Best Keyboard for Beginners in India – March, 2023

Best Keyboard for Beginners in India – Buying Guide

The keyboard is one of the most important instruments to learn when starting your musical journey. It is a versatile instrument, which means you can use it in various genres and styles. Additionally, the keyboard is extremely portable, making it the best choice for musicians who travel frequently.

The best keyboards have features that make them easy to use, like preset sounds, drum pads, and built-in speakers. On the Indian market today, you can find  various keyboard types, so making the right choice becomes a challenge.

Here, we’ll look at the key features to consider when buying the best keyboard for beginners.

Quality of the Sound

You want a keyboard that sounds good enough for your needs, but you also don’t want something that will cost too much money. Digital pianos and synthesizers are both good choices depending on your taste.

These two types of keyboards differ mainly in their sounds. Digital pianos are made to mimic actual acoustic pianos, which means they will be more expensive than synthesizers. However, they’re also going to sound much better in most cases because their design is specifically for this purpose.

The keyboard on a synthesizer controls oscillators, filters, and modulators to create sounds. There’s no need for an acoustic instrument like an organ or piano to produce those sounds. This makes them cheaper than digital pianos. However, they won’t always sound as good because it’s difficult to create authentic-sounding instruments using digital technology alone.

MIDI Compatibility.

MIDI is an important feature to look for in a keyboard. It allows you to connect your keyboard to devices, like desktops. Additionally, it allows you to collaborate with other musicians online.

If your keyboard has MIDI compatibility, it will connect with other devices with MIDI connectivity. The advantage of this is that it will allow you to play different instruments using the same piece of software or application. For example, if you are using FL Studio and want to connect your keyboard to another instrument like a laptop, then you can do this through MIDI connectivity. This way, you can change the sound of your current instrument by changing the sounds on the other device.


Keyboard polyphony refers to the amount of simultaneous notes it can produce. The more polyphony your keyboard has, the more instruments you can play simultaneously. You won’t hear note dropouts or other audio artifacts during live performances or recording sessions. 

Usually, pianos have more polyphony than synthesizers. They create more layers of sound with less effort on your part. Synthesizers require you to do more work, such as programming them using presets, etcetera, to sound good enough for live performances or recording sessions.

Sensitivity and Response of the Keys

The sensitivity and response of keys are important as this determines how easy it is to play different notes on your keyboard. Better sensitivity allows you to play different notes on your keyboard. When playing a song on a beginner’s keyboard, there should not be any problems with hitting wrong notes or missing out on some notes while playing a song. Also, if you want to learn how to play piano on an acoustic piano, then ensure that your beginner’s keyboard has weighted keys.

Sampler or Recording Capabilities

The most basic sampler will let you record a few seconds of audio and then play it back. This is useful for recording short phrases or sound effects, but it’s not versatile. The more advanced models allow you to record longer samples and even record your voice. Some keyboards have software that lets you edit your recordings and add effects.


Keyboards have speakers that allow you to listen to what you are playing without using headphones or external speakers. The quality of these speakers varies widely from model to model, so ensure yours is loud enough for you and your room. Typically keyboards with built-in speakers also come with headphone jacks. 

Keyboard Size

When buying a keyboard, you need to ensure that it is comfortable and easy to use by looking at its size. Some keyboards are very small, while others are large and bulky. While traveling, these small keyboards are convenient to carry around. On the other hand, large keyboards have more keys that allow you to do more things with them, unlike the smaller ones.

Key Action

The action of a piano refers to how the keys respond when you press them. The two types of actions are: grand and upright. While grand pianos produce a richer tone, they are more maintenance-intensive and need frequent tuning.

Smaller, lighter, and cheaper, upright pianos have less range of sound than grand pianos. An upright is probably your best option if you’re on a budget. Some upright models even come with pedals for added realism.

Storage Capacity

Keyboards use flash memory (usually SD cards) to store sound samples. They usually come with at least 16 megabytes of storage capacity. That’s enough room for hundreds or even thousands of sounds if you compress them well. However, it might not be enough if you want to load in big library sets with lots of samples. If you like having tons of sounds at your fingertips, check what kind of storage capacity comes standard on each model before buying one.

Size of the Keys

The keys of the piano can be big or small.The bigger size makes it harder for beginners to learn to play them. However, if they are too small, it will be hard for you to play complicated songs without making mistakes. So, buy keyboards with medium-sized keys so you can easily learn how to play them and make fewer mistakes while playing them.

Bottom Line

Choosing the best keyboard for beginners in India is a great way to start your music career. As you learn more about what kind of keyboard will work best for your needs and preferences, you can use this guide as a reference.

When choosing the best keyboard for beginners in India, you should consider what types of sounds you want to make with your keyboard. You also want to consider how many keys and octaves are available on each model. The cost of the keyboard also matters. Buy one that fits your budget and offers excellent value for your money.