Best Hair Straightener and Curler in India – May, 2023

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Best Hair Straightener & Curlers – Buying Guide

Frizzy hair is one of the biggest problems faced by many females. While there are many options to tame your frizz such as rebounding, smoothening, and other chemical treatments, these methods could lead to great damage to your hair.

Moreover, these methods of hair straightening are quite expensive. But fret not, you can still find different ways and means to tame your hair and straighten it.

A hair straightener is one of the most efficient and easiest ways using which you can get rid of frizzy hair and make it look sleek and straight.

Using a hair straightener is very easy. All you are required to do is to put the plug into the socket and switch on the device. Once the device gets heated, you can use it and get the desired sleek hair in no time. The markets are full of different kinds of hair straighteners and you can buy the choicest one after considering some important points.

Here is the buying guide that lets you choose the best hair straightener.

Understand your hair type

Before buying any hair straightener, you must understand your hair type and its requirement. Some people are already blessed with sleek hair and in this situation investing in a hair straightener is not a very good idea. You can still buy a low-budget device to tame your occasional frizz or waves.

If your hair is curly, know that they are hard to straighten. In this situation, you must buy a device that comes with high-temperature support and a wide ceramic plate. This will save you some time and effort. The high temperature will help you straighten your hair properly. Similarly, a high-temperature machine is an apt choice for thick hair.

If your hair has already been treated chemically, you must be very careful with the use of a hair straightener on the same. Never straighten your chemically-treated hair at high temperatures as such hair is very fragile and sensitive. Lastly, if your hair is already very thin and damaged, experts suggest you not to invest in a hair straightener at all.

Types of Heating Plate

The most important part of a hair straightening device is the plate. The plate of this device is responsible for the overall straightening of your hair. Thus, when you decide to buy a straightener, you must also learn about its plate type.

Ceramic Plates

A ceramic plate is the most common option that you will find in a majority of hair straighteners. The advantage of choosing a solid ceramic plate is that it distributes the heat evenly to the hair without altering the temperature of the machine. This lets an even straightening of your hair. Eventually, your hair looks sleek and straight.

Tourmaline Plates

Tourmaline plates are even better alternatives that straighten your hair without causing damage to the same. This type of coating is used on the ceramic coating that avoids making your hair frizzy or wavy when you use the device.

The advantage of buying a hair straightener of a tourmaline plate is that it seals the natural oil in your hair to retain the moisture.

Titanium Plates

Titanium plates make the most superior choice because of their durability and heat conductivity.

A hair straightener with a titanium plate makes the best choice for all those ladies who are generally in a rush while carrying out the hair straightening process. The result provided by a titanium plate is immediate and efficient.

A multi-functional device makes a good choice

It is not every time that you invest in a hair straightener and when you do it, you must make the right choice. The good news is that you can find several multi-functional devices in the market that do not only straighten your hair but curl or crimp them as well.

Just like hair straightening, hair curling is also a popular concept of hairstyling. Many ladies love to curl their hair in different styles – loose curls, tight curls, waves, etc. Thus, why not invest in a hair straightening machine that includes a hair curler as well?

You can stumble upon such devices from the leading brands and buy them at competitive prices. Additionally, some straighteners also include the option of crimping using which you can crimp your hair in the desired pattern.

Some extra features for the optimum utilization of the device

Many brands have released hair straighteners that come with several additional features to help you use them efficiently.

Temperature Settings

Temperature settings are one of the most important features that you must check while buying a device. Your hair straightener should come with multiple temperature settings so that you can straighten your hair at the desired use of heat.

Heat Up Time

Heat-up time of the machine is another important feature that you must look for while buying a machine. Your device should not take a longer time to heat. A shorter heating process of the machine will help you save a lot of time.

The hair straightener shouldn’t radiate the heat externally. Only the plate of the machine should heat up in the process.

Width of Plate

Always check the width of the plate while buying a hair straightener. A device with a narrow width makes the process of straightening your hair very time-consuming.

Buy a standard-sized plate that accumulates a fair number of hair strands at a time.

Infrared Technology

An infrared feature in the hair straightener is a cherry on the cake. This feature heats your machine from the inside. Using this feature, you can straighten your hair without causing much damage to it.

Uncompromised quality for long-term use

Never compromise in terms of the quality of the device while buying a hair straightener. This means that you must avoid buying a generic machine as it may damage your hair. A generic hair straightener doesn’t provide desired results nor is the machine suitable for long-term use.

A branded hair straightener, on the other hand, makes the right choice. Buying a branded product means enjoying superior features and uncompromised quality. Such a product is also covered under warranty; hence you can get it replaced in case of any damage. Branded hair straighteners do not harm your hair and the results so obtained are beautiful sleek hair. You can use this device in the long run.

Let the price of the device not be a deciding factor. Even when you are expected to spend a little more, do not hesitate, and buy a good-quality hair straightener.