Best Hair Dryers in India – May, 2023

Best Hair Dryers In India – Buying Guide

When it comes to buying grooming appliances, a hair dryer is a must-have device. This appliance is a one-stop solution for all your hair problems, especially the problem of wet hair.

Now you don’t have to sit under the sun to dry your hair. Simply buy a good-quality hair dryer and plug it into the socket. You will be able to dry your hair like the back of your hand.

The role of a hair dryer is not restricted to merely drying your hair. You can use this device in many other ways to style your hair. Blow drying the hair is one of the most common forms of hairstyling which can be done using a hair dryer. Furthermore, men too can use the hair dryers to try out different hairstyles and to rock their look.

The above-listed uses of a hair dryer make it a go-to product, especially if you are fond of experimenting with your hairstyles. Many leading brands are selling the best hair dryers throughout the market and you can choose the best one after reading the below-listed buying guide:

Different types of Hair Dryer

Who knew that the act of drying your hair would become so easy and effortless? Who knew that a simple-looking machine could have many types? Yes, hair dryer comes in different types and performs different applications.

The type of hair dryer that you are buying should always depend upon a variety of factors – your hair type and length are a few considerations.

Ionic Hair Dryer

An ionic hair dryer makes the use of negatively charged ions and breaks down the water molecules. This quickens the process of drying your hair.

This hair dryer also closes off the cuticle of your hair so that the moisture remains locked up and your hair doesn’t look overly dried after using the machine. Buy this type of hair dryer if you are tired of your frizzy hair.

Ceramic Hair Dryer

Another popular type of hair dryer is a ceramic hair dryer that comes with ceramic plating to protect your hair from the unwanted damage caused by the heat. This is a perfect pick for everyday use.

Men usually wet and wash their hair every day. This makes a ceramic hair dryer a leading choice of hair dryers for men.

Tourmaline Hair Dryer

If you want a more powerful machine to dry your hair and retain its moisture at the same time, buy a tourmaline hair dryer. This kind of dryer is similar to an ionic hair dryer, the only difference is that it discharges more ions than its counterpart. Eventually, your hair looks sleek and shiny.

Of all these hair dryers for women and men, titanium hair dryers truly stand out and deliver the best performance. These hair dryers are lightweight and work at a consistent temperature. Eventually, you can dry your hair really quickly without damaging it.

Which heat setting is suitable for your hair?

Many hair dryers come with multiple heat settings. Some of the most common models include a minimum of three settings – low, medium, high. More advanced models of a hair dryer come with additional settings suitable for different hair types. If you are a regular user of a hair dryer, you must buy the latter model for efficient use.

Experts always suggest you start with the lowest setting to dry your hair. If you have fine, thin, and dry hair, do not change the temperature setting frequently. Stick to the lowest speed and you will end up drying your hair evenly, without making them frizzy.

For normal hair, a medium setting is the best option. If your hair is coarse and thick, you can alter the setting to the highest and dry your hair quickly. Lastly, for fine hair, an adjustable heat setting serves as an ideal choice.

Additional features to look for:

Apart from the basic requirements and features, you can also look for some additional or bonus features for the optimum utilization of your hair dryer:

  • Always check the length of the cord. Many people do not consider it a requirement. However, a small cord length may bother you on some instances. So why not buy a hair dryer with a longer cord and plug it anywhere you want?
  • Your hair dryer should not heat up externally when you dry your hair. Make sure to test it before you buy. For this reason, you must always invest in a hair dryer that comes with cool-touch technology.
  • Infrared technology is another important feature that you will get in the high-end hair dryers. This technology provides a consistent heat to your scalp without heating the machine too much or making your hair dry.
  • Some hair dryers come with a feature of cool air blaster that helps to tame the brittleness of the hair. If your hair falls on the frizzier side, check this feature for the best results.
  • A nozzle in the hair dryer makes the drying of hair easier for you can target particular areas of your scalp and dry them quickly. A nozzle also pushes your hair cuticle up and eventually, your hair looks more tamed and managed. This is a must-have feature in all the hair dryers for women.
  • Make sure that your hair dryer is not heavy. A lightweight product can be carried off to places. Portability is a factor to consider. You can also invest in a foldable hair dryer. The folding feature of the device lets you make it adjust anywhere you want. Your hair dryer will fit perfectly even in compact spaces.
  • The power consumption of the hair dryer must be reasonable. Anything beyond the power of 2000-watts is a big no. Choose your appliance between 1300-1800-watts for the best results.

Last but not least, your hair dryer should belong to a reliable brand so that you can enjoy its durability and efficiency. Buying your device from a reliable company also lets you enjoy the warranty feature.

You can check different models of hair dryers from the leading brands and buy the best one in any price range. You can also check out the popular online platforms to buy the hair dryer at competitive prices.