Best Hand Blenders in India – March, 2023

Best Hand Blender in India – Buying Guide

For anyone who loves cooking, the value of a hand blender and blending activities in the kitchen is not a secret. This is the reason why a hand blender is an absolutely fantastic gift for yourself or for your loved ones who love to cook. For making purees or blending any ingredients, hand blenders are the most convenient device in your kitchen.

Using the best hand blender will make your cooking much easier and faster. This kitchen appliance is very easy to use and a versatile appliance.

So, to help you find the best hand blender in India, we have prepared a buying guide so that you can land on the right one.

Types of Blenders

  1. Immersion Blender: They are also known as stick hand blenders. They are usually light in weight and have a comfortable handle.
  2. Hand Blenders: They are among the most cost-effective blenders. They are very useful for baking as they come with various attachments.
  3. Bullet Blenders OR Single-Serve Blenders: They are small and usually are best for single servings. They have a container of bullet shape, hence the name. Though they are small in size, their power is no less than any other blender.
  4. Countertop Blenders: These blenders are best for mixing thick ingredients or bulk ingredients. Many models have a combination of a food processor, mixer, etc which makes it very versatile.

How to opt for the best hand blender in India?

As hand blenders are of much importance in the kitchen, so making a wise choice while buying it also becomes important. There are some aspects you should consider while buying the best hand blender in India. These points to consider are:

Design and size

Hand blenders have a smaller design than countertop blenders and food processors. So, make sure you buy the perfect design which fits a standard smoothie cup at your home.

Cordless or Corded

Cordless blenders are easier to use and are usually more comfortable. But they need to change frequently.


For all the electrical appliances, the point remains the same. It is the greater the wattage, the better will be its performance. So, choose your best hand blender as per your requirements.

Variable speed control

Different foods need variable speeds. So, to have precisive cooking, look for a blender with variable speeds. For example, hot liquids need low speed so as to avoid splashing.

Quality of Built

Stainless Steel is best for blenders as they will not get corroded easily. In case you are buying a plastic-built blender, make sure it is BPA free plastic.


Some blenders get heated up while using it for a longer time. So, consider this point also that for how much your blender can continuously work.


Many best blender brands provide extra accessories along with the blender. These may have various blades suitable for different types of operations. So, check whether you are getting appropriate extra accessories or not.


You can purchase a nice hand blender within the range of Rs. 1500 to Rs.3000. if you need some extra superior models, the budget may extend up to Rs.6000. so, first, define your budget and then compare different models in that range.

The hand blender is an essential kitchen appliance with a number of uses. So, to choose this super important appliance for you, follow our guide for the best hand blenders in India. The above-listed points will help you get a clearer view of your requirements and budget. So you will land on a suitable hand blender for you.

Happy Cooking!