Best Hair Growth Oil for Men in India – May, 2023

Best Hair Growth Oil for Men – Buying Guide

Your hair is your prized possession and you must take care of the same. Good hair adds charm to your personality and makes you look gorgeous. When the quality of your hair is good, you can maintain any length, style your hair with any hairstyle, and do everything that you want to do with your hair. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with good hair and many external factors keep on adding to your bad hair days, hence, making the situation unpleasant for you.

The factors such as pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, ill dietary habits, stress, lack of sleep often lead to the damaging of the hair. Furthermore, chemical treatments on your hair add insult to injury. You must find the best solution to take good care of your hair and to retain its health.

Oiling your hair regularly is the best solution that helps you nourish your scalp and make your hair look healthier than before. Oiling the hair using different hair oils is a traditional remedy to a multitude of hair problems and you must adopt the same into your haircare routine to witness the best results.

The markets are flooded with a plethora of options of hair oils that can be bought at different prices. Listed below is a buying guide that lets you choose the best hair growth oil for healthier hair:

Know your hair type

Before deciding which oil suits you the best, it is very important to understand your hair type. Hair type is generally categorized into dry hair, oily hair, and combination hair. As the name suggests, dry hair is very dry and brittle in texture. Such hair needs regular oiling otherwise your hair would become damaged and unhealthy. Oily hair, on the other hand, are oilier in texture. Thanks to your oily scalp. People with oily skin usually have oily scalp. In this case, oiling your hair regularly is not recommended.

When you have combination hair, your hair is neither too dry nor too oily. In this situation, you can schedule an oiling session once a week to retain the healthy texture of your hair.

Oiling is an important part of your haircare. Before choosing the best hair oil, it is important to understand different kinds of hair oils. Once you learn enough about the choice of hair oils, you must choose the best oil according to your hair concern.

Different kinds of hair oils for different hair concerns

  • Coconut oil

This is the most popular kind of oil available in the market. You will find coconut hair oil in every Indian household. Coconut oil nourishes your hair deeply and helps to retain its health. If you buy coconut oil from a leading brand, you will end up extracting multiple benefits from the same. Coconut oil is rich in nutrients. Hence, it also helps you curb hair fall. An extra virgin coconut oil is a versatile option that is not only a boon for your hair but your skin as well.

  • Argan Oil

This oil is also known as Moroccan oil and is suitable for dry and frizzy hair. Hence, if your hair is too brittle, frizzy, and coarse, this oil makes the best choice for you. Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants, as well as fatty acids. Apart from nourishing your hair from deep within, Argan oil also makes your hair shiny and glossy. People with greasy hair can also use argan oil for desired results.

  • Grapeseed oil

Oiling your hair with grapeseed oil will help you get rid of dermatitis and dandruff. Grapeseed oil is rich in emollients and antioxidants. Both these properties make this oil an excellent remedy for brittle and dull hair.

  • Jojoba Oil

Another excellent option that helps you get rid of dandruff and dry scalp is jojoba oil. This oil is extracted from the jojoba plant and it penetrates the hair follicle deeply, thereby nourishing your hair inside out. Jojoba oil also works wonders for hair fall problems. Many leading brands have started manufacturing and selling jojoba oil like hotcakes.

  • Almond oil

You can improve the quality of your hair by applying almond oil on the same. Sweet almond oil is rich in properties like proteins, Vitamin E, fatty acids, and various antioxidants. The oil reduces breakage of the hair, thereby improving its overall quality and boosting its growth.

  • Olive oil

Olives are a great medium of hydration. Thus, olive oil is the best pick for you if you are suffering from dry hair. Apart from treating your dull scalp, olive oil also boosts hair growth. You can mix equal portions of olive oil and almond oil to obtain the desired results. Your hair will look gorgeous like never before.

Apart from all the above-listed options, you will also find onion oil, black seed oil, macadamia oil, amla oil, castor oil, etc. in the market. Learn about these oils and then make the right choice.

Consider the brand name

Always buy your hair oil from a reputed brand for the best results. A leading brand will never disappoint you as it manufactures its oils using the best-quality ingredients. You can also choose organic oils over regular ones. Organic hair oils include all the organic ingredients. These ingredients provide the best results to your hair, thereby treating all your hair problems like the back of your hand. Never settle for anything that doesn’t suit your hair type.

You can also explore different homegrown brands that are manufacturing different hair oils. Experts also recommend you to read the reviews and testimonials about a particular brand before you buy from the same.

Do not buy anything that includes chemicals or other additives. Chemicals would always damage your hair. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients present in the oil, do not buy it. It is therefore important to check the ingredients of the hair oil before buying it blindly. For this purpose, you can do a patch test at the back of your ear skin before buying a hair oil. If there is no redness or irritation, you can buy and continue using the same.