Best Harmonica For Beginners in India – September, 2022

Best Harmonica For Beginners – Buying Guide

Some call it a harmonica, others address it as a mouth organ. In both cases, one thing remains the same – its popularity among all the music-lovers.

Harmonica produces a sweet, subtle, and melodious tone – something that would make you fall in love with music. This easy-to-carry music instrument is one of the oldest music devices, and its popularity remains untainted. It is affordable and playable. All these reasons would surely convince you to buy the best mouth organ and start learning the same. The best thing about playing a mouth organ is that it could create an array of tones.

Harmonicas are a very versatile musical instrument and it could be used in creating music of various genres – classic, jazz, country, rock, and various others.

We have curated a buying guide that may help you buy the best harmonica for beginners. 

Harmonica Types

Being a versatile music device, harmonica could be distinguished into a variety of types. The classification of its types may help you bring home the best harmonica:

  • Diatonic Harmonica:

It is the most common type of mouth organ for beginners. The use of this harmonica is widespread in genres such as pop, blues, and folk. This music device is designed to play in a specific key. You may as well use an overblowing technique to play this harmonica.

A diatonic harmonica is a simple device that makes it a preferred choice for all beginners. Your teacher may recommend beginning your music sessions with a 10-hole diatonic mouth organ with a tuned C key.

  • Chromatic Harmonica:

It is a more advanced version of harmonica that could produce rich-sounding chords and musical effects. If you have polished your mouth organ skills enough, you may further advance to this harmonica to try out some fat notes. Some of the notes generated by a chromatic harmonica are even similar to that of a saxophone.

Many music virtuosi have created awesome music using this mouth organ type. A chromatic harmonica also makes a fine choice if you want to master your overblowing techniques. These devices are mostly tuned on the C and G keys. Once you are well-acquainted with all the scales and positions of a diatonic harmonica, a chromatic mouth organ would become much easier to learn. It makes the use of a 12-tone scale to produce sound.

  • Tremolo Harmonicas:

The versatility of a tremolo harmonica is unmatchable. While a diatomic harmonica is the best harmonica to learn on, this one lets you experience and shift to sharp and flat notes. The sound produced by this device is similar to that of a 12-string guitar. This harmonica is fun to play.

They are highly popular in Asian rock and pop music, and are a perfect option to carry during a live concert.

  • Chord Harmonica:

Chord harmonicas belong to the class of specialty harmonicas. They are larger in size and are most suitable for creating music at the studios. The specialty of this harmonica is that it could produce 48 diverse chords.

The music that chord harmonicas create is generally laid out at four-note clusters in blocks. The overall sound produced by the chord harmonica is a treat to the ears. Learn to play a chord harmonica to create the most rhythmic tones.

  • Orchestral Harmonica:

An orchestral harmonica is also a specialty mouth organ that is usually played in various harmonica ensembles. They are available in different note-layout arrangements and pitch ranges. You may buy this kind of mouth organ in both diatonic as well as chromatic models.

Buy according to the type of music

After practicing enough on the diatonic harmonica, you may as well buy your mouth organ according to the music that you want to play. For example, if you are beginning as a Blues player, diatonic harmonica serves as the right choice. Play on the 2nd position on this device, and you would end up creating a melodious tune.

Again, for Rock, R&B, and pop music, choose a diatonic harmonica. In some cases, even a chromatic may make a preferred choice. Classical music is played at the best with a chromatic harmonica, provided you must not cut corners and buy the one of superior quality.

Wondering which harmonica to buy for Hindi songs? Chromatic harmonica is considered the best choice to play Bollywood songs. This mouth organic may as well be used to play jazz music.

Consider buying the needful accessories

A harmonica is a modest and portable device which is to be accompanied by all the needful accessories or harmonica aids. Some tools may help you sharpen your skills with this mouth organ. Hence, you must consider buying all the required accessories with this device. Being a beginner, look for the key guides, tutorial books, as well as transcription. You may easily stumble upon these accessories while buying a mouth organ online.

Mouth organ price – is it a deciding factor?

Yes, the price of a mouth-organ is a salient consideration to pay attention to. A low-priced harmonica wouldn’t give you the desired response while playing music on it. A low-quality and cheaper mouth organ may be out of tune, leaky, as well as unresponsive. However, it doesn’t mean that buying a mouth-organ would cost you a fortune.

The mouth organ price in India is very nominal. The most basic model may cost you as lesser as Rs.200-300, and as a beginner, you can buy one and learn on the same. The higher models of a mouth organ may cost you in thousands, and it is not a big deal to buy them.

The higher the price, the better the quality. The cost of a mouth-organ further depends upon the brand name. When you buy from a good brand, you are expected to pay a good price. Many brands have started selling different models of a mouth-organ, and you may explore all of them to finally make a choice.

The price of the harmonica also depends upon the type that you are buying. In either case, this musical instrument is very affordable to buy.

Explore different platforms, ask the experts, read the reviews and testimonials if you are buying the device online, and make the right choice.