Best Glucometers in India – April, 2023

Best Glucometers in India – Buying Guide

Following are the points that you need to consider while selecting the best glucometer for your family. There are many things that one should be aware of, to effectively select and use the product in the right way.

1. Efficiency

The first thing that you need to consider while buying a glucometer in India is efficiency. The efficiency refers to how accurately and time efficiently the glucometer gives the results.

Although the efficiency refers from machine to machine, the faster the machine shows the result, the better it is!

However, a good metric for a glucometer is around 5-15 seconds and you should buy a glucometer that shows results in as little time as possible.

Another thing that you need to consider is the blood sample required to give the result because you would be tasting your blood sugar about 2-3 times a day.

Therefore, you should buy a glucometer that takes one drop of blood or 1 milliliter of blood to give the results.

2. Data management

Data management refers to a glucometer’s ability to keep a track of all your reading over a period of time.

Keeping track of your blood sugar readings is an ideal practice so that you can keep track of your blood sugar levels. It will help you and your doctor to identify and take the right measures to prevent severe blood sugar diseases such as diabetes.

Many glucose meters can store the test results for 360 days. You should the best glucometer that can store data for as long as possible.

Also, check for the accessibility of the data. Many glucometers come with smart features, where they are connected to mobile and laptops. Then, you can download the data and send it to your doctor.

3. Notifications

The ability of a glucometer to inform you about your blood sugar levels is called as notifications. A good quality glucometer should be able to alert you about any sudden drop or rise in your blood sugar levels.

Most glucometers do this by giving out a beeping sound or blinking an LED notification light. Notification is an important feature that you should consider because it will help you to prevent any emergency due to sudden changes in blood sugar levels. Also, it informs the other people to help you in case of any emergency.

4. Battery backup

The glucometer is an essential device that you would be using throughout the day to monitor and track your blood sugar levels. A standard battery-powered glucometer can give about 1000-15000 readings and after this, they require a battery change(most of them use AAA batteries) or a recharge.

You should always prefer the glucometers that come with rechargeable batteries that can be charged via USB or a normal mobile charger.

5. Lancet

A lancet is a small, sharp knife that pricks your finger to take your blood sample. Check for the lancet, because most of the glucometers come with their own set of the lancet. You need to pay attention to this because some glucometers come with a single lancet, but keep in mind that there are chances of infection(If the lancet gets in contact with germs). In this case, you will have to buy a new lancet every now and then.

Therefore, you should prefer the one that comes with some extra pair of the exchangeable lancet or you will have to be extra cautious about the cleanliness of the lancet.

6. Warranty period

The length period reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in their own product. Therefore, like any other product you should select a glucometer that comes with the longest warranty period.

There is a wide range of glucometers available with a warranty period ranging between 1-5 years, which protects your purchase against any kind of manufacturing defect.

7. Price

Glucometers are available within a range of 800-2000 rupees. Although the price varies based on the features provided in a glucometer device.

Features such as audio reading(useful for visually impaired patients), also there are backlights, LED lights available that show readings. Some of the best glucometer devices come with the option of storage expansion via an external SD card. Also, there are some glucometer devices that keep track of everything and synchronize features that logs your blood sugar readings, meals, and insulin requirement and shows everything via a mobile app. These are some of the most advanced features offered by glucometers.

However, the most important part of a glucometer device is the accuracy, because correct blood sugar readings will help you in avoiding future complications and diseases.

8. Flags

Flags are also known as markers that help you to track the readings at a certain time. You can set reminders for your blood sugar readings like for post-breakfast, upon waking up, etc. Making custom flags will help you and your doctor to monitor and track your insulin levels at different times, and the doctor can make changes to your medication or diet accordingly.

9. Automatic and manual coding

There are two types of glucometer machines i.e. automatic and manually coded glucometer. The automatic coded machines are the ones that automatically add all the details of the glucometer test strips.

In the manually coded glucometers you have to do everything manually. You should always buy glucometers that come with automatic coding because it makes your life a whole lot easier.

10 Size

The size of the glucometers matters, especially in case if you are a frequent traveler or if you carry your glucometer around with you often. Therefore, you should choose a glucometer that comes in a compact form factor and you can keep it in your bag or pocket. Also, make sure that the glucometer device is lightweight as well.