Best Glue Gun in India – May, 2023

Best Glue Gun in India – Buying Guide

Have you ever noticed how people make use of hot glue gun? You can really do a number of things with a glue gun.

As its name suggests, A glue gun is a portable device that you can use to scatter hot melted adhesives in the places you need. The design of glue guns is made in such a way that it does not create a mess. You can drop the adhesives from a glue gun on any chosen surface. The main use of glue gun is in crafting and for attaching any delicate broken objects.

There are a number of ways we can use glue guns in office and our homes. Hot glue guns have gained a major place in our everyday life. In this article, we will discuss how you can find the best hot glue guns in India. We will give you some really important aspects which will help you in getting the best glue gun for your use.

But, before that, let us know what actually is a hot glue gun?

What is a Glue Gun?

Hot glue gun is also named as Hot melt Adhesive Gun. It is a whole different concept of using glue for our projects. This gun has a heating system that produces heat. This heat produced to melt the stick of thermoplastic adhesive attached to the gun. The thermoplastic sticks of adhesive were manufactured as a modification to water-based adhesives. Water-based adhesives generally get weak when they are exposed to moisture and humidity.

So, we can say that thermoplastic adhesives are stronger than traditional water-based adhesives. You can use this adhesive for DIY projects and crafting tools.

Why a Hot Glue Gun?

We have options when we have to stick something like paper, wood, fabric, and so on. You can go for any glue, glue stick, or any adhesive you want to. But people are preferring hot glue gun over traditional adhesives because of the following reasons:

  1. Strong Bond: People prefer melted adhesives from hot glue gun because they provide a really strong bond in comparison to other kinds of adhesives. Being hot in nature, this glue sticks very easily at any surface or object, be it wood or paper.
  2. Less messy: A hot glue gun has a trigger built in it. This trigger allows us to use glue only over the specific parts where we want. As we don’t need to make hand contact with glue, it does not create any mess.
  3. Safe to use: as the glue coming from this glue gun is hot, it may cause burn. But the insulated body of the glue gun prevents any such condition. Still, make sure you do not touch the hot glow directly with your hand.

These are some advantages of using a hot glue gun but still, you should study everything related to land over the best glue gun in India.

Common uses of Hot Glue Gun

In many DIY projects and crafts, you can use this hot glue gun. Being less messy, people like using glue guns over water-based adhesives. The hot glue gun uses are as follows:

  • Closing shipping boxes
  • Making beautiful crafts
  • Prevent falls
  • Making a makeup brush cleaner
  • Making knife covers and much more

There are plenty of videos on the internet about how people are using hot glue guns. You can watch and get some inspiration.

Factors to consider while choosing the best glue gun for you

Before buying a glue gun, there are some points that you need to consider so that to make the best decision.

Types of feed

There are two variants according to this property of glue gun. These are:

  • Trigger Feed: In this type of glue gun, there is a trigger present which when pressed, melts the thermoplastic adhesive stick. After this, the melted glue gets poured out of the nozzle. You can use the trigger feed glue guns for small crafts and for repairs.
  • Manual/Push Feed: In this type of hot glue gun, you insert a glue stick in the provided port. And, when this adhesive stick gets heated, it will start melting. Pressure from the thumb should be applied to dispense this melted glue out from the nozzle.

Cordless/ Corded glue guns

Both of these types of glue guns have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. The cordless glue guns are easier to move and are flexible. While the corded guns are generally heavy-duty glue guns and are used in industries. The corded guns are able to handle higher temperatures for melting and a large amount of glue. Also, they have a long cord length.

Heating Capacity of Glue Gun

It is also an important point to notice while buying a hot glue gun. There are three types of glue guns on the basis of heating capacity.

  • Dual temperature hot glue guns (You can set the temperature in these glue guns as low or high as per your requirements.)
  • High-Temperature Hot glue guns (The heating element in these glue guns works at a temperature as high as 380 degrees
  • Low-Temperature Hot glue guns (The heating element in these works at a temperature of around 250 degrees)

Mini Hot Glue Guns OR Industrial Glue Guns

The industrially used glue guns are usually heavy-duty, bulky, and with a long cord. They are perfect for large projects or in industries. While Mini Hot Glue Guns are generally cordless and are used in homes. These are light in weight, smaller in size, and ergonomic. They are good for crafts and small household works.

Nozzle/Tip of the Glue Gun

You should consider the size of the nozzle while buying a glue gun for you. It will give you an idea of the amount of adhesive which will come out when needed. Wider nozzles will ooze a larger amount of glue in comparison to glue oozing out from narrow nozzles. There are also some shapes like flat, round, start shaped are also available to be used in projects of kids.


Ensure that the glue gun you buy is suitable for children’s use if you are buying it for your home. Most of the Hot glue guns need adult supervision while getting used. So, look for the safety instructions for you and your children.

Warm-up time

It is the time taken for the heating element to get warmed so that you can use the glue gun. Lesser warm-up time will allow you to work faster in comparison to a glue gun with a higher warm-up time. Usually, a glue gun takes three to five minutes to heat up.


The higher the value of wattage, the faster your work will be. The power of a glue gun will tell how fast your glue gun will be heated and will melt the adhesive glue stick. There are many models available that take just 90 seconds to get warmed while others may take up to 5 minutes. It depends on the power.


We hope that by this point, you know everything you need to know about buying the best glue guns in India. So, make a wise decision with the help of this article.