Best Geysers / Water Heaters in India – April, 2023

Best Water Heater In India – Buying Guide

If you are a person who loves taking hot water showers, you would realize the importance of a good-quality water heater or geyser in your home. Winter season is here and almost all of us have already started using hot water for bathing and other uses. A water heater or a geyser is a primary requirement for all homes during the winter season.

If you are planning to buy a water heater, the below-listed points will help you in making the best choice. Here is the buying guide for the best geyser/water heater in India.

What are the different types of water heaters?

As you start exploring the markets, you will come across that the water heaters or geysers are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, mechanism, etc. Always make the right choice after knowing which type will suit your water-heating needs. Here are the common types of water heaters that you would find across the market:

  • Electric water heaters:

This is the most common type of water heater that you would find in a majority of homes. Also known as geysers, they turn the electric energy into heat energy and then work accordingly, thereby providing you a good flow of hot water. Different features have been inculcated in the electric water heater to make it more convenient for you to use the device.

These heaters are further divided into two types according to their storage capacity:

1. Storage geysers:

As the name suggests, you can store water in a storage geyser. They come with a water tank and may reserve water for particular periods. Once you put on the geyser, the water heats up and then stays at the set level. They are the most popular and preferred option in Indian homes. The water storage capacity of these geysers is very high. Hence, you can take out enough water from the tank and use it for bathing and other purposes.

2. Instant geysers:

These electric geysers heat your water instantly and do not come with any storage tank. Meaning, you will get your water heated up quickly after switching on the plug. The drawback of these geysers is that you cannot get hot water in large quantities. These geysers have restricted use.

  • Gas water heaters:

Gas water heaters work with natural gases like propane or liquid petroleum gases. The use of electric geysers has minimized the popularity of gas water heaters. Experts usually do not recommend buying these heaters as they may pose threat because of the use of LPG.

  • Solar water heaters:

If you don’t want to spike up your electricity bill, you may buy a solar water heater for your home. As the name suggests, this heater converts solar energy into heat and then delivers hot water through your faucet. A solar water heater is a good option when you are living in an open area. They do not use electricity at all. However, these heaters are not a suitable option for you if you live in a dark, cloudy atmosphere.

Ensure that the geyser is equipped with safety features:

The safety of an electric appliance is of supreme importance and you must always take care of it when looking for the same. Your water heater should be fully-equipped with all the important safety features so that everyone in your family could use it efficiently without any threat. Here are the common safety features present in a water heater:

  • Thermostat cut-off: To avoid the chances of a short circuit.
  • Thermal cut-off: To reduce the consumption of electricity when the water is heated up to a certain level.
  • IPx4: The device becomes waterproof which wards off accidents.
  • Anti-siphon system: The backflow of water is reduced; hence, you can use hot water for an extended time.
  • Automatic shut-off: To shut off the device automatically after the water has been heated up enough.

Check for power consumption:

Using an electric water heater may add up to your monthly electricity bill which is why you must always pay attention to the power consumption of the appliance. Do not invest in a device that consumes too much power. Always read the reviews and information about the wattage and power consumption of the heater before bringing it home. In most cases, your geyser will deliver the best performance at 1500-2000 watts respectively. Anything beyond the said figures will surely add up to your monthly electric units.

Choose a durable device:

A water heater or geyser is a one-time investment. Therefore, you must buy a durable product so that you could use it for the long term. So, what plays a major role in defining the durability of this appliance? The water tank material adds up to the durability of the water heater. Therefore, you must be meticulous while choosing the water tank material of your storage geyser.

  • Copper:

Many electric geysers have a storage tank made of copper. Copper is a good conductor of heat and it heats the water quickly. The drawback of choosing this type of water tank is its vulnerability to erosion. Over time, the water tank may get eroded, hence you wouldn’t be able to optimize its use to the maximum.

  • Stainless steel:

A storage tank made in stainless steel is a more preferable option. Many modern water heaters have a storage tank made of steel. The advantage of buying this appliance is that the tank wouldn’t get eroded and could be used for the long term. It does not bother you in terms of maintenance as well.

  • Thermoplastic:

Many high-end water heaters make the use of a thermoplastic storage system. It offers extreme protection against corrosion. However, the insulation of this tank is not up to the point and you would require switching on your geyser again and again which may add up to the power consumption.

Buy from a reputed brand:

While shopping for the best geyser water heater, the whole buying guide gets reduced to its brand. Choosing an appliance of a renowned and reputed brand will serve you with all the features that you have been seeking and considering. A branded product is safe to use and offers an efficient performance when compared to generic ones. The leading brands also extend fine customer service as well as after-sales support.

Another advantage of buying a branded water heater is that you may avail of the warranty on your appliance. If you are buying a high-end geyser, you may enjoy a warranty of 4-5 years. The addition of a warranty to the appliance may always work in your favor.