Best Gas Stoves in India – May, 2023

Best Gas Stoves In India – Buying Guide

Your kitchen demands a perfect gas stove on which you can cook a variety of dishes and feed yourself and your family well. Today, the markets are flooded with a plethora of options to let you make the best choice of a gas stove.

Many factors shall be kept into consideration while buying this kitchen appliance. It is not every time that you shop for a stove for your kitchen and if you are buying one, make sure to choose the best gas stove.

Know The Number Of Burners In A Stove

At present, a gas stove comes with a different number of burners and you can buy the desired one from the market. If you are living alone or a small family of two, go for a gas stove with two burners. You can easily cook your food on the two burners. A two-burner stove will help you save time.

If you are a big family, you can opt for a gas stove with four burners. This type of stove is a recent addition to the market. Many joint families are opting for the same. The presence of four burners let you cook your food in a short period. You can spend the remaining time doing other chores in the kitchen.

A stove with three burners falls in between the two variants. This stove makes an ideal choice for a medium-sized family. If you are buying a stove with three or four burners, it will consume more gas. Thus, choose the number of burners wisely.

Lighting Up Your Burner

A traditional gas stove entertains a manual ignition under which you need to light up the stove using a gas lighter or a match-stick. However, in the latest models, the stove comes with an automatic ignition. Automatic ignition is an in-built ignition that works using a battery.

Hence, you don’t have to find a matchstick or a lighter to turn on the gas. Simply turn on the knob and the burner will spark. This kind of ignition is safer than the traditional manual ignition. The only thing that you must take care of is to change the battery regularly.

Gas burners are made using different materials. Generally, a gas burner has two types:

  • Brass Burner

Brass is an incredible conductor of heat. Apart from distributing uniform heat, a brass burner is also resistant to corrosion. This makes a more durable choice. You can even use a brass burner in your outdoor cooking sessions.

  • Aluminum Burner:

Although an aluminum burner is a good conductor of heat, it is less resistant to corrosion when compared to brass burners. Consequently, you will have to replace the old burner with a new one now and then.

The Sleeker, The Better

This is a thumb rule for everyone who puts aesthetics in the first place. A majority of Indian kitchens have gone modular. Hence, you must bring something really good-looking to complement the modular arrangement of your kitchen.

Many brands are manufacturing some of the sleekest designs of gas stoves. These designs include glass finish, matte finish, toughened glass countertop, etc. All these features make the entire arrangement of your gas stove look elegant. An elegant black finish makes your gas stove look handsome as ever.

Apart from going modular, many kitchens are becoming compact as well. A flat gas countertop is a space-saving option, hence the best addition to a compact kitchen platform.

A Warranty For An Extended Life

Buying a product with a warranty comes with a big advantage. If the broken or damaged part of your stove is covered under warranty, you can get it replaced. You will not find any generic name extending a warranty on the product. Thus, it is recommended to always buy a stove of a reputed brand.

Apart from extending warranty on the product, a gas stove of a reputed brand will deliver better performance over a generic one. Besides, good brands always promise the best features, even when you are buying a nominal stove over a hefty one.

If you are particular about the aesthetics, it is recommended that you extend your budget a little. A pricey gas stove is all about elegant aesthetics. At the same time, you can make the most of all the desired features like automatic ignition, brass burner, presence of more than two burners, etc.

However, this doesn’t mean that the nominal options of a reputed brand do not deliver good performance. In both cases, your stove will deliver the finest performance and you will be able to cook your meals perfectly.

An Easy To Operate Gas Stove

Merely buying a good-looking gas stove with a brass burner is not enough. You need to confirm if you are able to use the appliance smoothly.

The first thing to check for is the knobs of the stove. The knobs shouldn’t be difficult to rotate. These knobs should come with high and low flame control. Checking for the smoothness of knobs means an easy operation of your gas stove.

Furthermore, the kitchen gas stove should be easy to clean. An aesthetically appealing gas stove looks good to the eyes. But if you cannot clean it properly, there is no point in spending on the same. Thus, it is important to focus on the easy cleaning of your stove before buying the same.

A gas stove with stainless steel body is easy to clean. The drawback is that it will lose its shine and become dull gradually. On the contrary, a gas stove with a glass top entertains easy cleaning. You can use water and liquid soap to clean the same. If your gas stove comes with a spill-proof feature, it’s a cherry on the cake.

Whether you are buying a stainless-steel body or a glass top gas stove, you must maintain the cleanliness of your gas stove to use it efficiently in the long run. Check for the above-listed factors and buy the best kitchen gas stove for long-term use. You can also check out online stores to buy your gas stove.