Best Idli Maker in India – May, 2023

Best Idli Maker In India – Buying Guide

Idli is one of the most popular breakfast options in the country. Having round, fluffy idli on your plate is a good way using which you may remove your pangs of hunger and enjoy its good taste at the same time. Apart from being so delicious, idly is touted as one of the healthiest food items for your health for it is lightweight and made using some healthy ingredients.

If you are an ardent idli lover, it’s about time you bring home a good quality idli maker to cook perfect idlis and relish them to your heart’s content. Buying an idli maker would ensure that you wouldn’t have to wait for your next restaurant visit to savor this amazing dish; you may eat it any time of the day.

Here is a buying guide that lets you choose the best idli maker in India:

Types of idli makers

An idli maker comes in various types. All the types serve you the same purpose – to prepare idli in no time. You are merely expected to prepare the idli batter, and here you go – you may use either of these idli maker types to cook your idlis:

  • Standard (Conventional) idli maker:

It is the most basic or traditional type of idli maker available in the market. It is also referred to as a conventional idli maker. You may use it to prepare idlis on the gas stove. The appliance is made using high-quality aluminum or stainless steel and comes with idli plates on which you are expected to put the batter and cook the round-shaped idlis. The result would be a soft, fluffy, and mouth-watering idli.

  • Induction idli maker:

As the name suggests, an induction idli maker is only designed to be used on an induction cooktop. Many modern kitchens have started using induction cooktops more than the traditional gas stoves. If you are one of them, buy an induction idli maker for the preparation of idlis.

  • Induction-cum-gas idli maker:

This type of idli maker makes the best choice as it could be used both on your gas as well as an induction cooktop. The process of preparation of the idlis is the same in both cases. Many brands have introduced this type of idli maker and they are being sold like hotcakes.

  • Microwave idli maker:

Yes, you heard it right. You may make idlis in the microwaves as well. Unlike the traditional idli makers, this product is made using ceramic or plastic. You may get nicely-cooked idlis straight from the microwave oven.

Idli maker – With or without whistle?

Both the standard as well as induction idli makers are available with or without a whistle. Before you choose an appliance with a specific mechanism, it is important to learn a few things.

An idli maker with a whistle often alerts you by blowing its whistle when your idlis are ready to come out of the cooker. This type of idli maker makes the best choice for any beginner who doesn’t have an idea of the preparation time of idlis.

You may buy an idli maker without a whistle if you know the process of making idlis along with its preparation time. The procedure of preparation of idlis is the same in both these idli makers. However, you will mark a difference in the construction of their plates. While an idli maker with a whistle doesn’t have small holes in its plate, an idli maker without a whistle has perforated plates. Such holes are added to allow a free flow of steam.

Choose the right material

A microwave idli maker is available in two materials namely, ceramic and plastic to make it microwave-friendly. All the other kinds of idli makers are made in the materials such as stainless steel and aluminum.

Aluminum idli makers are the most sought-after option among a majority of people. This is because they are lightweight and make soft idlis. Just coat some oil on the idli plates to prevent them from sticking. Likewise, stainless-steel, too, makes a great choice when it comes to cooking idlis. All the induction idli makers are generally made in stainless steel.

If you don’t want to use oil to coat the idli plates and are bothered about sticking of the idlis, fret not. You may buy a non-stick idli maker. The plates of such idli makers have a Teflon coating that prevents sticking of the idlis.

Check the number of plates

An idli maker comes with idli plates where you are supposed to put the batter and make idlis. Different models of this appliance have different plates. You may pick the right number of plates after considering the size of your family and the frequency of use.

If you are a big family and serve idli as breakfast very frequently, you may buy an idli maker with a greater number of plates. If you are a small family, you may consider an idli maker of a few plates only. A standard idli maker includes 4-6 plates.

Ensure that the idli maker is safe to use

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in making idlis, safety measures are something that you must not overlook. As idli works with steam, there are chances of mishaps and accidents. To keep such accidents at bay, always buy a safe-to-use appliance.

An idli maker with a whistle is safe to use. But if you are buying an idli maker without a whistle, make sure that it has a small let-out to release the pressure. Ensure that your idli maker comes with heat-resistant handles to avoid the burning of hands. Lastly, check the quality of the lid. The lid of the appliance should be made in thick and heavy material.

Other considerations that you need to observe while buying an idli maker include the weight of the idli maker, its easiness to clean, brand name, warranty, the weight of the product, etc. Read the reviews and testimonials of the customers if you are buying an idli maker from an online platform.