable model after considering your budget and the need of the hour.

You may as well shop for a microwave oven on the online platforms as they are selling this appliance like hotcakes. Many online platforms keep on releasing attractive offers and discounts so that you may score the appliance at a less expensive price than in the stores. While buying a microwave from an online platform, you must make it a point to check the testimonials and feedback posted by the users and customers. Always buy your appliance from a reliable platform.