Best Hair Straightening Cream in India – May, 2023

Best Hair Straightening Cream – Buying Guide

What’s the best hairdo that you would like to have for a variety of occasions? Many of you would say a ‘sleek look’ in unison.

Sleek hair is often admired by one and all. Such hair looks tamed, managed, and attractive as opposed to frizzy or wavy hair. A sleek hairstyle is a go-to option for both men and women. While some people are blessed with a lustrous mane, others may find different ways to tame their hair and make it look better.

The markets are full of hair straightening machines/irons, and you may use one to obtain that long-awaited sleek look. But do you know heating your hair daily to get straight hair may damage it to a great extent? The continuous use of hair straighteners may make your hair dry and harm it in the long run. Moreover, hair straighteners are expensive, and the process of straightening your hair using this device is highly time-consuming.

You may save yourself from this hassle by buying a hair straightening cream that does the same job for you. Yes, you heard it right. A hair straightening cream is all you need to get the perfect sleek look instantly. You may use this cream anytime, anywhere, and voila – you get the hair that you have always wanted to sport.

Straightening creams for hair come with many advantages. Apart from helping you manage and control unwanted frizz in your hair, these creams also save you a lot of time and money. You don’t have to make frequent visits to your hairstylists anymore. Just buy a good-quality hair straightening cream, and you are good to go.

Apart from making your hair look manageable, such cream also helps to moisturize, hydrate, and soften your hair. Now that you are convinced about the advantages of buying this cream, the below-listed buying guide may help you choose the best hair straightening creams in India: 

Buy according to your hair type

It is the first rule to follow. Never buy a hair straightening cream without knowing your hair type and checking its advantages for your hair. Different types of hair straightening creams are available throughout the market.

A cream specially designed for very curly hair may not be suited to frizzy or wavy hair. Similarly, if you have short hair, you don’t have to look for a high-ingredient composition of the cream. Some creams are designed for slightly wavy hair while others have the ingredients best for dense curly and unmanageable hair.

Learn about your hair type and then buy the best product.

Take extra care if you have colored hair

If you have dyed your hair with any color, either globally or in highlights, you need to take extra care while buying a straightening cream. Look at the properties of the product and check whether it is suitable for colored hair or not. Such cream should also include a color-protecting serum/ingredient. Different products of straightening are available for colored hair.

Check all the ingredients

A perfect hair straightening cream is all about the perfect combination of ingredients. The ingredients of the product are responsible to give a straightening effect to your hair. Hence, it is essential to check the ingredients before you pick any random one from the store.

Learn about the composition of the hair straightening cream. Keratin protein is the primary ingredient present in all the creams. Check for the percentage of this ingredient in the product before adding it to your cart. The higher the percentage, the better the performance.

Other ingredients that must be present in all the hair straightening creams include hydrolyzed wheat protein, Cyclopentasiloxane, acrylic acid or VP cross-polymer, cetrimonium chloride, as well as phenoxyethanol.

Another important thing – instead of the chemical composition of the product, buy the cream that comes with more natural ingredients. Some of the most sought-after natural ingredients that help you maintain the sleekness of your hair include Argan oil, aloe vera extract, Moroccan oil, etc.

Invest in a multi-tasker

What if your hair straightening cream is not just about keeping your hair sleek? What if the product helps you with maintaining the shine and softness of your hair as well? Buying a product that deals with other hair problems is the cherry on the cake. Choose the product that may keep your hair nourished, shiny, and soft for a longer time. Natural ingredients present in a hair straightening cream work wonders to maintain overall hair health.

Check for the heat-protection factor of the cream

Do not overlook this feature when you shop for a hair-straightening cream. Some of the hair straightening creams are heat-activated, meaning you are expected to blow some heat on them to activate their ingredients and to get perfect sleek hair. As the heat starts falling on your hair, it would keep on getting straighter.

Blowing too much heat on your hair may dry them. It is when you choose a product that comes with heat protection. Dimethicone is a key ingredient that protects your hair from heat. Always check for this ingredient before zeroing upon a product. Also, heating your hair too much after application of the cream may break your hair. Look for a product that comes with anti-breakage properties.

Choose a reputed brand name

Never compromise on the quality of the product that you are using on your hair. Your skin and hair are your assets, and you must take good care of them with the best products. Every brand would claim about the effectiveness of its product; however, you must not get lured by these false claims.

Experts always recommend you to go with a renowned and professional brand as all their products are clinically and dermatologically tested. The use of quality products wouldn’t harm your hair like the generic ones.

Read the experts’ reviews

You may rely on the reviews posted by the experts, hair care professionals, or hairstylists to make the right choice while buying the best hair straightening cream. Read the blogs and the reviews posted by the professionals about the ingredients, brand, and effectiveness of the product before buying it. Experts’ reviews could fetch a big help to all the beginners.

Lastly, always choose a credible source if you are shopping for the product online.