Best Inverter Batteries in India – April, 2023

Best Inverter Batteries In India – Buying Guide

If you live in an area prone to power-cuts and outages, you can realize how irritating this problem is. Unwanted power-cuts are a pain in the neck and a good-quality inverter is the best solution to tackle the same.

An inverter provides you with much-needed power in all your hours of need, thereby saving you from long sleepless nights or delayed office presentations. One must always invest in a good-quality inverter to utilize it to the optimum.

Merely selecting the right kind of inverter would not suffice, you need to look for a good-quality inverter battery as well. The battery of an inverter is its most important part and your device is completely reliable on the battery to operate well. Thus, you must always make sure to invest in the right kind of battery for your inverter to ensure its proper functioning.

You don’t have to struggle with how to buy the best battery for your inverter anymore as we have got you covered along with the list of best inverter batteries in India.

Know about different types of batteries:

You may have come across different types of inverters in the markets, but do you know there are different types of batteries as well? Batteries of inverters are majorly categorized into three types:

  1. Flat Plate Battery:

You can call them the first-generation batteries. They are made in lead-acid and comprise of two electrodes. Both these electrodes are immersed in a solution of water and sulphuric acid. These batteries are lightweight and very nominal. Choosing this battery is a good idea, however, you would have to struggle with the problem of maintaining it now and then.

  1. Tubular Battery:

Flat plate batteries have been replaced by tubular batteries real soon. Of course, they come with many advantages and buying them is a good idea, altogether. These batteries have a longer life when compared to the former and they deliver outstanding performance. Also, you don’t have to look after these batteries very often as they demand a little maintenance. Tubular inverter batteries fall on a more expensive side when compared to the flat plate ones.

  1. Sealed Maintenance-Free Battery:

If you want to get rid of the problem of maintaining the battery once and for all, this home inverter battery is the best option for you. Experts call these batteries the safest to use. These batteries do not emit harmful gases. They are the most expensive set of batteries available in the market. The only drawback is their shorter life.

Capacity and VA rating

The capacity of the battery can be defined as the amount of power it produces in the backup. Thus, the better the battery capacity, the power the performance. If you have too many devices connected to the inverter, make sure to invest in a high-power battery, otherwise, your inverter will stop working after a while. In general, the battery voltage extends up to 12V and is half of the total voltage of the inverter.

VA rating is another consideration that you must observe apart from choosing the right battery capacity of the inverter. The VA or Voltage Ampere rating of the inverter refers to the total amount of voltage that a concerned model would require to deliver the best performance. It is recommended to buy a battery that has the same watt and VA value as it is the safest option to opt for. Luminous inverter batteries stand out when it comes to performance and battery capacity.

Invest in a branded battery

An inverter battery makes a one-time investment and you must never cut corners while buying the same. Presently, the markets are flooded with different options of batteries. Some of them are generic while others belong to a good brand. Always choose a branded product over a generic one. Choosing a generic battery model will always keep you bothered about its performance and efficiency. On the contrary, if you opt for a branded battery, it will last longer and deliver the best performance, even when your inverter is connected with too many devices at a time.

After-sales service and support

Just like any other home appliance, your inverter batteries, too, require timely inspection and servicing. This is when you must consider the option of after-sales support extended by the brand. While inquiring about the after-sales service of any brand, you will come across two conditions, namely, FOC and Pro-rata.

FOC means free of cost replacement. This means that the brand is extending an amazing after-sales service by replacing the disturbed or damaged battery. You wouldn’t have to bear any extra charge under this instance.

Pro-rata is when you are required to pay some amount for the repairs of the battery so damaged. The amount is not hefty. The concerned brand will make amends in your inverter battery after which it would start working efficiently.

It is important to mention that you can make the most of FOC and Pro-rata only when your inverter is covered under a warranty.

Check for the warranty on the device

As stated above, FOC and Pro-rata are only possible if your inverter battery is covered under a warranty. Therefore, you must always buy a branded inverter battery as the leading brands always extend a warranty on their devices. It is further recommended to keep a check on the duration of the warranty to extended. Never settle down for a warranty for less than 2 years. Many reputed brands of inverter batteries extend a 2-4 year’s warranty on their devices.

Know the budget

Whether you are buying an appliance for your kitchen or any other corner of the home, it is important to pay attention to your budget. The good thing is that inverter batteries are available in varied budgets. The price of the battery also depends upon factors such as the type of the battery, its capacity, and brand. A good brand, such as Excide inverter battery price usually ranges between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000. But if you are buying a tubular battery, get ready to pay a little more.

Having said that, you can save some money when buying an inverter battery online. Many online platforms release timely discounts and offer and buying from them is not a bad idea.